Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 29
"Enjoy Your Vacation!"

    Reese shoved shirts, shorts, dresses, and flip-flops into her green suitcase. It was Thursday morning and she had spend the previous night preparing for her three and a half day trip in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her and her friends had plenty of things planned for those days. Kings Island, baseball games, restaurants, partying in expensive hotels, and just relaxing. Her sister Savannah stood in the doorway with her arms crossed. She was looking at Reese and her friends.
 "I guess you guys can have fun without me." she said sullenly.
"You can come, too." Reese offered.
"I can't." groaned Savannah, scratching her dark hair. "I have to prepare for PSATs."
"Sucks for you." Holly said, rolling over the other Savannah who was still asleep in her Rugrats sleeping bag.
Reese noticed that Savannah was always the last one to wake up.
"Wake up, bitch!" Reese yelled.
Savannah roused from her sleep, rubbing her puffy eyelids. Even she looked unattractive in the morning.
 "Are we at King's Island yet?" Savannah asked groggily.
"Nope!" Reese said, throwing her pink fuzzy pillow at Savannah's face.
Savannah looked around. Reese, Holly, Elisha, Maris, and Danielle were already dressed.
"Man," Savannah moaned, getting up to use Reese's restroom.
Reese snickered. "I'm glad we're inviting her. She's going to be a real highlight on this trip."
"Which is why we love her." Danielle said, wearing Savannah's black honey lipstick.
Reese realized that Danielle was starting to emulate Savannah. She followed her at school, written on her wall everyday, wore similar clothes that Savannah had, started listening to music Savannah listened to like Teena Marie, which none of the girls even knew who that was; and even used the same vocabulary as Savannah such as "epic fail" and "what's your trip".
 "Ironic how your sis and her has the same name." Maris joined in.
"I know." Reese said. "I am so lucky."
She walked over and started tampering with Savannah's Coach suitcase. She opened it up and saw a bunch of stylish clothes folded neatly in the case. Reese knew that Savannah wasn't rich, but her parents sure did buy her a lot of nice things.
"I love her outfits." Elisha crooned, leaning in to get a closer look at Savannah's belongings. "They all look so good on her."
"Because she's the black Marilyn Monroe." Holly said, getting up on Reese's canopy bed and doing a pose. "Miss sex starlet!"
"With the beauty mark to go along with it!" Maris added.
Holly, Reese, and Elisha laughed.
"Don't make fun of her." Danielle said.
"I'm not?" Holly said condescendingly, rolling her sapphire-blue eyes.
She flopped down on Reese's bed, opening a J-14 magazine.
 When Savannah came back out, her eyes traveled to her opened suitcase.
"Holly did it." Reese said, sticking a finger in her mouth and sucking on it.
"Nuh-uh!" Holly said. "It was all Reese!"
Savannah smiled and shut her suitcase. "This is going to be a fun trip."
She was glad her mom had allowed her to go on the trip with the girsl. She had never been on an overnight trip with friends before. Besides the one on her YMCA trips. She still couldn't believe she was fitting in with the girls.
  "You scared?" Carter asked Savannah as they settled themselves into the seats on the plane.
The flight from Indianapolis to Cincinnati was supposed to start in ten minutes. Savannah was a little scared. She hoped the plane wouldn't crash like it did in Final Destination or Airport. Carter squeezed her hand for support. She smiled and looked out the window. She loved sitting by the window even though the last time she had flown in a plane it was when she was going to Florida when she was four.
From behind, she felt Holly kick the back of her seat.
"You're a child." Savannah said, turning around to face Holly.
Holly grinned mischievously at her.
"Sweetie, don't turn around in your seats." Lauren, Holly's mother, said kindly. "It's dangerous."
It was obvious Holly's mother wasn't used to taking care of so many children. She knew they were her responsibility.
"What did you bring?" Carter asked, several minutes later when the plane had taken flight.
Savannah felt her stomach lurched and a knot formed in her throat. She hoped she wasn't going to puke.
"My Ipod, a couple of books, a portable DVD player, DVDs, and other miscellaneous."
"Of course you would bring along books." he said. "...nerd."
But she was a hot a nerd.
"Meanie." she said, sticking her tongue at him.
Carter feigned having his feelings hurt and poked out his bottom lip.
Savannah covered her face, trying not to laugh at him. "Sorry."
"For that, I'm going to have to throw you out the window."
Savannah didn't feel comfortable around Carter at first, but she was progressively confiding more in him.
 "What books are you reading anyway?" he asked.
"The Hunger Games." she said. "And i also brought other books."
"Maybe I should read one of them so I can see what's all the fuss about books." he said, reaching into her Coach duffel bag.
"Read Shattering Glass." she said. "A not-so-avid reader like you would probably like a book like that. It's pretty good."
Carter took the book out of her bag and read the back cover.
"You're right, this does sound awesome." he flipped open the book and began to read the first page. "I still hate reading, though."
"Loser." she said, smiling at him.
She looked out the window and saw that the buildings and people underneath them looked like ants. If anything, they looked like microorganisms. Taking out her camera, she starting snapping away at the sights. She then took one of Carter who made a silly face. And then a couple of various shots of them both. One was of them smiling and looking normal, the other one was of them being goofy, and the last was of them making mean faces. She wanted to show her friends back in Graysville those pictures. Especially the people who made fun of her.
 She yawned a little and covered her mouth with her hands. "I'm getting kind of sleepy."
She leaned her head against Carter, who was happy to oblige. He wrapped his arms around her and patted her for a little while. He looked at the book once more and then at Savannah who seemed to have quickly fallen asleep. Smiling, he opened up the book and began reading it.


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