Divine Amity
Author: Breeze

Chapter 14
Kyle: I could have sworn I was in charge!


            “Kyle?” Niles spoke to me.

            I grunted then answered, “What is it Niles?” I asked already hearing the question in his head.

            “I want to go see her,” he pleaded, still running like a lightning bolt, “I won’t break any rules Ky, I promise.”

            I ignored him as I began to run my perimeter with Reese and Chase. I shook my head in disgust; there was no way I was going to let him anywhere near her, unless it was impossible to do so. I heard a laugh come from one of them and said, “Who was that?”

            “Me,” Niles said cheerfully. His cheerfulness was really starting to get to me. He did not have to be happy all the time. He sure as hell did not have to play so much, everything was not always play, laugh, laugh some more and play. This situation had to be taken serious.

            “Niles, can you please cool it, now is not the time. Just stay focused.” I ended the conversation with him and continued on my path.

            “Ky. I know it may sound wrong to you, maybe even impossible, but I think she’s the one” He explained.

            “She is the one, and it is our job to protect her,” I explained, overriding the true meaning of his words.

            “Kyle you know what I mean. I think she’s the one for me.”

            “It is impossible and you know it!” I snarled.

            I could hear a sigh in his thoughts and hoped the conversation was over. Then suddenly Niles nudged me with his thoughts. He displayed the whole fight scene for me, back in the clearing and showed me how terrified she was. I cringed at the look on her face, she was so beautiful and I could only imagine what was going on in her brain. He also showed me how Andrew and Brenden had been playing and came out of the bushes, scaring her again, after he had calmed her down. The way she curled up to him made me angry, because I wished it was me. When he lifted her into his arms she looked relieved and I felt a stab through my heart. I could not help but wonder why I felt like this over a stranger I just encountered less than eight hours ago. I watched helplessly as he carried her to the spot to meet us. Seeing her place her face in the crook between his neck and head was enough for me. I pushed him with my thoughts to cut it out. I did not want to see that anymore. I blocked his thoughts and continued on with my route. I would not let his memories of her get to me. So running as fast as I could was all I concentrated on.

            It was a little after midnight when I stopped running. I’d been drifting further away from her house, trying to rid myself from that longing. One I could not ignore completely, nor shake off. The hold she generated on me was out of this world. It seemed the further I drifted away, the more I wanted to be next to her. It felt like she was a drug my body had to have. I had to be near her. Yes, I felt the usual, the feeling to protect her, but there was something more, tugging at me that was way stronger than anything I‘ve ever felt before. It was not hard to come to an conclusion, I wanted her, to a point where I would pretty much do anything to have her. I could clearly tell, from the way I felt, seeing her in Niles’ arms that I was in for a lot of trouble with him later down the line. He has already displayed his interest in her, and obviously wanted her also.  I would not allow it. I had to have her. She was mine.

            Not wanting to run from that feeling anymore I ran back in the direction of her house, realizing how far I drifted out. I could smell the cool air of Wachung as I drifted back onto their lands. On the way back I could smell the scent of Niles, Andrew and Skyler; their trail had to be no older than a couple seconds. Beings that I blocked my thoughts they did not know I was coming. The only warning to them was my scent. So they steered clear as I made my way back to her house. About halfway there I let my thoughts loose and slowed my pace. I wound up in the middle of an argument.

            I could hear Reese’s thoughts raging with Andrew’s and Niles’. Not wanting to be lost, I dug into their past thoughts and listened to the words they thought before I blocked my thoughts. Turns out, Reese is not happy at all with the fact that Niles was crossing lines that had never been crossed. I listened to his thoughts and seen that he also was on the same page as me to an extent. He was aware of my feelings, but ignored them, because I did. He saw it as there was no problem to have feelings for the key, unless you acted on them. Niles was trying to do exactly that.

            Niles point of view was he was not going to let the fact that she was a key ruin his chance at happiness. He was not going to give her up just because she was. If she actually turned out to be his other half there was going to be a problem that was never faced before a key being a link to one of our kind. Well actually one time it happened, but it was the other way around, and much more complicated. The sensitive had been turned into a vampire and had found his other half in a werewolf, my aunt Rohaun. She was killed before anything could have been said of it, so the situation could never be dealt with. Niles did not agree with the way a sensitive was supposed to be treated. He did not understand why the key had to be treated like an enemy instead of a friend. 

            Andrew was pretty much siding with Niles, because he knew what it was like to be linked. He had found his link in Ruby, and was not too keen about the mere thought of not being able to be near her, or even talk to her. He felt as if she was the key, it should not winder his chances, he deserved his link just like the rest of us. If she was the key, yes it was unfortunate, it should not hold them back. He was entitled to her, just as if we were entitled to ours.

            Not wanting to hear anymore, I shouted with my thoughts, “Enough!” they all groaned and waited for me to continue, ” I have had it with all this! All of you! It has not even been a full twenty-four hours and you are all out of it!” I huffed and stood still, my mouth watered with the thick bile from my venom for I was ready to bit something. “Just let it go, I do not want to hear about this anymore. Reese you keep your thoughts to yourself. The same goes for you too Niles. If you feel as though you can’t help it, block them. I do not want another argument like this to surface. This is the last time I will say it.” I added walking into her backyard.

            Not at all in the mood, I shifted back to my human form. The gloominess of her backyard was a plus, because I knew she was not sleeping. I could tell by her heart rate and her steady breathing. The darkness would disguise my body if she decided to peek out her window.

I stared at it, wishing that she would so I could see her. I wished a lot of things, including us not all being what we were, so life would be simple for everyone. I also wanted a lot. I wanted to get to know her, I wanted to be… I just wanted everything that was there to gain by being hers. 

            My legs seemed to take over me as I walked up to her house and proceeded to climb up to get to her window. I stopped myself halfway, because I had no idea what to say to her. I knew she thought for sure I did not like her from the cruel stares I threw at her. I felt bad afterwards but still I was trying to do what I was told was right.

            So why did it feel so wrong? Why did it feel like I was a complete fool for my actions? Why did I feel like I was going to lose her to my best friend if I continued on? Why did I feel the way I felt when I was around her? Why did her smile send shivers down my spine? Why would just the thought of being close to her make my day? Why are all these questions not going to be answered?

            Secondly, I was nude.

            Sighing I turned away and walked to the bushes again. My heart sinking with every step I took. I then heard her foot steps and turned to look in the direction of her window. I watched as she cut her light on and began walking around her room. I would catch a glimpse of her when she would pass the window, and felt more anxious. My heart began to beat vigorously as I waited to see her again.

Her foot steps were soft yet slow and I smiled to myself. She was so tiny. I then looked around the backyard and set my eyes on a tree in perfect alignment with her room window.

            Not thinking twice about it, I ran over to the tree and began to climb it with ease. The branches harbored a bit of mist on them, but that did not render me from reaching the height of the tree that matched her room. I smiled again, like a kid on Christmas as I assessed her room. It was so, her. The walls were painted dark beige with brown outlining. Her bed looked so comfortable with its fluffy pillows and plush blankets. She then walked over to the window and my heart picked up again. She pulled the curtain up and wrapped it in a bow, then lifted the window. Her hair and cloths flew back like she was filming a cover girl commercial. The warm thick air rushed her and she leaned into it.

            I then noticed what she was wearing. She had on a dark brown tight fitted tank top, with a pair of white shorts that barely covered her bottom. She then turned away and walked over to her closet. I watched as she took out a bag that appeared to be full of candy. I laughed out loud and watched her dig through it like a two year old. Her eyes were glistening and it made me laugh even more.

 She dug around in it until she pulled out a pack of gummy bears. When she opened the pack, I noticed she was speaking to someone. She smiled and laughed as she spoke to whomever she was speaking to.

            “Mom is okay,” she answered smiling from ear to ear. “She’s the same as before, maybe even better. She’s gotten a huge promotion at her job and she’s the head nurse on her floor at the hospital she works in. Xalea is a straight A geek, making every Dean’s list there is to make.” she laughed out loud throwing a gummy into her mouth. She then listened to whoever she was talking to, nodding her head and smiling.

Her smile was so beautiful and I just wanted to be beside her to caress those dimpled cheeks. Or even sample her full lips to see how her mouth would feel on mine. Licking my lips I quickly pushed that thought out of my head. Bad enough I was spying on her, the thoughts running through my head were far worse.

            I then noticed her mom walk into the room startling her. The gummy bears fell into her lap and she looked like she was being busted for something she didn’t want her mom to see her doing.

            “Who were you talking to honey?” her mom asked, still standing in the doorway.

            I could see Rayne duck her head and grimace. “I was talking to daddy.” she answered, covering her face a bit.

            A sharp gasp escaped her mom’s lips, making Rayne jump. Her mom shook her head very fast and covered her ears, walking over to where Rayne was sitting. “Please honey. Please tell me you’re not going into that again.” Her mom cringed with every word she said. “I thought we were past all that. Please don’t-”

            “Mom calm down.” Rayne said sighing and pulling herself from the bed and wrapping her arms around her. “That’s my way of letting go of stress. I know it sounds weird, but I just tell him what has been going on with us. It makes me feel like he’s still here, and in a way I feel closer to him.” Her mom calmed down and relaxed, hugging her daughter back.

            “Honey, are you sure you’re okay, and you’re not just down playing it like… Like…” She gulped hard, “Before?

            Rayne chuckled and pulled away to look at her mom, shaking her head. “No mom, it’s okay. I still miss him, but I’m over that now.”

            Vivian nodded her head and looker over Rayne’s shoulder. She then released another gasp, letting Rayne go and running around her to get to her bed. Rayne just looked at her mom like she was crazy, then realization flickered across her face.

            “Mom, no, don’t even think-,“ Rayne started but stopped when her mom threw a hand full of gummies into her mouth. Rayne stomped the floor and pouted like a baby and my earlier thoughts resurfaced.

“Aw, mom that was my last pack.” She wined crossing her arms over her chest.

            “I’m sorry hon. I just seen them and got overly excited. I didn’t stop to think straight.” Vivian explained handing the almost empty bag to the pouting Rayne.

I laughed out loud again, but it was far louder than I expected. Both their heads turned in the direction of the window. Rayne’s eyes met mine, but I knew all she saw was darkness. There was no way either of them could see me, so I did nothing but sit and wait for them to continue on.

            Vivian walked over cautiously to the window and peeked out. She observed the backyard slowly, assessing any and everything. Rayne walked over to her mom and pulled her out of the window.

            “Mom, it’s okay, it probably was an animal or something.” Rayne tried to distract her mom. “I doubt if it’s anything we need to worry about.”

            “No Rayne that definitely sounded like a person out there. I think we should call the police.” she panicked.

            “No mom it’s okay, trust me.” Rayne insisted, closing the window. “Trust me.”

            Vivian turned to look at Rayne and smiled, “I’m going to bed, good night.” With that Vivian walked out the door of Rayne’s room. Rayne sighed with relief as her mom closed the door behind her. She then looked into the darkness of the backyard again and shook her head.

            “You’d think they would keep it down.” she said. It sounded like she was talking to herself. Her room light soon flicked off and her little footsteps walked over to her bed. I listened as she climbed into the bed and waited to hear her soft breathing, signaling she was sleep.

            It took all but five minutes before I heard the sound of whistling. I groaned as I jumped out of the tree. What now? Since I knew that was the signal to go wolf form, I pushed my body to that limit and phased.


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