Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 25
Shits And Giggles

  Reese skipped around Andy's foyer in her red heels. She had changed into her blue minidress and kept posing in front of the Victorian mirror.
"Reese, stop looking at yourself in my parents' mirror." Andy said. "That mirror is expensive."
"Very funny." Reese said, pouting at her reflection in the mirror. "But I look adorable."
"Yeah, right." Andy muttered, grabbing Maris as she passed by.
Maris just shook her head and kept on walking. Chuckling to himself, Andy walked off and started talking to a group of kids in the kitchen.
 Reese sighed. Andy was never serious. He always made everything a joke. She saw a lot of people walking around Andy's house. The party had just started and people were already getting high and drunk.
"Hey, dudes," Andy said, stopping Brandon Albertson, Marilyn Barberis, Jordan Clark, and several other people, "if you're gonna smoke, take it outside. I don't want my parents to be smelling this shit."
Reese giggled. She knew that Andy was allergic to pot and didn't want to be around it. She walked around the house and found Gigi Linderman and Melissa sitting on the French couch in the parlor. 
 "What's up?" Reese said, picking up a glass off of the glass table and pouring alcohol in it.
She sat down next to Gigi and took a sip from it. "This is good. What is this?"
"It's Andy's mom's Vodka." Melissa said. "It's some expensive alcohol that was imported from Paris."
Reese frowned. She didn't understand why Andy let them open it. Or did he?
She shrugged and took another sip. "So how's Jude?"
"Fine." Melissa said. "He's my date to homecoming."
Reese was happy for her. Melissa didn't seem happy since Michael Hilton broke up with her the summer before ninth grade. Reese remembered when she was dumped by Jim Alexander. She was hurt for weeks. It was the worst breakup she had ever endured. Her stomach lurched with a feeling of pain.
 Reese downed herself another glass of Vodka.
"So," she said thickly, "I heard Pam gave Brandon head."
Melissa wrinkled her honey-blond eyebrows. "Really? I haven't heard."
"Everyone's heard." Reese continued. "Brandon wouldn't stop bragging about it."
Gigi shook her head in pity. "When will Shelbi find out."
"I dunno." Reese said. "No one has the balls to tell her."
She guzzled down another glass. "Let's just keep this a secret for now, okay?"
The girls nodded. No one needed more drama.
     Savannah looked around Andy's house. It reminded her of the inside of the Titanic. Everything was so fancy. Two stoned lions were flanked around the  grand staircase, seeming to glare at her. She could have sworn their eyes followed her as she walked away from them.  A giant chandelier suspended from the cathedral ceiling, lighting up the whole room. She looked around some more and came across the parlor. She peeked inside and saw Reese getting drunk with Gigi and Melissa.
Reese saw her and waved her over. Savannah walked slowly in. She was afraid they were doing something stupid.
"You know Gigi, right?" Reese asked.
"Yeah," Savannah said.
She had met Gigi during Freshman Orientation. At the time Gigi struck her as someone she would avoid but after getting to know her, she felt comfortable around her. Melissa scooted over and patted the seat next to her. That was Savannah's cue to sit down.
 "I think Carter likes you," she slurred.
Savannah looked at Melissa. Her eyes were bloodshot and she had a goofy smile on her face. She was drunk.
"Okay," she said, not taking Melissa seriously. "This party is pretty awesome."
It was kind of a lie because everywhere she went she saw people either getting drunk or making out.
"Want some?" Gigi offered, shoving a bottle of vodka in front of her.
"No thanks," Savannah shook her head.
Gigi shrugged and finished the bottle herself. She wiped her mouth sloppily with her sleeve before giving away a tiny burp. That showed that Gigi was human.
 Savannah spotted the grand piano on the far corner of the room. It was beautiful. A portrait of Andy and his family hung above it. Andy was holding a white dog with its tongue out. She smiled. She loved dogs. The whole room gave off an old-fashioned vibe. She liked Andy's house. It took her away from reality. There was almost nothing modern in the house. It all looked early twentieth century. She rubbed her shoes on the accent rug and inhaled the familiar scent of blossoms. It took her back when her mom used to take her shopping in the mall. She would be about four and the place her mom went the most was the perfume shop. The smell in Andy's parlor jotted her memory.
 She left the room and was greeted by several more people she didn't know. She waved before finding Carter sitting on the couch in the living room. He looked cute in his black Adidas hoodie and blue jeans.
"Hi," she smiled, sitting next to him.
"How are you?" he asked, putting his arm around her.
"Good." she said, tapping her feet to an old Mariah Carey song.
Andy seemed to have good taste in music. The music that played so far didn't seem to be from this decade. Most of the songs were from the sixties, seventies, and nineties. Some were rock, some were rap, and most were hip-hop.
  Carter took a sip from his beer can. "I'm glad you're on court."
"Don't remind me." she groaned. "I don't even want to think about it."
"Okay," he said understandingly. "What do you want to talk about?"
"I don't know," she ventured, "Maybe..."
Holly, Maris, and Palma came over.
"Help me." Holly said, her sapphire-blue eyes wide with excitement. "Peter won't leave me alone!"
Savannah knew Holly had broke up with Peter not too long ago and Peter didn't seem happy about it. In fact Holly told her how Peter would curse her on Facebook at every chance he got. Savannah thought Peter should grow up. But she really had no room to talk consider how obsessed she was with Scott Philips.
  Carter moaned. "I'll tell him to leave you alone."
"Thank you!" Holly said. "I really appreciate it."
"No problem." he said. "Anything for a friend."
Holly took his beer and drunk the rest of it. "What were you and Vannypie doing?"
Her eyes flickered as if she knew what was going on. Which she didn't.
"Nothing," Savannah said. "Just talking."
"Okay," Holly said unconvincingly. 
 "Has anyone seen Andy?" Palma asked, searching around the room.
They shook their heads. No one has seen him since they got to the party. It was like he disappeared. Palma just shrugged and went somewhere else. Maris followed right behind her.
A white schnauzer came up to them panting. Savannah assumed it was Andy's dog. It barked happily and stood in front of Savannah. It paced around her a few times before stopping. It sniffed her as if he were trying to find something out from her. It pushed it's nosed against her leg. Finally, seeming to be satisfied with her, it barked and jumped on top of her. It began to lick her excessively.
 "Well, hi, cutie doggy!" she said, playing with him. "I'm Savannah, what's your name?"
The dog continued to lick her until Andy came. He scooped him up in his hands and looked at Savannah apologetically.
"Sorry about that." he said. "He gets a little excited when he meets new people."
"That's okay." she laughed. "At least he's friendly with strangers."
She thought it was cute how the dog's hands were spread when Andy held him.
"This is Buzz," Andy introduced, wagging the dog's hands at her. "And this is Savannah."
"We met." she giggled, letting the dog lick her hand.
"He likes you already." Andy said, laughing. "I take it you have a dog."
"No guess." she said. "I love dogs. My dog is my favorite thing in the world."
"Same with Buzz." Andy said, rubbing his fur. "Maybe one day we can take our dogs for a walk."
"That sounds like fun. My dog would love to meet another friend."
"So would mine." he smiled. "I'm glad you two met."
   Savannah liked Buzz. He was happy and energetic like her own dog. The way it panted and made low noises touched her. She reached out to pet him some more.
"Oh, by the way, your girlfriend was looking for you." she said. "I think she went that way."
"Thanks," he said, "I'll find her."
He rubbed her hair before leaving with his dog. Andy may have came from a family with money, but at least he was down to Earth.
 Carter grinned. "Andy and Buzz are characters."
"You're telling me." she said. "I almost peed in my pants when Buzz started licking me. He is such a sweet dog."
"You'll love him." he said. "I have a dog too, but he's about to die."
Savannah's face deflated. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay. He lived a good life. He's sixteen."
"That's real old." she said bemusedly. "He's older than us. My dog's only four so he's still a baby to me."
 Carter nodded. He looked at Savannah for a minute. His throat clenched when he spoke to her, a girl so beautiful noticing him, it was almost beyond belief.
"Do you want to dance for a little bit?" he asked.
"Um, s-s-sure." she stammered.
She was scared to dance with him. For one thing she couldn't dance and she felt weird being around him.
Carter took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. People were dancing, drinking, and laughing. Everyone seemed to be at peace. She took a Sprite can and popped the cap off.
Taking a sip, she turned to Carter. "I love this song."
The Beatles "Here, There And Everywhere" played over the speakers. Carter placed his hands over her tiny waist and pulled her in closer. Savannah closed her eyes and envisioned colors and swirls spinning around. She literally felt like she was in a dreamland. The atmosphere felt still and calm. 
  Memories of her crying at the school dance in the sixth grade escaped from her head. She was know in a state of peace. She leaned in closer to Carter, feeling comfortable against him.
Carter looked down at her and smiled. He rubbed her back and continued to dance slowly with her. This happened to be the best night of Savannah's life. She was on homecoming court and she was dancing with a cute boy. Popularity felt great. She wanted to be with Carter forever. His kindness affected her the most. There was no guy like him.
  Suddenly, the song stopped abruptly and everyone stopped what they were doing. Savannah saw Andy, a boy who she knew was Stephanie's boyfriend, Lucas, Damien, and several other boys come out of the foyer with Dexter leading the pack. Andy had him restrained, making sure he didn't leave.
"Hey, everyone!" he shouted. "Dexter thinks he's Jesus Christ!"
"Oh, brother." Carter muttered. "Not now, Andy."
Several people in the room laughed at Andy's comment.
  "He crashed this party and tried to vandalize my front lawn." continued Andy. "And since he thinks he's Jesus Christ, we must treat him like Jesus Christ."
"What is he doing?" Savannah whispered to Carter.
"I don't know." Carter said, shaking his hand. "He just does things that no one really understands."
"Jesus Christ was humiliated," Andy went on, "and because our friend Dexter thinks he's Jesus Christ, we'll humiliate him!"
And without any further explanation, Andy grabbed a Pizza Hut box from a wooden table, opened it up, and dumped the whole pizza onto Dexter's head. Savannah cringed as she stared at Dexter's now red hair. Pizza sauce dripped everywhere. She wondered if someone was going to clean the mess up. 
  A chorus of laughter erupted from the party-goers. Carter couldn't help but laugh too. Savannah looked around and saw that Palma had her hands over her mouth. She was trying not to laugh, but didn't succeed. Savannah felt bad for Dexter, but she couldn't help but feel that Dexter brought this all unto himself. He did try to vandalize Andy's property and he haf been bugging him.
"You ugly queer!" Dexter said in outraged.
"You watch your mouth, you grimy piece of shit!" Andy said threateningly. "Do you wanna step outside?"
"Sure!" he said, shoving Andy.
"Okay, faggot." Andy said, grabbing Dexter by the collar and leading him out of the room. Andy opened the double stain-glassed door for Dexter and let him out first. As soon as Dexter stepped outside, Andy slammed the door behind him. It earned him fits of applauds.
Savannah just stood there with her mouth open. She didn't know what to think. It seemed like Andy did this for shits and giggles.


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