Ride at Twilight
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 19


I turned to look at Fang who was facing the back wall of the cave. Perfect. I went up behind him, very quietly, and planted my foot right at the small of his back with enough force to send him flying into the cave wall.

“Told you I was going to kick your butt,” I said smugly. The only thing that broke through the smugness, was that he didn’t get up.

I ran over and knelt beside his head.

“Fang?” I asked anxiously, “Fang are you okay?!” All I could think was ‘no, no, no! Fang NO! Come on Fang you can’t leave me!’

“He’s not dead,” I heard Edward say nearby. “I hear his thoughts. He’s alive. He is thinking, ‘pain, ow, Max, ow, ribs, ow, arms, ow, head, huge ow!’” Edward said softly, walking over to kneel next to me.

“He said my name, he’s mad at me,” I said looking down at Fang’s pained face.

“No, not mad,” Edward said quickly, “He is just… worried about you.”

“That’s stupid! He’s the broken one, and it’s my fault he is broken! Why in the world is he worried about me?!” I half shrieked.

“He’s worried about you freaking out about him, like you are right now,” Edward said quietly. “Maybe it would be a good idea for all of you to stay at my family’s home for a while. My father is a doctor so he could take care of Fang. Plus, since vampires don’t sleep, you may have access to our beds, showers, and human food.”

“That sounds very… nice. Why not,” I said, standing up, “but how are we going to get Fang there without causing him pain?”

“I was thinking about that too. I could carry him on my back. It wouldn’t hurt him one bit. In fact, the coolness of my skin might even numb some of the pain.” He laid one hand gently on Fang’s arm and his form seemed to relax a little. Hmm, it really did numb the pain.

“Would you be able to take Bella though? She could point you in the right direction.”

“Sure, that won’t be a problem. Let’s go guys,” I said as I unfolded my wings. OH! What if they gave out again? I'm sure we could make it. I felt fine and it couldn’t possibly be all that far away.

“Max, why are you carrying Bella with the risk of your wings giving out?” Iggy asked skeptically.

“Can you fly at 200 miles per hour?” With that, I grabbed Bella, Edward carefully grabbed Fang, and we were off.


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