Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 18
What Guys Talk About

"I saw you getting it on with Palma." Alfie told Andy, who was sitting on the bleachers in gym class. Andy decided to take an extra gym class to boost up his endurance.

"You did, huh?" he said.

"Yeah, Andy Fresh," Darnell said, patting him on the back. "You got game."

"Well, you know how I do." he said, trying to sound like Alfie and Darnell.

"You think I can get with Dominique?" Darnell said, watching Dominique and Maris doing stretches over by the basketball hoops. "She is fine."

Andy nearly choked on his Gatorade he was drinking, He liked Dominique and thought she was okay looking, but he was surprised at Darnell's fascination with her.
"You just like her for her big ass." he said, "I mean, I understand how rare it is for a white girl to have one, but Dominique looks like she could eat you up."                                                   
"I agree." Arnie said, joining their group. "She's big."                                                     Dominique wasn't fat, but she was unusually curvy. And plus her voice was pretty deep. Not too deep, but deep nonetheless. However, Andy was with Darnell on one thing, he did like her buttocks.
   "She's still fine." Darnell defended. "And besides, she looks like she could take a dick."

"You're already having sex?" Andy asked, shocked.

"Yeah," Alfie said, looking at Andy as if he were an idiot. "Aren't you?"

"Sure," Andy lied. "I just thought Darnell wasn't the type to fuck."

Andy smiled at his good save. That gave him extra points on the cool factor.

Darnell's face flushed a little. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing," Andy said, turning around to hide his smirk, "but you are kind of soft."

Arnie laughed and high-fived Andy.
Darnell shook his head and took a swig out of his water jug. "Man, whatever."

   Andy watched Dominique lift a toned leg and stretched it towards the direction of the blue mats.

"I'll talk to her for ya, man." Andy promised Darnell.

"How about Maris?" Alfie asked him.

Andy coughed. That's where he drew the line. Maris was his best friend and unrelated twin. Both their mothers got pregnant with them at the same time and gave birth to them at the same time. He didn't want some guy having sex with her. Not that Dominique wasn't as important as Maris, but he tend to look after Maris more.

"A, she's going with Lucas and B, you're gonna have to go through me to get to her." he said coolly.

He liked Alfie, but he knew how he was with girls. Alfie once talked about letting a girl perform oral sex on him, but not kiss him because she was just a booty call. Andy didn't want Maris to be a booty call.

"Okay, dude," Alfie said, taken-aback at Andy's rudeness, "I just thought she was cool, that's all."

"No problem, bro." Andy said forgivingly.

Andy noticed Holly, Courtney, Alice Jones, Lettie Eliopoulos, and Savannah Ripley walking across the gym floor arm-and-arm.
"Now that's a sexy girl." Alfie commented, checking Savannah out who was handing Mrs. Close a slip of paper. Andy noticed that Close smiled at Savannah. Close had never smiled at anyone before. Savannah must have had some charm on mean teachers. Everyone talked about how she was Mrs. Cunningham's favorite student. And Cunningham didn't usually like her students.

"Yeah, she is sexy." Andy agreed. "I tried flirting with her, but for some reason she got annoyed with me."
"Cause you're annoying." Arnie said.

Andy shot him a look.

"Why?" asked Darnell. "What happened?"

"I dunno." he shrugged. "Maris claims it's because I was talking like I was black, offending her."
Darnell and Alfie laughed.

"No offense, man, but you're a moron." Alfie said, through fits of laughter. "If you were from the South and I came up to you and started talking to you in a Southern accent and made stereotypical comments regarding towards people from the South, how would you feel?"

Andy blinked at him. "I really wouldn't care."

"Dude, you gotta think about other people for once." added Darnell.
Andy laughed to himself. They didn't know what they were talking about. She did like his friend Carter. Maybe she was just simply not into him. And for a minute, he felt a pang of jealousy for Carter. he always got the attractive girls. Andy did too, but whenever he was around Carter he could kiss his chances with any girl goodbye. He decided he was going to give himself a second chance on flirting with her at the football game that night.

Maris flounced over to Andy and gave him a hug. "Hi,"

"Hey, Bear," Andy smirked, reaching over and ruffling her blond hair. "How's it going?"

"Fine," she said cheerily. "Can't wait to your party tonight."

"Me neither." Andy said, then facing Alfie and Darnell. "Are you guys going?"

"I guess," Alfie said, and then added, "if we don't have anything better to do."

Andy took that as a sure yes.

Dominique walked over, moving several strands of brown hair away from her face.

"Hey, Dominique," said Andy, "Do you mind walking backwards towards the basketball hoop? I'm doing a project on how people keep their balance while walking backwards."

"Uh... sure..." she said, doing as what she was asked.

"Beep, beep, beep," Andy said in a high-pitched voice, then laughing uproariously.

Dominique's face turned a beet red. "That's not funny."

He laughed. "Yes it is."

Maris shot him a disapproving look.

"I had to do it." Andy shrugged. "Couldn't resist the temptation."


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