Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 8
First Trip to Principal's office


I had no idea why I was being steered into the Principals office. The guy steering me wouldn’t give me a hint. Before I knew it, I was pushed inside the principal’s office.

I adjusted my shirt and looked up, only to see my new principal eye to eye.

My Principal was a balding old man. He looked like a villain in old Tamil movies who would try to kill the heroin with a gun, but almost always would end up in jail. He looked at me and at the guy who steered me in.
”Talking in corridor. I caught him on the spot and brought him to you.” he said so proudly as if he had caught a terrorist who was trying to blow up the college.

Principal responded with equally important expression too. He sent away the guy and looked at me.

“G-g-good morning sir” I said nervously. I was in the principal’s room many times at my school. But this was the first time I didn’t know the reason I was in there.

 “What is your name?” He asked with a tone that sounded something like a policeman questioning a criminal.

“Sid sir. Siddarth” I said with a smile, extending my hand for him to shake. It looked like a decent thing to do at that time.

“No Sid, Bud and all. Siddarth” he said sternly while completely ignoring my extended arm. I took it back and tucked it into my pockets.

“Take it off!!!” he shouted.

It took a moment for me to realize that he meant my hands in my pocket. I seemed to have stuck a chord with him. He got up from his chair and came towards me. I’m not gonna lie to you, I was scared like hell. Old tamil movie villains usually scare me a lot.

He looked at me up and down and said.

“Go to the toilet, tuck in and come” he said.

I obeyed instantaneously. When I was back, I checked my reflection in the mirror at the principal’s office, I looked like an MBA professional who was caught for some wrong-doing.

He looked at me again.
”Siddarth. I don’t know how you were at your old school. But here we follow certain rules and discipline that you ought to follow. If you fail, you will be punished severely.”

I felt like saying “SIRYES SIR!!” but it would be like mocking him so I kept quiet.

“Let me tell you all the rules over here. The first and foremost rule is that: Boys and girls should never talk to each other. If they do, they will be fined 100 rs and if they repeat it, it could lead to suspension.”

My jaw dropped. OMG!! I was a total flirt back in my school days. There’s no way I can stop talking to girls. I’ll find my way through it. Principal is not gonna be there always to watch me.
’There are staffs called floor supervisors who would keep a watch on students. They work directly under me and they report to me. One floor supervisor only brought you in”
He seemed to read minds. Damn it!! I can’t survive this place. I’ll bunk all the time!!

“Taking leave is strictly prohibited. If you are very sick, you come here. Genesis Medical College is near only, we’ll take you there.  If you take leave, you’ll be fined 100 rs and you should bring your parents next day. If you take too much leave, you’ll be debarred from taking the examination.”

What the hell man?? I’ll be paying this college every rupee that my dad ever earned. It’s okay, I just have to attend the first class, I can get out of the campus after that. Even if it’s a half hour walk, it’s worth it.

“Watchmen are placed at every corner of the campus leading outside. If you want to leave college at campus times, you have to get a gate pass signed by me.”
This is bull shit!!! Fine, I’ll give the attendance and I’ll roam around inside the campus.

“Attendance will be taken every class. If you are missing in any class, one floor supervisor will be sent looking for you. After finding you, you will be fined Rs 200 per hour.”

Per hour??? OMG!! This place is an hell hole!! How am I ever gonna survive here??

“Is it clear Siddarth??” He asked me “Any more doubts??”

“Yes sir” I got my breath back “Do I need to ask persmission to go to the restroom. I really have to go.”

He looked at me up and down. “Yes” he said. “You have to. Now you can go to toilet.”


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