Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 63
My Brother Bryan




















Dedicated to my friend and inspirational companion in labour

the late, great Bryan Hedges.

My brother Bryan is dead today
He died in sleep last night.
He passed from life so quietly
In a way he, probably, thought was right.
He plotted life his own way
Considered and with skill
With amazing hand dexterity
And a stubborn, stubborn will.
He mapped out how the plan should go
He laid out all the tools,
He fabricated wondrous things
And he made room for the fools.
His genial chuckle
Would echo through the place
Adversaries called him laughing boy
But he laughed last in their face.
For his understanding nature
Made him generous at a cost
And his outstretched helping hand
Assisted many who were lost.
He had his own style of religion
The Book of Miracles was his creed
When he orated on it's attributes
Staff would leave the room at speed.
Brother Bryan was amazing,
A virtual knowledge bank was he,
He knew more about a million things
And he described them accurately.
He had his disappointments
And his moments of great pride,
His progeny were at variance
Two were was snide.
Understanding brother man
Was an attribute of his,
And this personal citation 
Is an accolade of this.
Above all he was a gentleman
And a kind and pleasant man,
He was the sort you put your faith in
When you offered him your hand.
I shall miss my brother Bryan
I shall miss his cheeky smile
I shall miss the bets on rugby
And a scotch, once in a while.,
I shall miss the warm companionship
And the pleasure of his style,
I shall miss dear brother Bryan
For quite a long and lonely while.
Mangere Bridge
7th October 2008


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