Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 20
Cleanup Patrol

   Carter looked at his watched. It was 4:30pm. He sighed. He didn't want to spend all day at St. Theresse's Parish Worship church, the Roman Catholic church that wasn't even located in Paramount. It took about twenty minutes to even get there. His mother wanted him and his brother to help get ready for the upcoming Sunday's service by helping Father Ferraro clean up the church.
 Carter looked over and saw that Andy was playing a few tunes on the piano. Carter sighed again. Andy loved playing the piano on his time, but now wasn't his time.
"Andy, quit screwing around and help me." complained Carter. "Or we're not going to the game."
"Why am I even here?" asked Andy. "I'm not even Catholic."
"You don't practice Judaism either, but you call yourself Jewish." stated Lucas, brushing the red carpet floor. "Besides, you're the one who volunteered to help. Just like I did."
"My mom's Christian." Andy said simply. "I choose to believe that Christ is our savior. I just embrace my Jewish heritage. I celebrate Easter, Passover, Yom Kippur, Christmas, and Chanukah. So no one's feelings get hurt."
"I guess I shouldn't be talking." said Lucas. "I'm half-Jewish, but practice Roman Catholicism."
"Whatever, It-Jew." Andy said, getting off of the piano.
 "Mom says to hustle." Chris said, walking in with a cloth draped over his shoulders. "Father Ferraro isn't going to clean this place up himself."
"Don't they have janitors for this?" Carter asked.
Chris just looked at him. "Just get to work."
Carter didn't understand why Chris had to act so responsible. He was just like him. He played for the football team at high school (which his dad always tried to compare Carter's football playing skills to Chris). But Chris just seemed more advanced than Carter. Carter didn't care because that just meant Chris got less girls.
 "When are you gonna break up with Palma?" Carter asked, cleaning the podium.
"Whenever," said Andy, looking at the stain-glassed windows.
"What do you mean 'whenever'."
"Like I said; whenever."
"That's specific."
"I don't care. She's hot and all, but I don't want to dump her before homecoming. Then she won't have a date."
"I'm sure she won't have any problems finding a new date." snickered Lucas.
"That's not the point," snapped Andy. "I just don't want her to start crying or anything. She really likes me."
 That was in fact true. Whenever Carter saw Andy and Palma together, she would have this weird smile on her face whenever he put his arm around her shoulder.
"Then wait until after homecoming." Carter suggested.
"It's not that simple" said Andy, reclining in the pew that faced the piano.
"Whatever, brah." said Carter, killing a roach that tried to crawl under one of the pews. "Sorry, little man. Can't have you infesting this place."
"He's in a better place now." Andy said, looking down sadly at the squashed roach.
"Are you and Savannah going out?" asked Lucas.
   Carter shook his head. "We're just friends."
Although he knew how he felt about her.
"And you're just a fool." said Andy, his eyes traveling towards a picture of crucified Jesus. "'Sup, JC? See? Even Jesus thinks you're a fool. And anyway, Savannah is hot. She has nice tits."
"Why are we even talking about this in church?" asked Carter, shivering at the thought of God striking him down for even having those kind of thoughts in church. He looked at the picture of Jesus. Jesus seemed to be watching Carter with sternness in his eyes.
"It's not like anyone's here." Andy said.
"What about Father Ferraro?" Carter said, rolling his eyes at Andy. 
 Just as Carter said that, Father Ferraro and his mother walked in with smiles on their faces.
Father scanned the room with an approving look on his face. "Good job, gentlemen. Well, done."
"No thanks to him," Carter muttered, shooting a look at Andy who still looked at the picture of Jesus with strange interest. It was as if he were reading the picture.
"Thanks, Father," said Lucas, "It's the least we could do."
"I am proud of you boys." Marcia said. "You guys really worked hard. For that, I'm letting you all leave early."
"Thanks, mom," Carter said, not hesitating to leave the church.
Church was the last place he wanted to be at.


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