Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 9
Class and Canteen

“Chill man” Guru said. “It’s common here. You’ll get used to it.”

Guru was a third year CSE student whom I asked for directions to the canteen. He

I had narrated him the whole incident while walking to the canteen. He reassured me it’s pretty common and happens every year with first year students. They get used to it.

decided to walk me there. Cool. Not all people are psychos here.
Today was the first day, so classes were supposed to commence from afternoon. Students used the morning time to find their classroom and I still had no clue where mine was. Most of my morning session was spent at the Principals room. I had a gut feeling that I would be going there again soon.

“Listen” Guru said. “Just try to stay off the radar. If the catch you once, they’ll keep catching you throughout the year. You should be fine if you don’t get into much trouble”
In my case, trouble usually finds me.

I nodded and moved forward in the long queue upto the lunch counter. Funny thing about the queue was that it was narrow at the bottom but really bulged up at the top. Students were fighting with each other to get their share of food.

Guru started walking upto the bulge.
”Dude” I said. “Let’s follow the queue”
He smiled. “Don’t you wanna attend your fifth hour?? Trust me. This is the faster way”
I was reluctant. “I’ll follow the queue man”

“Be my guest” He walked away.

I waited. 5-10-15 min. More than half of my lunch break was over. It took me 15 min to walk to the canteen.

 Students came around for second helpings!! WTH?? But I did manage to get some food. I was SO hungry having traveled all the way. I got extra helpings of everything. They looked so delicious and students were eating it with such enthusiasm.

I found an empty table in the canteen and sat down. I mixed some rice with sambar and started eating.

That’s when I first completely understood the meaning of the phrase “Never judge a book by it’s cover”
It was the WORST food I’d ever eaten in my life. I looked around. Students were happily eating as if they were attending a feast or something.

I tried taking in another helping, but I couldn’t. The first taste kept haunting me. So I decided to dump it. Maybe I could survive on chips or biscuits or something, but not on this!!

So I took my plate to the place where they kept all the used plates. Students emptied the remnants of the food in a large waste basket and kept the plates in a table beside that. The students plates were unusually empty. In fact, I was the only person having a full plate.

I found out why very soon.

“HEY!!” A voice shouted when I walked near the waste basket.

I looked up to see a short balding man running(yeah) towards me.

“Full plate you empty.” He was furious.

“Yeah” I said calmly. “So”

He was searching for something at my tummy and I realized he was looking for my ID Card.
”First year” I replied to his unasked question.

“You don’t put waste here” he said pointing to the waste basket. Weird. What else is it for??

He took out a pen and a note pad. Now I realized why he was searching for my ID card.

“Tell your name, class and year. Tell Tell. 25 rs fine.”

Whoa. They can’t be serious about this.

I didn’t know what to do. So I just dumped the food in the basket and ran away. He couldn’t catch me.

Phew. That was close. I found my way to class room by asking a boy senior. I noticed none of the boys and girls interacted with each other.

I went into the class room and found that girls were busy talking to each other. Boys weren’t even looking at them. Looks like I was the only one who hadn’t heard about the college and it’s weirdest rules.

There were about 35 girls and 25 girls.

So I found a seat for myself at the last bench. Thank god no one was reading a book here.

The guy sitting next to me looked as lost as anyone else. I wanted to be nice. I extended my hand and said

“I’m Sid.You?”

He was kind of surprised but smiled all the same. He shook my hand and said,

“Suresh. Call me Suri”

He looked over at the girls side.

“I thought IT was supposed to have the best girls there is. Look at them. They’re just ok-ok”
Apparently he hasn’t met with the principal yet.
”Even if they were good, you wouldn’t be able to talk to them man.” I replied. “Don’t get your hopes up”
I explained to him about the meeting with the Principal.
He was pretty shocked to hear that.

“I’ve heard about stuff like these. But I thought it wouldn’t be true. Guess it is”

At that time, a man with a toothbrush mustache came in.

“Silence!!” Class fell silent immediately.

Without even bothering to announce his name or give us a welcome speech, he started taking attendance.
I noticed the students and tried to remember atleast a few of their names. He finished taking attendance.

“Listen students. I will give your ID Cards now. You should be wearing it all the time you are in the campus. If you are found without it, you’ll be fined."
’Fine’. That was the most heard word since I came here.

He read out the name and each student went to collect their respective ID cards.

He read my name out and I went to him. I got the ID card from him with a thanks and I tucked it into my pocket.

“Wear it now.” He said.
”It’s okay sir.” I smiled.

“Wear it or pay fine. 25 rs.”
I obliged. I didn’t wanna lose any more money. I wore my ID card and from the sound of it, my ID card wasn’t gonna come off my neck for the next four years.


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