Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 30
Arriving In Ohio

   Elisha unpacked her suitcases in room 314 and hung her clothes up in the closet. The suite had three bedrooms with two beds in each room. When they arrived in Cincinnati, Lauren checked into the Hayes Hotel. An expensive hotel that was a few miles from Kings Island and the mall.
She combed her hair before tying it into a casual ponytail. Mark entered the room with suitcases in his hand.
"Unfortunately Lauren won't let boys and girls share rooms." she said sadly.
Mark frowned. "So now she's encouraging homosexuality?"
Elisha snickered. "It's not that bad. We can still hang out in our rooms."
"That's cool." he said, dropping the suitcases onto the porcelain carpet floor. His eyes landed on the whirl pool next to the kitchen island.
"I know, it's pretty tight." Elisha said, walking over to the tub and running her hands on the white edge.
It felt cold against her fingers.
  Mark flopped onto the couch and flipped through the channels with his remote. He tuned to Nickelodeon, but all they showed was Nick Jr.
Mark grumbled. "There's never anything on in the mornings. Just court shows and stupid kid shows."
Elisha ignored him as she walked into the bedroom where Holly and Savannah where sleeping in. Their items were arranged neatly on separate tables. Andy, Carter, and Lucas were watching television on Holly's bed.
"Hey," she said, wanting their attention.
Everyone was pretty bored at the moment. Savannah was lying facedown on her own bed and the boys looked bored out of their wits.
 "When are we going out?" asked Lucas, staring at Roseanne on the television set.
"As soon as Lauren wakes up from her nap." Elisha answered.
"Your mom is so lazy, Holly." Andy said.
"Tell me about it." Holly agreed, leaning against Carter.
Elisha walked over to the satin curtains and pulled them open. Bright sun rays entered inside the room. It was good to be on vacation while everyone else was at school. Elisha had so much on her mind it was crazy. She already completed a lot of her homework and she had plenty of responsibilities at home. She needed a hotel room to help her unwind.
 She stretched herself out on Holly's bed. Holly got off of her bed and prodded Savannah with her tiny fingers.
"Get up," she said. "We didn't come here to sleep."
Savannah moaned in irritation and at Holly badgering her.
"Now." Holly said, climbing onto the bed and getting on top of her. "Or do I have to make you get up."
"Back off." Savannah muffled, trying to sleep.
Elisha sighed. She knew Holly well enough to be unbearable. While Elisha enjoyed peace and quietness, Holly enjoyed loudness and crazy situations. Which was why they made a great pair.
 "Get up, Savannah Lazy Ripley!" Holly said, beginning to bounce on top of her.
It looked like she was humping her. Of course, Andy watched the scene while smiling perversely. Savannah rolled over on her side, forcing Holly to fall onto the floor.
"Ow," Holly said, "That hurt."
"Good." she said, closing her eyes once more. "I'll be up in a few."
"Lazy bitch." Carter joked.
"I need my rest." she muffled.
"You're still a lazy bitch." Carter laughed.
"Where's Reese, Maris, and Danielle?" Lucas asked.
 "Downstairs getting breakfast." answered Andy.
"Breakfast?" Savannah said, shooting up out of her bed. "I'm in!"
She got out of bed and dashed out of the room. A few seconds later they heard the door open and close.
Elisha giggled. Savannah loved to eat more than anybody. Savannah had the type of body that didn't gain any weight when she ate. Elisha always hated her for that.
Elisha reclined on Savannah's bed. Mark walked in, sitting down next to Elisha.
"Did I just see Savannah do a sonic boom out of here?"
"Yes," Lucas said quickly. "When she heard about breakfast, she bolted."
They all laughed. 
 Elisha's cell phone ringed. It was her father. She picked up the phone and answered it.
"Hi, daddy!"
"Hi, princess!" Jim, her dad's cheerful voice chimed into the phone. "You get to the hotel safely?"
"Yes, daddy." Elisha said. "Everything's going good so far."
She loved her dad. It wasn't the fact that he spoiled her the most, but it was the little things like her kissing her goodnight and tucking her in even though she was almost fifteen, telling her how special and beautiful she was, and doing favors for her. She wouldn't be anything without her father.
"I am so glad, princess." said Jim. "How was the flight?"
"Good." Elisha said.
She loved flying in planes. It was like going on a roller coaster ride. After she was done talking, she put the phone into her purse and walked into the bathroom. On the sink were dozens of soaps and lotions. She took one of the lotions and started applying them onto her tanned legs. Even though Ohio didn't have any beaches per se, it was still nice to be in a place that wasn't in Indiana.
Holly came in. She stood behind Elisha and began brushing her hair.
"So how are you and Mark?" she said conversationally.
"Same." Elisha said. "Is Pete calming down."
"A little bit. He still keeps trying to talk to me on Facebook. It's starting to get on my nerves."
"So block him." Elisha said simply. "No harm done."
"I guess." Holly trailed, not sure if what Elisha said was a good idea.
"Do it now." Elisha said, staring firmly at her. "I want to make sure you blocked him from your contacts."
 She watched Holly dig her phone out of her pocket. When Holly was done blocking him, Elisha congratulated her by giving her a sisterly hug.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"
Holly laughed. "No. I'm actually relieved."
Elisha smiled. Holly sometimes needed shock-therapy when it came to making decisions. 
 Downstairs in the breakfast room, Savannah impaled her pancakes with a silver fork. The gooey substance of the syrup filled her watering mouth. This was her second pancake. She reached for the orange juice before speaking to Reese who was eating a bagel.
"Thanks for inviting me." she told her. "I'm having fun already."
"Oh, no problem!" Reese enthused. "We're glad to have you here."
"Yeah, and you're riding on the roller coaster rides with me." chimed in Danielle. "I don't want to ride it alone."
Savannah shivered. She wasn't a big fan of roller coaster rides herself. But she didn't want to let Danielle down. 
  A few moments later, Andy walked up to their table and pulled up a seat next to Savannah.
"Mmm, pancakes!" Andy said, stealing a piece from Savannah's plate with his own fork. "Are we related by any chance?"
Savannah giggled. She had misjudged Andy. Andy was fun to be around with and knew how to make jokes. She was usually bad at jokes with her being autistic and all. Her social skills weren't deplorable, but they could use a little work. Her mom always told her she had a warped since of humor. Her favorite shows were Family Guy and The Simpson and her favorite genre was horror.
"Get your own pancakes, Andy." Maris said, digging into her scrambled eggs.

"Unlike you, Savannah likes to share." Andy said, taking another forkful of Savannah's pancakes.
Savannah took another sip of her juice. "What are we doing today?"

"We're going to Kings Island, shopping, and a ride around town." he answered, taking a sip of his cranberry juice. "If Lauren wakes up anytime soon."

"She's up." Reese said, looking down at her purple cellphone. "Holly just texted me."

"Thank goodness." Maris said, biting into her cinnamon toast. "I have plenty of shopping money to last me a long time."

Savannah only had two hundred dollars for pleasure and a hundred for food. Her mother only wanted to give her fifty dollars, but her grandpa insisted on giving her extra money. Even though he had Alzheimer's, he always paid attention to her.

 She saw Carter come down and sat on the other side of her. Like Andy, he took a piece of Savannah's pancake. Reese snickered and took a bite herself.

"We're just taking all of her food." she said, smiling warmly at Savannah.

Savannah didn't mind. She was starting to get full herself.

"I love pancakes so much that if I don't get any, I'm going to do a karate move and bite your hand for it." Andy said, wiping his mouth with a napkin.

Carter laughed. "Pancakes and spaghetti are his favorite. He could eat them everyday."

Savannah laughed. She wasn't sure if it was going to be the best or worst vacation she was going to have.


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