Withered Weather
Author: Ella

Chapter 14
running away

the dress was draped over her bed. beautifully dark red and studded with diamonds at the waist, it was left by sunshine's mother. sunshine looked at it in distaste.

"sunshine, get into that beautiful dress," her mother said.

sunshine looked at her blankly.

"if you don't wear that. you'll go naked!" her mother's patience with sunshine was wearing out day by day.

sunshine scowled as she pulled on the dress. why had she to wear such a pretty dress? she did not deserve it. she did not deserve diamonds and such a grand piece of fur. she tugged at the sides of her dress and pulled at the diamonds, in hope of destroying the gown. its long flowing ribbon slipped onto the ground. at that moment, amida came in and picked up the ribbon.

"miss, shall i tie it for you?" she asked carefully and pulled the ribbon around sunshine's waist. sunshine's expression grew cold and she grabbed the ribbon, looping it around amida's neck in a fruitless effort to strangle her. amida freaked out and started yanking at the ribbon relentlessly. sunshine pulled harder and tightened her grip on the silky ribbon. in the last hope of saving herself, she kicked sunshine's legs and scrambled out of the room screaming. sunshine fell back and hit her head on the metal bed frame, leaving her unconscious.


a quiet hum and a cold feel led sunshine to believe this was not longer her home. her room never had such a sound although it was indeed cold. the cold was brought about by sunshine herself. her bitterness eluded into the house's atmosphere, making everything cold and weary. nothing was bright and joyous in her house anymore.

sunshine moved over to her side and wiffed the frozen air. the smell of antiseptic shot through her and she immediately opened her eyes. she loved that smell. it was clean and cool. calming even. the walls around her were a pure white and the bed sheets were also of the same hue. everything was pure and spotless. everything looked different. the ward was a stark contrast to her room. the walls were bright, the bed was white and the window overlooked a small garden down below. the table beside the bed was a faint wooden brown and not glass like the one she had at home. only the atmosphere seemed pretty comparable to her own. no longer wearing her grand maroon dress, she was now in white clothes. she slid into her covers and closed her eyes again, not fearing or thinking of her parents and this place. she did not care if she was here now. all she felt like doing was sleeping. back to her old routine of just lazing time away. there was nothing to do anyway.

the next thing that woke her was no longer where she was but who she met. her eyes flickered open and she was shocked to find may sitting by her side. may was not smiling anymore. her expression was just as serious as sunshine's. sunshine took a look at her face and then turned away. may placed her hand on sunshine's arm and pulled her back. closing her eyes, sunshine continued her silent protest against may. she would never speak to this woman again. this unnaturally smiling lady that knew nothing of her pathetic plight. may was fake. fake to the core. what concern that bore her grinning features were of no warmth within her heart. she did not want to help or comfort sunshine at all. all she wanted was money and fees for sitting beside sunshine all day and just say nice things. things sunshine could no longer believe in. she was no longer receptive to encouragement and affirmation. the years being locked away in her room had robbed her of her self esteem, her soul. everything was no longer the same. why did her parents wait so long to get help? why did her parents wait so long to get her to open up? why did her parents not bother in the first place? years ago before she became a stone? now it was all too late. no matter how many amendments they tried to make, sunshine would never forgive them. they don't derserve it.


sunshine's mother walked in hurriedly and peeped at her little girl, curled up on the bed.

"sunshine," her mother said gently. "may is here for you. talk to her."

sunshine looked up sternly at her mother, "i hate you! why did you only hear my cries now! it's too late!" she flung her blanket on the floor and got up and ran. racing out of the ward and down the corridor, may and a whole cohort of nurses caught up easily. sunshine was weak and she did not have the strength to run. all these years, there was nothing to run from. not even those children along the street. all she needed was to draw the curtains and the world would be blocked out. now, she was no longer in front of those curtains. she was no more running away from children but from reality. the tormented reality of her state.


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