Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 28
Tamara's Party

    Carter saw Jamie walk over to Darien Mendelssohn. Her hair was long and straight and she had on a pink dress that didn't even go below her thighs. Over by the wet-bar Andy was flirting with Dominique while they took several shots of tequila. He looked over and saw Savannah talking to Tamara Weiss near Andy and Dominique. Carter wanted to say something to her, but he decided to wait until they were done talking.
 "Hey," Jamie said, coming up to him. "What birthday present did you get for Tamara?"
"Oh, I got her a fifty dollar Itunes gift card." he said, showing her a white envelope. "What about you?"
"A hundred dollar gift card to Macy's and a perfume set."
"That's cool." he said. "Do you wanna go to homecoming with Darien?"
"You know I do. My mom is such a bitch."
"Why don't you just hook up with him at the dance. She won't know."
"Because she has my cousin Jordan watching me. She's such a snitch."
"That sucks. I want to go with Savannah, but I guess going with you won't be so bad."
"Hey, I'm not a monster. And are you and her going out?"
"Nah. I think she's attractive, but I hardly know her. I think a friendship would be good for a while."
"That's smart thinking."
 Savannah was done talking to Tamara and was now approaching Carter. She had on a pindress that had a black skirt and a blue floral top. Her hair was pulled back into a curly ponytail and she had on makeup. She had the type of beauty that didn't need makeup. He crept over to her, making sure she wouldn't hear him. Getting behind her, he put his hands over her eyes.
"Guess who?"
"Jesus?" she said.
"No!" he said bemusedly. "It's Carter!"
"President Jimmy Carter?"
"Carter Atkins."
"Oh, how unfortunate." she said.
He took his hands off of her face. "You're silly."
"That's part of my creation." she said, turning around to face him.
 He laughed. It wasn't often that he came across a girl who was funny and pretty. He wished he could take her to homecoming. She didn't even have a date. That was a surprise because she was beautiful and nice.
"Are you friends with Tamara?" he asked, moving a strand of dark hair away from her face.
His touch made her feel numb.
"Yeah." she said. "I gave her twenty-five dollars in a Charlie Brown birthday card."
"Awesome!" he said, high-five her. "I got her an Itunes gift card."
"She'll be getting a lot of money." Savannah said, smiling with such innocence that Carter grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.
 She smiled. He smelled good and felt warm. She thought he was going to kiss her, but he didn't.
 Andy staggered over to them with Dominique. He had on a white football jersey that said "Jew Crew" in black letter.
"Hey, sexy." Andy slurred, extending his hand for Savannah to shake. "Top of the morning to you."
Carter and Savannah gawked at him. it was ten o'clock at night.
Savannah just laughed. "And the rest of the day to you."
Andy grinned foolishly and gave Savannah an awkward hug. "I love you."

Savannah, smiling awkwardly, tried to push herself away from Andy.

"Bite my nipples." he said stupidly.

"Andy!" barked Dominique, a little tipsy herself. "OCWD!"

"What's that mean?" Savannah asked.

"Offensive Comments While Drunk."
"Picture time!" Andy said, wrapping his arms around Savannah and beckoning Carter and Dominique to join.

He handed his camera to a random girl.

"Everyone smile!"

Playing along, everyone put their arms around each other and waited for the girl to take the picture.

When she was done, she handed Andy the camera and they all looked into the view finder.

Everyone was grinning broadly, but Andy's eyes were half-closed and he was slumped against Savannah. Satisfied with his picture, he swiped a beer from another random kid and handed it to Savannah.

"All for you."

She simply handed the kid back his drink. "No thanks."

After witnessing the way he was acting, she didn't want to have any part of it.

 "What's up, Andy!" Palma said in a high-pitch voice, falling drunkenly into Andy's arms.

"DePalma!" Andy trilled. "Creator of Carrie and Scarface!"

"Not exactly." Carter mumbled under his breath, getting a thrill out of Andy's foolishness.

"That's my boyfriend Palma." Andy continued. "And I'm her girlfriend."

Before you knew it, they were heading towards a group of kids playing cards at a wooden circular table.

Carter looked at Savannah apologetically.

"Sorry about that. But believe me, what you saw wasn't out of the ordinary."

Savannah nodded, scanning the room. A group of kids were leaned against the wall smoking pot. She could smell the musty smell from over there. Wrinkling her nose, she looked at Carter again.

"I'm going to talk to Holly. I'll see you later."

"K." he said, giving her a hug once more.

 He walked over to Andy who was now accompanied by Oliver, Lucas, and Damien.

"What's up?" he asked no one in particular.

"Not much." Damien said, balling a napkin into his fist and tossing it into a waist basket. "You?"


Carter's cell phone went off. He looked down at his cell and saw an unfamiliar number.

 Curious, he answered it. "Hello?"

"Sup, faggot?" a familiar voice said.

"Dexter? How the hell did you get my number?"

Andy snorted.

"Facebook, retard." Dexter replied.

"Why'd you call?"

"To let you know that I'm going out with Reese."



Carter leaned in and whispered to the boys, "He thinks he's going out with Reese."

"Put it on speaker." probed Damien.

Carter did as he was told. Now all of them were leaning in to hear what Dexter had to say.

"Did she give you head?" Carter asked, playing alone.

"Yeah!" Dexter said, louder now. "Which is why you all are jealous of me!"

Carter snickered. "Dude, why the fuck would we be jealous of you?"

Savannah, who was in a heart-to-heart conversation with Holly turned around to look at Carter. Hearing him say the "F" word sounded harsh against her ears. It made her chuckle a little. Carter grinned at her bashfully.

"Cause I dated all the popular girls!" Dexter continued.

"Like hell you did." Carter said.

"Please, I dated Reese, Elisha, Maris, Gigi, Demi, and now Savannah."

"Ha, in your wet dreams!" he laughed. "Don't make me laugh."

 Andy snatched the phone from him. "Listen you little fucker, only reason they even talk to you is because they feel sorry that you're retarded! None of them has ever dated you! You're not dating Savannah! She's too hot for you and so is Reese! All the girls you mentioned are! The only type of girls you can get is your mom and your grandmother! And I doubt if if they want to fuck you!  I feel sorry for your parents because they're a bunch of fuck ups who had the unfortunate of having you. You're grimy! Don't ever call Carter or anyone else I'm friends with again! If you do, I'mma kick your ass! Bye!"

He turned off the phone and handed it to Carter. Although he mostly sounded thick and slurred when ranting at Dexter, everyone got the message.
Andy basically said what Carter was going to say.
Carter found the conversation funny. Why would he or his friends be jealous of Dexter? They had more friends than him and weren't the biggest douchebags in the world unlike Dexter himself. Carter was friends with sexy girls, i.e. Savannah, and he never wanted to trade places with Dexter. It was vice versa if anything.

"Dang, Andy." Oliver said. "A little overboard, don't you think?"

"Thanks, Kess." Andy said. "If this was a sitcom and we had a studio audience, the audience would be like this after what I just said:"
And without any hesitation, he started cheering and making loud noises, causing everyone in the room to stare at him.
"Whoo!" he continued to yell. "Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!"

He started clapping excessively and screaming.

"Andy, chill." hissed Carter, sounding like a parent trying to calm their five year old child.

Suddenly, Andy's face went pale. His cheeks puffed as if he were trying to hold something in his mouth and he immediately bolted out of the room.

The boys just shrugged and continued on talking.

 Savannah found her way around the hallway when she heard retching sounds coming from the bathroom. The door creaked as she slowly opened the door. She peeked inside and saw Andy hunched over the toilet vomiting. He looked pathetic and miserable. He looked like he was dying.

Poor Andy. She thought

She entered inside the room and knelt down beside him. She patted his back as he continued to throw up. It was gross, but she couldn't just leave him there.

"Savannah," he gasped.
He tried to sit up, but when he did, vomit dribbled from his mouth. Savannah got a rag from the sinks and handed it to him. He dabbed at his mouth before saying "Thank you".
"I'm glad I'm the only one sober." she mumbled, rolling her eyes.
"What was that?" Andy asked, finally through with vomiting.

Thank God.

"Nothing." Savannah said sweetly, patting him once more. "You want some water?"

"Sure," Andy said, but slurring the word.

It sounded like he was submerged under water.

When they got back to the party, more people were present. Tamara saw them and came towards them.

"I see you met my cousin." Tamara said, glancing at Andy who was still hanging on to Savannah.

"You two are cousins?" she asked. "You look nothing alike."

"The only Jew with blond hair and blue eyes." Andy said incoherently, his eyes wide. "Besides my sister."

Holly walked in the room and Andy saw her. "What's up Holly!"

He started towards her but tripped on an extension cord. He fell faceplanted onto the ground. He just laid there; not moving. Savannah started to go to him, but Tamara held her back.

"He'll be okay." she assured.

"But he's just laying there." Savannah said, pointing at the unconscious Andy. 

"It's rare, but it happens to him when he gets extremely inebriated."
Savannah nodded. As they walked away, she turned back to look at Andy who was slowly getting back on his feet with the help from Maris and Lucas. His face was red and carpet marks were on his face.

She just had to laugh. 

"How 'bout a beer?" Tamara said as they entered the kitchen.

"Ah, no thanks." Savannah said. "I don't drink."

"Suit yourself." she said, taking a swig from a forty. "So how's things been going?"

"It's been good." Savannah said. "Paramount can be a little crazy, but I've come to love it."

Tamara ran a manicured finger through her blond hair. She then looked at her nails.
"Ugh. I got to get these retouched. Anyways, that's good to hear."

She then leaned in so no one would hear what she was about to say to Savannah. "Are you going to Homecoming with Carter?"

Savannah gasped.
How does she know I like him?

Tamara gave her a knowing look. "I see the way you look at him whenever you talk to him."

Savannah blushed. "Well, you know..."

Tamara smiled. "He's really cute. I think you two would look gorgeous together."

"You think so?"

"I know so. Carter is such a great guy."

"I know." Savannah said.
She looked out the screen door (yes, Tamara actually has a screen door) and saw that Brandon was sitting on the back porch with Stephanie and some other boys. They were smoking pot. Seeing Savannah, they waved at her with blissful smiles on their faces. Savannah thought they reminded her of the smoking scenes in That Seventies Show. Stephanie was laughing uproariously as one of the guys, who Savannah assumed was her boyfriend, stroked her hair. 

"I'm going on a trip with him, Holly, and the others on the upcoming Thursday." Savannah continued.

"Seriously?" Tamara said, her eyes narrowing.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, Savannah." she began. "And I suppose you guys are going to be sleeping in a hotel, too?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You're setting yourself up. You must not try anything with Carter."

"I'm only fourteen!"

"Jamie was only fourteen when she lost her virginity." Tamara said matter-of-factly.

"We're not even going out." Savannah said. "Besides, he's going with Jamie anyway."

"As friends." Tamara said, rolling her eyes. "Come on, you're alone with a bunch of kids your age. And is Holly's mother coming?"


"Oh, God!" Tamara emphasized. "She lets them drink!"

"I know." Savannah said. "She's a little different."

"She's likes most parents in Paramount. Letting their privileged kids drink whenever they want provided if it's not outside the house and they take their car keys away from them."

"Okay," Savannah said, surprised at Tamara going parent-mode on her.
"Just promise me you're not going to do anything stupid, okay?" Tamara gave her a stern look as if expecting her to agree with her.

"I won't..." Savannah promised, then gave a mischievous smile, ""

Tamara laughed. "I know these things. I done things that were crazy."

Savannah smiled. She liked Tamara. It was nice having an older girl as a friend. She needed someone to show her the ropes of being a high schooler. Especially a high schooler who's new to an area.
"Now let's go back and party!" Tamara enthused, grabbing Savannah's hand and leading her out of the kitchen.


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