Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 19
Friend Or Foe?

  "Higher!" Holly said, supporting Savannah up by her legs. Savannah tried to lift herself up on the bar, but kept failing every time.
Hauserman had assigned them to do partner chin ups and Holly was dictating Savannah on how to do them.
"Come on, Vanny," groaned Holly. "Lift higher."
"Why don't you do it then?" Savannah asked irritably.
She was getting annoyed by Holly's bossiness. She wasn't sure if Holly was really her friend. Most of the time she was nice, but every now and then she would snap off at Savannah. It was like Holly enjoyed yelling at her.
 "Don't worry, Vanny," Lettie Eliopoulos said kindly, being lifted up by Alice Jones on the other bar, "I can't do them either."
Savannah smiled. Now Lettie seemed sweet.
"You know what's weird?" Holly asked Savannah, forcing Savannah to lift her chin up over the bar. "I'm shorter than you, but I had an easier time doing this than you. You could hardly lift me."
Alice laughed. "You are weak, Savannah."
Savannah should have taken Holly and Alice's comments as friendly banter, but they seemed to do that often. She tried to ignore it and laugh it off.
   "Have you talked to Carter lately?" Courtney asked, lifting Bryanna Frasier on the bar next to Alice and Lettie.
Bryana was an African American girl who was about Holly's height, Her hair was styled in a page-boy bob.
Savannah wondered why they always asked her about Carter. Carter didn't even like her like she liked him. A boy in her English class told her he asked Carter if he liked her and Carter said no. Savannah was disappointed to hear that.
"He walked me to Biology." she answered. "Why?"
"Just wondering," Courtney said, struggling to hold Bryana by her feet.
"Don't worry, SavannahKitten," crooned Holly, "it's not too late."
"Maybe it is," Savannah said sullenly.
"What!?" Holly exclaimed, purposely letting go of Savannah, allowing her to fall onto the blue placemat. 
   "Thanks, friend," Savannah said. "That hurt."
"What you said was stupid." Holly scolded. "It's not like Jesus hates you or anything. He totally thinks you're cute. No. Not cute; beautiful."
Savannah shook her head. She was sure Holly was lying.
  "I already know you're destined to be together." Alice said. "Well, maybe not destined, but I asked Jesus to date a hot guy over the summer, and guess what?"
"You dated a hot guy over the summer?" asked Courtney.
"Yep." Alice nodded, smiling arrogantly at the girls.
"So you mean to say if I get down on my knees at night and pray to the lord, he's gonna make it happen for me and Carter?"
"Could be." Holly shrugged. "But if it doesn't, then it's not the end of the world. It's just that you and Carter may not be meant to be."
Savannah smiled. What Holly said was really helpful.
      "How are  you girls doing?" Hauserman asked, walking over to the them.
"Fine," Holly said.
"How come she's lying on the ground?" he asked, pointing at Savannah who was still sprawled out on the floor from when Holly had dropped her.
Holly shrugged, nodding at Savannah for her to get up.
Hauserman noticed a boy trying to suspend himself from the basketball hoop.
"Hey!" he shouted, "Get down from there!"
Savannah giggled. "He sure does have a lot to deal with."
"You're telling me." Holly said, readjusting her ponytail.
"He's kind of hot," Teena Drake, Holly's sophomore cousin, said.
     "That's disgusting." remarked Holly. "He's our gym teacher."
"He's only twenty-three."
"So? It's still gross."
Teena was a built girl like Dominique Ogilvy who had thick, curly hair. She was less-attractive than Holly and didn't even look like her. Savannah wondered how she could have failed gym.
"I think you and Carter will make a great couple," Teena said, texting on her pink Nokia that was clearly outdated.
"Well, thanks." Savannah said shyly.
"You're welcome."
 Holly tapped Savannah on her slim shoulders. "Okay, you're coming over to Reese's house before the game tonight."
It wasn't a question, it was an order.
"Okay," Savannah said unsurely.
"Me and Alice are going." said Courtney. "We're going to have so much fun."
"Tailgating!" Holly cheered, grabbing Savannah and pulling her into a hug. "Whoo!"
Savannah smiled again. Sometimes Holly could be questionable and sometimes she could be fun.


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