Love from Above (Completed! On with the editing!)
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 4
Not So Discreet (updated)

We walk up to the front door of his house and ring the bell. I hear locks clicking and when the door opens, Jeremy is not the one behind it. Instead, we see a tall man with a buzz cut staring down at us with distaste.

“Can I help you?” The man spits at us sarcastically.

“Um, is Jeremy here by any chance?” Janie says bravely.

“Who’s asking?” He says raising his chin. Before we have a chance to answer, Jeremy comes flying down the stairs behind the man.

“Thanks dad, you can go now. I’ll take care of them.” Jeremy says glaring at his father. The man glares back for a moment before spinning on his heel and stomping away. A few seconds later we hear a door slam and the garage door opening.

“Sorry about that. He’s not a very welcoming man.” Jeremy says turning back to smile apologetically at us.

“No kidding,” Libby mumbles under her breath.

“Come on in.” He says stepping to the side. We walk in and look at our surroundings. Jeremy’s house is truly spectacular. He leads us into the kitchen where we see Cheyenne and a woman who I assume to be his mother. I brace myself for her to act the same way his father had, but her response is the exact opposite. Instead of sneering or anything unattractive like that, her face brightens when she sees us. She walks over and wraps the three of us in a warm group hug. Well at least one parent accepts us, I think to myself.

 “This is my mom, Cynthia,” Jeremy says.

“It’s so great to finally meet you all. Jeremy’s talked so much about you,” Cynthia says as Jeremy’s cheeks flush pink. I notice that he looks quite adorable when he blushes. Once Cynthia releases us, Jeremy ushers us up to his room.

Jeremy’s room is very morbid looking (which is exactly my style). Against one of his white walls by the window is a cozy looking black couch. Another wall had a large black queen size bed. His window has black curtains hanging from it and there is a massive black love sack in the corner.


“Well, we should probably head back,” Janie says after a few hours as she stands up from her seat in the love sack.

“You guys don’t have to go,” Jeremy says looking directly at me.

“Well I suppose we could…” Janie starts to say, but Libby interrupts.

“No I think you’re right Janie. We should go back.”

“I think I’m going to stay here,” I say.

“Well then why don’t we all…” Janie begins but Libby cuts in again. “Come on Janie,” and starts pushing her out the door. Before they are gone, Libby says to Jeremy, “Thanks for having us.” Then, making sure he isn’t looking, she winks at me.

I owe her big time.



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