Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 23
Elisha and Savannah

   Elisha laughed foolishly as she leaned her head against Mark's shoulders. She felt a little bit drunk even though she hadn't been drinking. It was the three Red Bulls she had just guzzled down. The warm sun hit her tanned face, slightly blinding her. She watched Davey Smith grab the football and make a run for it. She stood up in her seat and began to holler and applaud. Everyone else around her did the same.
"Davey, don't disappoint us," Mark muttered under his breath.
"Hasn't he ever?" Holly asked him. "Davey and Marcus Graves are our ticket to the state championship."
"And you know it!" Andy said, high-fiving her.
They pulled each other into a big hug, not taking their eyes off of the game.
 Mark grabbed Elisha and planted a kiss on her lips. Elisha loved how Mark's lips felt against hers. She knew she wasn't in love, but it bordered on it.
She looked down at her cell phone and saw that her mom had left her about ten text messages. She sighed and read one of the messages.
Come home early please.
She couldn't believe it. Her mom was asking her to babysit Delaney when she knew she was busy. She thought her mom was being selfish. Sighing ,she decided to stand up for herself and text her back.

Elisha Carpenter - Can't. Andy's. Remember?!?!?!
Mom - But me and ur dad need you.

Elisha Carpenter - You always make me sit. Joseph is willin to do it. Ask him. plz?

Mom - Fine. I'll give you a break.

Elisha Carpenter - Thanks mommy. :)

Elisha suddenly felt better now that she didn't have to watch Delaney. Her parents were understanding sometimes.

"Hey, Elisha, can I have some of your popcorn?" Melissa asked, standing next to Jude Neal.

Elisha handed her the popcorn, not taking her eyes off of the game. Football games were always exciting to her. The way people reacted when their team made a score or when their teammates crashed into one of the opposing teammates. She felt like being in Heaven. Whenever there was a big professional football game on television, she would always go over to Carter's house to watch it.

"Oh, great, it's half-time." Jude said, sitting down on the bleachers. "I'm tired of standing up."

Elisha promptly sat down on Mark's lap. She knew what was coming up. They were about to announce the homecoming court nominees. She had already one house representative, which made her feel like the happiest girl in the world. She only hoped being picked for homecoming court.

Kellyanne Rodgers, a perky junior with blond hair spoke over the P.A. system. Jamie, Holly, Reese, and the other girls looked at Elisha with hopeful gleam in their eyes.

"Is everyone excited for Homecoming?!" Kellyanne asked in her high voice.

Applause and cheers erupted from the stands. The visitors section jeered.

"Good!" Kellyanne said happily. "Because today I am going to announce the homecoming nominees."

   More cheers and applause came from the stands. Elisha crossed her fingers.

"Our nominees for the Freshman class are Jessica Summers, Rachel Horowitz..."

Mark squeezed Elisha's hand for support.

"...Elisha Carpenter..."

Elisha and her friends began to scream with joy. Elisha was relieved to be called. She didn't know what she would do if she didn't get picked.

"...and..." Kellyanne said suspensefully, "Savannah Ripley!"

"What?" Savannah asked, propped on Carter's lap.

She was dumbfounded.

Elisha jumped out of her seat and screamed as if she had just won the lottery. This was the happiest night of her life. Not only did she get nominated, but so did her friend.

Holly and Andy nudged Savannah on her shoulders, who had her hands over her face.

   Elisha cheered so loudly that she caused attention from the crowd.

"Whoo!" she clapped. "Yeah! Savannah! Whoo!"

It only took her a few seconds to realize that she was the only one cheering.

Feeling embarrassed, she cleared her throat and sat back down. People began to laugh afterward.

"Screw Jessica and Rachel, we're gonna win." Elisha said, turning to face Savannah who looked like she would have rather been somewhere else.

Elisha knew she was shy, but Savannah shouldn't have been acting like this. It was an honor to be picked for homecoming court.

"Don't be embarrassed," Carter said, pressing his hand down on her hair and stroking it, "Elisha's not."

"I'm not Elisha," she said, trying to hide her smile, but Holly caught it.

"I saw that," Holly said, gently shoving Savannah on the shoulders.

"Can I die?" she asked Holly.

"No," Holly, Carter, and Elisha said in unison.

 Jamie who was talking to Damien, turned around and smiled at Savannah.

"Hi, I'm Jamie."

Savannah smiled. Jamie wasn't bad.

"Oh, hi," Savannah stuttered. "I'm Savannah."

"I know," Jamie smiled. "Congratulations."

"Thank you."

Savannah was happy that people noticed her and wanted her to be on court, but she wondered if it was a joke. And another thing, she had no idea why she was sitting on Carter's lap. As soon as half-time started, Carter literally pulled her down onto his lap. it must have been a group thing because every single one of her girl friends were sitting down on someone's lap.


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