Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 22
Andy and Savannah

  "Hit me up on my home phone because my cell phone's not working," Andy mumbled to a couple of sophomore girls who were standing outside the entrance gate.
"Hey!" Monica said, coming towards them with Kaleb following by her side.
Andy narrowed his eyes at Kaleb. Kaleb did the same.
"Hey, babe," Andy said, embracing her in a strong hug. He prolonged it for a couple of minutes, smirking at the pissed Kaleb behind Monica's back.
"Fuck you," he mouthed to Andy.
Andy just smiled.
  Monica finally let go of him. "We'll see you later, okay?"
"Sure," Andy said, tugging at her ponytail because Kaleb was watching them.
Monica grinned. "Love you."
"Love you, too." Andy said, shooting Kaleb a triumphant look.
Kaleb grabbed Monica by the arm and led her away from Andy.
"I saw that," Carter said, coming up to him. "That was pretty funny."
"He deserved it." Andy said, shrugging. "We'll get him today."
"I'm not in this," Carter said, backing a few inches away from Andy.
Andy liked getting into trouble with people he didn't like. There was no telling what Andy would do.
 Andy's eyes soon traveled to a gaggle of girls approaching them. It was Maris and the other girls. Carter saw them too. He noticed Savannah attempting to hide behind Holly, but Holly shoved her in front of her, putting her in Carter's view.
Once again she looked amazing. But Carter noticed that she looked a bit uncomfortable. Andy was looking at her too. His eyes rested on her white skirt, hoping for it to be short enough for him to get a glimpse of her underwear. Andy could tell Savannah was wearing Reese's outfit. He had seen Reese wear it before. The gray cropped jacket wasn't Reese's, however. It was jacket-weather out there so Andy didn't blame Savannah for putting it on.
  "Hey," Carter greeted her.
She smiled. "Hey,"
His hazel eyes and intent look made her want to melt.
"Oh..." Elisha cooed, snatching her digital camera from her pocket, "I want a picture of you two"
"Why?" Savannah asked blandly.
Andy snickered to himself. He liked how she sounded. Her voice sounded rich and sexy.
Elisha rolled her eyes and started snapping away at Savannah. In every shot Savannah was either hiding behind someone or covering her face.
"Stop it!" complained Savannah. "I look hideous!"
She didn't think Carter would want to take a picture with her. Her outfit made her feel uncomfortable especially when strange boys where checking her out. She felt like crawling under a rock.
"Quit being so difficult, Vanny!" ordered Holly, looking at Carter with an amused look.
Carter wondered if Savannah was acting like this because she didn't want to be in a picture with him.
  "Who is that?" a couple of Andy's friends asked Holly.
"That's my best friend, Savannah." Holly said, smiling. "She's Davey Smith's step-sister."
Andy smiled. Not only was Savannah pretty but she was also related to one of his friends who just so happened to be awesome.
"Oh, hi, Savannah," he said, extending his hand for her shake, "I remember you."
Savannah turned her head.
Oh, not this guy again. She thought.
  Of all the times she hadn't seen him or even encountered him, she had to see him now.
She did think he looked kind of ridiculous with that green sweatband on his forehead, a black Bob Marley t-shirt, and khaki shorts. Like a time-traveler from the eighties. But then Andy looked at her black Chuck Taylor's.
Touche. She thought to herself.
Reese wanted her to wear those white sandals, but Savannah thought it was too much. She always wanted to wear her Chuck Taylor's no matter what. They were comfortable. Even if Holly and her friends did make fun of her for it.
 Andy was taken-aback by Savannah's stand-offish attitude. A look of confusion and hurt flashed across his face for a second.
"Savannah, you're beautiful." Carter said kindly. "Don't worry about taking pictures."
Savannah's stomach fluttered when she heard the words come out of his mouth. As Carter pulled her into an affectionate hug, Andy looked at him approvingly.
Without any warning, Elisha started taking pictures of Carter and Savannah embracing in a hug.
"Aww... that's so sweet!" cooed Palma, coming over and wrapping her arms around Andy's neck.
"You think everything's sweet." Andy said, tightening his arms around her.
 Reese came towards them with John Griffin by her side. Andy knew Reese and John were acting stupid ever since they realized they had dates to homecoming. In which they were going with each other. John's real name was Carter, but since he shared the same name as Carter Atkins, he had to change it to his middle name.
"I'm going to get a few snacks with John, anyone wanna come?" said Reese.
"I'll come." Savannah offered, putting on a sweet smile that made Andy stare at her for a few seconds.
  "Savannah, this is John." Reese introduced as they were walking to the concessions stands.
"Hi," Savannah said, smiling.
John smiled. "How's it going?"
"Good." she said, taking out her five dollar bill from her pocket.
She looked at the menu and knew exactly what she was getting.
"What would you like?" a middle-aged woman asked, smiling at Savannah.
"Nachos and a blue Hawaiian snow-cone."
She remembered when her dad used to take her out to get snow-cones when she was four. Her dad had introduced her to the blue Hawaiian snow-cone and she had had a hard time pronouncing "Hawaiian". Her dad just smiled and handed her the ice-cream. For some reason she felt like eating one.
"That'll be four-fifty." the woman said, still smiling at Savannah as if she couldn't believe she was looking at someone so pretty.
Savannah handed the lady her money and received fifty cents back.
 Reese told her not to wait up and allowed Savannah to go back to the stands. Savannah found Holly and Carter and stood right between him.
"Can I have a taste?" Holly asked, flickering her eyelashes at her. "I have my own straw."
"Sure." Savannah said, handing her the funnel full of snow-cone.
Holly took a drink for what seemed like hours.
"Hey!" Savannah said playfully, taking the funnel away from her.
"I'm sorry, but this is really good." Holly said, taking out her camera and taking self-pictures of themselves.
  Savannah loved having friends to do goofy stuff with. She saw Judy and Justin sitting way over on the other side of the stands. They saw her and waved frantically.
Savannah handed Carter the funnel so she could wave at them. She mouthed that she would be over there soon.
She sat down and watched a little bit of the game while munching on her nachos.
   "Are those good?" Andy and a couple of guys asked, getting a little bit to close to her.
"Um, yeah," she said, handing Andy the nachos. "You want some? I don't want it anymore."
"Sure!" Andy said eagerly, taking the nachos away from her. "Look guys! She's giving me her nachos."
Savannah noticed Andy was holding the nachos dangerously close to her head. She suddenly had a flashback at when a group of boys were throwing things at her at the football game in the seventh grade. She thought Andy was going to purposely dump the cheese onto her head.
"You're not gonna drop that on my head are you?" she asked him cautiously.
Andy furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "No, why?"
 She didn't feel comfortable around Andy. He reminded her of the mean boy from her day-camp.
"So what's up?" he asked her, his voice slowly shifting into a ghetto accent.
Lucas and Savannah looked at each other as if they both agreed on how weird Andy was.
"Nothing," she said, looking down at her shoes.
"Well, we're doing good." another boy said.
"Do I know you?" Savannah asked politely.
"I met you the last time we were here."
"Oh, I don't remember seeing you."
Andy and the other boys burst into fits of laughter.
"She doesn't remember you," Andy guffawed, nudging the boy on the shoulder. "That's Craig and the other one is Bobby."
 "Hi," Craig  said, smiling.
"Hey," Savannah said.
She thought Craig seemed nice.
"And Bobby's my bitch," Andy said, snorting with laughter.
It seemed like everything he said made him laugh.
"I am not." Bobby said, flicking Andy upside the head. "Palma's my bitch."
"Not cool, dude, not cool." Andy said, giving Bobby a stern look.
He then gave Savannah back his attention. "Do you like Carter?"
She shrugged. She wondered if she should tell them that she liked him. She didn't want them to make fun of her for it. 
  "What's your name again?" she asked Andy, hoping he wouldn't say Andy Fresh again.
"Andy Fresh." he said, throwing up his deuces.
"Here we go again," she mumbled under her breath.
She thought Andy would be cute if he wasn't acting like a stereotyping jackass. Andy seemed to be insulting her. He was talking like the black people that were stereotyped in movies and televisions and she didn't think it was fair. She hated people making racist comments and hateful remarks.
"Are you okay, Savannah?" Andy asked, his voice sounding concerned. "You look kind of down."
She felt like she was going to cry. What if Andy could since that she wasn't as cool as they thought she was. It was obvious to her that Andy thought she was a loser. She had a feeling he could see through her. As if Andy were a Dork Buster. Specialized in busting out the dorks.
 "Why are you talking like that?" she asked him. "Do you think it's funny?"
"Think what's funny?" he asked, confused at Savannah's questions.
"She means why are you talking like you're black." Lucas said bluntly.
Savannah smiled. She knew Lucas didn't like to beat around the bush. Andy's face immediately flushed in embarrassment.
"I dunno," he said. "It's fun."
  "Well, I just think it's stereotyping." she admitted.
"See?" Lucas scoffed, glaring at Andy.
Andy stared back at him. He hated when Lucas was right. Which was all the time.
"Sorry," he said, his voice normal again. "Didn't mean to offend you or anything."
Savannah couldn't help but smile a little. She guessed Andy wasn't that bad. Maybe he did like her after all and just thought it would be cool to talk like that. She thought he might have been even trying to impress her, but that was thinking to far for her because she knew no guy would ever go out of their way to make a fool out of themselves just to impress her.


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