Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 17
Girls' Bathroom

   Friday afternoon, Elisha stood in the bathroom mirror fixing her hair. She put a dab of lipgloss on her lips and swiped thick mascara over her eyelashes. Next to her, Megan was texting Oliver Kessler on her blackberry.
"So me and Oliver are going to the movies tonight and I was wondering if you and Mark would like to come?" she said. "Like a double date?"
"Sorry," Elisha apologized, "but we're going to the game tonight."
Megan's hazel eyes dimmed in disappointment. "Oh."
Elisha's heart cracked at Megan's hurt face. "Maybe some other time. I just love football games that's all."
   That didn't come out right either. Megan didn't say a word and continued on texting. Elisha felt bad. She hated letting her friends down, but sometimes she needed to do things she wanted to do.
Just then, Reese, Shelbi, and Andrea Mendez practically bombarded their way into the bathroom.
"Whoo," Shelbi breathed, flipping a dark-curl from her face, "gym class was sickening."
"You can say that again," Andrea, a short, olive-skinned girl said. Her hair was brown with blond highlights, pulled back into a ponytail. "I don't know what mouseman was thinking when he made us do those lifts."
  Elisha chuckled. Andrea and Shelbi were the comic relief. No matter what, they always managed to make situations funny.
Elisha walked over to give Andrea a hug. "Who's your date to homecoming?"
"Arnie Humphrey." answered Andrea, combing her hair in the mirror. "May not be the best choice, but it'll do."
   "And I'm taking my lovely Brandon." Shelbi crooned, looking over Megan's shoulders who was still texting.
None of them responded to Shelbi. They all knew Pam Wheaten gave Brandon head at Stephanie Dice's party last Saturday, but they didn't want to say anything. Pam and Shelbi were best friends since they were two.
"What?" Shelbi asked, wondering why everyone was so quiet.
"Nothing," Reese said tonelessly, exchanging a look with Elisha.
   Elisha sighed. There was too much drama. It was only the third full week at school and there was so much problems for her to deal with. It was all too much to handle.
"I'm glad I got John as a date." Reese said, checking out her raised buttocks in the mirror. "Now I don't have to go dateless."
"Good on you, ReeRee." Andrea said. "God, does my boobs hurt."
She rubbed her left boob as the girls had to unfortunately watch.
"Oh, God, Andi!" exclaimed Elisha. "TMI?"
"Sorry," said Andrea, "but I'm like Amanda Seyfried in Mean Girls. I'm a psychic when it comes to my boobs. The only difference is I predict my period instead of the weather."
Reese turned her head in disgust. Sometimes Andrea went a little too far.
 Savannah Ripley walked timidly into the bathroom and stood in front of the full length mirror. She played with her hair for a little while before walking over to the sinks.
"Hey, Savannah," Elisha smiled. "Do you have a date to homecoming?"
"No," she said bitterly.
"Why don't you ask Carter?" Reese asked stupidly. "I bet he'll say yes."
"Dumbass." Elisha muttered under her breath. Reese was often spacey.
Had she forgotten that he was going with Jamie?
"He's going out with that Jamie girl." Savannah sighed.
"Oh, yeah," Reese said, coming back down to Earth. "She's so nice. My best friend."
"Well, she did send me a friend request for some reason." Savannah said, putting on mascara.
"I accepted."
   "Good." Elisha said. "Cause she's such a sweet person. She's not a bitch at all."
Savannah's sad face transformed into a heartbreaking smile. "I know."
Savannah looked around and saw that almost every girl in the room was looking at her with commendable smiles. She was glad she was fitting in with the popular girls.
"I'll see you later," she said, exiting the bathroom.
"Bye," Andrea waved. "Such a nice girl."
"And she's really pretty," Megan said, with a wolfish grin. "And sweet. A terrific combination."
Uh, oh. Elisha thought. Megan's the wolf and Savannah's the lamb.
  "Be nice." Andrea said.
"I like her." Megan said. "I just need to make sure if she's right for my baby Carter."
Elisha shook her head. Megan meant well, but she always went overboard when it came to her male friends.
"She sent us a friend request," Shelbi said, "but we denied it."
"Why would you do that?" asked Reese.
"We'll add her. Eventually. It's just fun messing with fresh meat."
"Yeah, consider this a bizarre initiation." Megan said. "Like pledging for a sorority. Only we're freshmen in high school."
"Good luck with that." said Elisha. "I'm going to meet up with Mark. Catch you all later."
As fun and cool as Megan and Shelbi were, they did come up with bizarre things when it came to people. The last time a girl liked Carter, Megan made her cry.


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