Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 190
What Chance have We ?





















There's a well of disappointment

In observing human nature,

For regardless of the colour,

The religion or the creed;

There's a metabolic failure

Apparent in the makeup,

 An it's all about ego

And materialistic greed.


I see it in the corporate's

And the hallowed halls of banking,

It drips like grease from politics

And stains God's children too.

It permeates the populace

With a cloak of ashen pallor

And extends from Kings and Demigods

Through humanity to you.


And even little children

Are caught up in the maelstrom

Through television's fanfare

Of fashion and excess,

I feel tragedy unfolding

In our hedonist Behaviour

I see brother clawing brother

And the future in distress.


Take a look around you

At the evidence of trouble

Observe the calamity

Of Wall Street's greed.

Feel the discomfort

Of intrusion by Government,

Feel the pain in the pocket

Of taxation's bleed.


The war drums are pounding

All over the planet

Greed and anxiety

Run hand in hand,

Corporate warmongers

Driving the politics

Flailing for more

As their empires expand.


What of the people?

We ordinary people,

Who invisibly strive


Pushed and shoved

Bought and bartered,

....In this world of greed

What chance have we?



On another sick, sick day.


Mangere Bridge

12 February 2010




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