Ride at Twilight
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 2


I did it again. I made her run away for the second time. Except this time, the rest of the flock was here.

“Fang? Where did Max go?” Uh-oh. Angel is up.

“She needed some air. I’m sure she will be back soon.” My assurance wasn’t nearly as convincing as Max’s would have been but it seemed to be good enough for Angel.

“Ok. Nudge will wake up soon, she’s hungry.”

“Angel you shouldn’t listen to her thoughts.” I’m sure me telling her not to read minds wouldn’t stop her from doing it.

“I’m not! I can hear her stomach growling from all the way over here!”

Well, that didn’t surprise me. At that moment, Gazzy rolled over onto Nudge. Her breath was knocked out with an audible Whoosh.

“Ug! Gazzy get OFF me!” Nudge shrieked which woke everyone up.

“Cant anyone get any sleep around here?!” Total grumbled then flopped over and went back to sleep.

“I’m hungry,” Were the first words out of Nudge’s mouth after she shoved Gazzy off her.

“I will run out and get some food.” I said as I unfolded my wings, “Iggy, you’re in charge.”


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