Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 27
The River

 Skipping rocks was an activity Savannah had never experienced before. But when Justin showed her how to properly skip a rock in the river, her record was thirteen. Savannah stood over the railing which separated the land and the river.
"Wow," Justin said in awe. "Thirteen. Mine was three."
Savannah couldn't believe it either. She was never lucky in her life. Now all sorts of bizarre things were happening to her.

  It was now Judy's turn to skip a rock. Taking several deep breaths, Judy snapped her wrist back and launched the rock into the water. It fell in without even bouncing. Savannah sighed disappointingly and patted Judy on the back.
"You did a good job." she tried.
"Thanks," Judy smiled.
She tried it again, but this time adding more force to her throw. Savannah watched in anticipation. Spending the whole afternoon with her friends was like a trip to Heaven. It was Savannah's idea to go to the river. She leaned over the railing and looked out into the river. Nostalgia swept over her as the memories of her grandpa taking her down to the river when she was six resurfaced in her head. She reminded herself to call her grandparents later that day.

  "So what are you doing this evening?" Judy asked Savannah.
"I'm going to a party." she answered. "This girl Tamara invited me."
"Tamara from our journalism class?" Justin asked, walking over to one of the benches and sitting on it.
  "Yep," said Savannah.

She threw her last rock into the water, watching it make a small splash.  
"Somebody's a party queen." Judy said, taking a seat next to Justin.

Savannah laughed. Judy was right. She had been to so many parties since school had started. Drugs, alcohol, and risky behavior were usually present at parties. There was a lot of that going on at Andy's party the night before. She vowed to never to tell her parents about the parties because she was afraid what they would think of her. She didn't do any of those things and she didn't want to, but her mom was overprotective. She wondered if they knew she was fourteen instead of four.

Savannah sat down next to Judy. She looked straight ahead and saw a few houses on the other side of the river. The houses were spaced out from each other and had land the size of four football fields. Andy's house stuck out like the brightest star in the sky. It looked like a smaller version of an English manor. She wished she lived in a house like that. She didn't mind living in her townhome but she wanted to live in a real house. None of the people she knew were "rich". Justin and Judy lived in small homes and Holly, Elisha and the other girls lived in big houses, but their homes looked like the suburban houses back at Graysville. Only they were more expensive. The only people she really considered to have money was Reese and Andy.

"You know I like this place." she said, staring into space. "It's not as bad as I thought."

"No, it's still bad." Justin said. "It's just not as bad."

She snickered. "I'm glad I met you guys."

"Same to you." Judy said, leaning over to hug her.

Savannah loved Paramount so much that she hardly wanted to go back to Graysville. There were so many bad memories there. Every time she was with her friends she would thank God for allowing her to escape a horrible situation like Graysville. She didn't even know it was a horrible situation until she was out of it.

"How was Andy's party?" Justin asked curiously.

Savannah shrugged. "Eh, you know."

Justin nodded knowingly. "I still don't like him. He's mean."

Savannah thought back to when Andy went off on Dexter and that Kaleb guy at the football game. And how he dumped pizza onto Dexter's head. It was mean, but at least he wasn't mean to her. Andy didn't seem that bad. He seemed like a cool guy to talk to.

"He can be something." Savannah agreed. "But he's still cool."

"Maybe to you," Judy put in, "but not to a lot of people. He can pull tricks up his sleeves."

"I'll make sure to watch out for him." Savannah promised.

A warm hand fell over Savannah's face and all of her surroundings went black. Before she could yell, the hand removed itself from her face.

"Surprise!" Holly's voice yelled.

Savannah turned around and saw Holly and the girls standing behind them.

"What are you doing here!" Savannah said excitedly. 

"We were wondering the same thing." Holly said, handing Savannah a can of Dr. Pepper. "You wanna drink the rest of this?"

"Thanks," Savannah said, taking the can of soda and drinking it.

Justin and Judy looked at Savannah with confused looks on their faces. They were obviously not used to being around a bunch of popular people. Let alone having a friend that was one of them.

 "These are my friends," Savannah said, showing the girls Justin and Judy.

"Hey," Elisha said to them, smiling.

She looked around, brushing a strand of blond hair from her eyes. Justin was staring at Reese. Reese smiled politely but then looked at Savannah puzzled.

"He does that a lot," Savannah mouthed.

"Oh," Reese mouthed back, laughing silently.

"We need to talk to you." Holly said. "It'll only take a minute."

"Can it be later?" Savannah asked. "I was kind of hanging out with my friends."

Holly shrugged. "Okay. I'll just text or call you."

Danielle waved at Savannah as the girls were leaving. She waved back.

 "Your friends seem cool." Judy said. "But their kind of goofy."

"Tell me about it." Savannah said, leaning her head and closing her eyes. 

"So, you like that guy Carter?" Justin asked, facing Savannah.

"Yeah," she said, blushing. "He's really nice."

"I heard he was, but I heard he could be a little silly." he said. "Like stupid silly. He's always doing stupid things."

"I've never seen him do stupid things."

"Me either. I just heard he did."

"He probably likes you." Judy said. "Just a guess."

Savannah chuckled. She hoped he did. It would be a direction to her first kiss and first boyfriend.



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