Ride at Twilight
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 3


It had been almost four hours since I had left the flock. I was sure they were going to kick my butt when I got back. I was perched in a tall oak tree not far from Fa… I shut that thought down hard. I couldn’t even think about him. It may make me start punching inanimate objects again. Never a good thing to be punching rocks and trees. I looked down to see how far up I really was. While I was looking at the ground, I saw something flash by, kicking up dirt and leaves. I shot into the sky like a bottle rocket and, with the help of my supersonic flying skills, was able to go fast enough to clearly see it running. It was a boy, maybe eighteen, and there was something on his back. No, wait a second, make that someone on his back. It was a girl that looked about his age, maybe younger. I knew he was extraordinary because I was almost positive a normal person couldn’t run at over 300 miles per hour. Especially with a girl on his back without breaking a sweat. No, he wasn’t normal at all. Was he like us? No, we weren’t even that strong or fast. He was something else but I couldn’t put my wing on what he could possibly be. Maybe he was another experiment from The School. Although, he looked too natural to be an experiment, but that didn’t mean I could rule out the option. Suddenly my wings folded flat against my back and I started to lose altitude, FAST!


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