Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 21

   "How about this?" Reese asked Savannah, holding up a risky, blue tube top that barely covered the breast area.
Savannah made a face and shook her head. Reese shrugged and tossed the top back into her closet. She was starting to get agitated with Savannah. Savannah didn't like one thing in her closet. Reese sighed before pulling off her floral off-the-shoulder top. Walking over to her vanity-set, she pulled open the drawer before fetching a white tube top. 
   Savannah stared in awe at Reese's breasts. They weren't huge, but they weren't tiny either. They were just the perfect size. Savannah looked down at her own breasts and wished they looked like Reese's. Her breasts weren't small either, but she wished they were a little bit more perky.
"Why don't you take a look in my closet and find which top you like the best." Reese suggested, putting on a generous smile.
Savannah nodded and walked into her closet. She really didn't have anything cute to wear for the football game except for the one Paramount t-shirt she got at the Freshman Orientation. Holly, Reese, Elisha and the other girls were trying to find the right school spirit outfit for her.  But so far Reese's choices in Savannah's look was a little too much.
She looked around Reese's closet. A series of assorted clothes decorated her closet. They weren't from WalMart, that was for sure.
   Savannah flipped through the colorful clothes and was disappointed to find that there wasn't anything she would look good in. They were all too risky. Reese may have been used to strutting around scantily-clad, but not Savannah.
"Is this supposed to be a skirt?" Savannah exclaimed, showing the girls a pink micro-mini skirt that looked more like a tube top.
"Oh, hey," Maris said with a grin, "she found the skirt you wore when you were five, Ree."
Reese flipped her off. "It is a skirt, but I think it'll look cute on you."
Reese didn't understand why Savannah was judging all of her clothes. They were cute, but Savannah seemed to like wearing the type of clothes that middle school girls wore.
"You're starting to sound like Stephanie." Reese told Savannah.
 "How?" she asked. "Stephanie seems nice."
"She is." Holly said, shooting Reese a stern look.
Elisha who was sitting on Reese's canopy bed exchanged Reese a knowing look. Reese hoped Savannah wouldn't become a Stephanie robot. Reese and Stephanie may have hung out and even taken pictures with each other, posting them on facebook, but they still didn't see eye-to-eye.
  "This looks half-way decent." Savannah said, showing them a white skirt and a blue spaghetti-strapped top. Then taken her comment back when Reese's face deflated into a look of hurt. "I mean, it looks like something I would look decent in, that's all."
Savannah thought Reese was sweet and realized it wasn't fair to be putting down her outfits. Even though they did look like something a slut would wear.
As soon as Savannah began to undress herself, Holly and Elisha made catcalls.
"Dang, Vanny!" Elisha said, clapping her hands. "Work that body!"
"Yeah, get it, girl!" Courtney meowed, high-fiving Holly and Alice.
 "Hey, guys, shut up." Savannah said awkwardly.
"I'm sorry," Holly said. "Why don't you go change in the bathroom and then come back out when you're ready?"
"Okay," Savannah nodded.
  When Savannah was out of earshot, Holly turned to Maris. "She sounds like Palma."
"I heard that." Palma said, her face turning two shades of red. "Just because we don't like to look skankish doesn't mean we're prudes."
"Yeah, it does." Alice muttered.
"Don't worry, Pvor," Maris said, "You're our prude."
"Gee, thanks." Palma said tonelessly.
   Reese put on her jean short-shorts before combing her dark-blond hair. It was long and straight and went down to her back. Running her fingers through her hair she said, "I'm thinking about getting a haircut."
"No!" exclaimed Elisha. "Your long hair is so pretty."
Reese smiled. Elisha always knew how to make people feel better about themselves. But Reese was tired of her long hair getting in the way. She wasn't going to cut it real short, just to the middle of her back. 

 "SavannahKitten, are you ready?" Holly called.
"No," Savannah muffled from the bathroom.
"Come on, Vanny," Reese said, "I'm sure you don't look that bad."
"I feel naked."
"Can you please just show yourself?" Maris begged, "You'll look beautiful no matter what."
There was no answer. Finally Savannah walked slowly back into the room. The girls' mouths dropped. Reese's blue spaghetti strapped top complimented her generous breasts, the skirt revealed her long legs, making them look endless, and her black honey lipstick looked gorgeous on her full lips.
Savannah tried to pull down the shirt, but it wouldn't go below her belly button.
  "You're gorgeous!" Danielle Klasky said breathlessly, sitting next to Elisha on the bed.
Danielle seemed to like Savannah the most and would always talk to her in the hallways whenever she spotted her. Danielle once followed Savannah to her Media Arts class. Savannah didn't mind because she thought Danielle was sweet.
"Yeah, beautiful." Holly agreed, giving Savannah a quick kiss on the cheek. "Goes great with your little beauty mark."
"I hate it," groaned Savannah.
She didn't feel like herself. She felt like a clone of Reese.
"Here," Reese said, ignoring her. "Try these on."
She passed Savannah a pair of white platform sandals. "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wears a size eight."
"I've been wearing eights since the first grade." Savannah said, slipping into the sandals.
  "Well, we're all sexy," Elisha said, admiring everyone's blue-and-white outfits. "Time for the big game."
"Alright!" Danielle cheered.
"Football games are always fun." Holly said. "Right, Vanny?"
"Right, Holly!" enthused Savannah.
She smiled and looked at her reflection in Reese's full length mirror. She didn't look that bad. She thought she actually looked cute.


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