Ride at Twilight
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 14


“IGGY!!! When are Max and Fang going to be back?!” Angel whined. They had been gone all night. Fang had said he was going to get food for us but I knew he was really out looking for Max. I’m sure everyone else had figured it out too.

“I don’t know. I’m sure they will be back soon, remember, he had to find Max and get back. Take a chill pill!” I knew how she felt. I didn’t like not knowing where they were or what they were doing any more than they did.

“We should go look for them!” Gazzy yelled. I had thought he was asleep. Well I certainly didn’t see anything better to do. I thought about leaving someone here in case they came back but that would mean leaving at least one of the younger kids alone. If one of them stayed behind, then they would be alone here in the cave, but if I stayed here, then they would just be a pack of under aged mutant freaks flying around with no exact location in mind. So I decided it better that we all go on a search, and possibly rescue, mission.

“Fine, anything to get out of this cave. Up and out!” We all started unfolding our wings and prepared for take-off. Just before we ran to the edge of the cliff, i heard three tall figures appear in the entryway out of nowhere.

“Leaving so soon?” Said one of the intruders. I assumed a girl by the sound of her silky smooth voice.

“The party hasn’t even started,” said a man on the far left in the same velvet soft voice. They all started laughing which sounded like a mix of birds singing and bells clanging. What the crap WERE these bozos?! Definitely not erasers, but not human either, or avian hybrids.

“Who the heck ARE you?!” Nudge yelled at them, of course she just had to open that big mouth of hers!

“Why, we are Edward and Bella’s friends. You mean to tell me they haven’t mentioned us to you? Tsk Tsk, how very rude of them,” said the other man on the right.

“I think you have the wrong address,” I said acidly, “We don’t know who Edward and Bella even are!”

Angel gasped and jumped behind me. “You guys are Vampires!” she choked out. Okay, sooo not what I was expecting. That makes things interesting, and slightly more intimidating than kicking hairy Eraser butt. From what I knew about vampires, and that wasn’t much, they were pretty hard to destroy.

“What makes you think that?” said the female in a sweet, and almost tempting to walk over to, voice.

“I don’t think you are a vampire, I know you’re a vampire. I can read minds, Victoria! I know what you, James, and Laurent want, and you won’t find them here!” The woman, Victoria apparently, stumbled back in shock.

“Oh I think we can. We are quite thirsty and I’m sure your blood would be quite satisfying!” said the man on the right, Laurent or James, I wasn’t sure and I didn’t really care, I just wanted them dead, and not drinking from us like sippy cups! They took a few steps forward, quickly closing the gap between us. Crap. Serious understatement.


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