Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 7
First day.


“Maa…I look horrible in this” I screamed at 6:00 AM in the morning.

It was the first day of college, and I was wearing the horrible formal clothes that I’m supposed to be wearing to college. My shirt was red, to make matters worse.
I examined myself at the mirror, I looked like a geek.

“Aren’t you gonna tuck in??” Mom asked, completely ignoring my comment.
”No ways” I replied. “I look bad enough in this, thanks”
Mom wasn’t so convinced but she knew it was best not to argue at that time.

It was bad enough getting up at 5:30 AM, I’ve NEVER got up that early my entire life. The climate is COLD!!

I had to take bath in cold water that morning as my heater was repaired. I didn’t wanna go to college on the first day without a bath. I know I’m gonna be skipping them a lot over the coming weeks. There’s no way I will be able to get up at 5:30 continously.

“Aren’t you gonna give me any breakfast??” I asked my mother. It looked like I was ready to go and she was asking me to leave.

“No” She said. What a mom!! “You’ll be given breakfast at college. Now go. It’s getting late for college”

“Yeah whatever” I replied. “Bye mom.”

I got out of the house and saw the streets for the first time at early morning. It was peaceful. The usually traffic-filled roads were almost empty. I couldn’t hear any honking of horns. But I’d rather be in my bed that witness all this.

I was told that a bus would come to pick me up at 6:30 in my bus stop. It takes 10 minutes for me to walk over there. Mom sent me early here because she didn’t want me to miss it the first day itself….you know how mothers are like. So I’m standing there in the cold climate. I wish I had a hot coffee before I left.
I was looking around and the first thing I noticed was that, majority of people walking on the roads were students….to be exact…..ENGINEERING students. They looked so blank, looked like overworked people who could work no more. But there they were…getting ready for yet another day of college. Most of the boys looked like IT professionals. I knew they were students by the heavy bag that they were carrying on their back.

I was smiling at their situation and suddenly I realized that I may actually end up being one of them!!

That thought did scare me.

A bright yellow bus came towards me. The words “GCE” were clearly written in the front. I held my hand out to indicate that I was going to board that bus.

The Driver stopped the bus and I got into the bus and smiled at the driver.
He did not smile back.

 “ID card?” he asked.

“First year” I Said. “Do we need ID cards to get into the bus??”
”Tuck in and go” he said.
Okay I did not like my driver. Who is he to ask me to tuck in??

I went inside the bus looking for a seat to sit. The first thing I noticed was that all the students were bust studying something. The ones who were not studying were busy sleeping.
I found an empty seat next to a guy who was deeply immensed in a big white covered book.

“Can I sit here??” I asked.
He nodded without taking his eyes off the book.
”First year?” he asked, still fixing his gaze on the book.

“Yeah” I said. “You??”
”First year too. ECE. 184 cut off” he said proudly.
That was more information than I asked for. I was glad that he wasn’t in IT

“What’s your name??”  I said. “And what are you reading??”
”My name is ShivaBalaSubramanian. What if they keep test on first day da?? What if they send you back to home if you don’t pass?? That’s why I’m reading first year books. I got it from a senior brother”

Fancy Name.
”Dude…calm down….there will be no tests. Chill”

But he did not seem to listen to me.
Oh dear god. Engineering Students. I pity them. I pity myself.

We reached college after an hour, it was the longest hour of my life. I had absolutely no means of entertainment. I’m not used to sleeping in buses so I couldn’t do that.

The driver stopped in front of the colleges gate.

Finally!! I ran out to get some fresh air. Also to get away from Mr.ShivaBalaSubramanian

I saw the college that I was going to spend the rest of my life at. With a heavy sigh, I walked towards the gate. There were two guys standing near the gate. They looked like security people at the Airport, only the guns were missing.

When I try to walk in, one of them stopped be my shoulders. What the hell???

“Shave??” he asked me.


“Why didn’t you shave?” he repeated. “You should not come to college like this.”
Ah damn. I kind of liked my beard.

“Okay….err” I didn’t know what to call him, I decided not to call him anything as of now. He might be the HOD for all I know.  “I will do it tomorrow”

I tried to move past him but he still had a strong hold on me.

“No tomorrow” he said. “Pay fine and go.”

Fine?? Dude., it’s like my first day of college man!!!

“Sir” I had no other option. “It’s my first day sir and I didn’t know. I’ll make sure I’ll do it tomorrow.” Jerk.

“No tomorrow” He wasn’t about to let me go. “20 rs. Give and go.”
I took out my purse and handed him 20rs. I didn’t know if it was a bribe or anything.

While handing over the money, he saw a Livestrong band on my arm.

“What is it?” He asked pointing to my band.
”Livestrong band” I said proudly.
”It is not allowed. Give it and go” He did not allow me to give. He took it off my hand when he took the 20 rs.

“Hey watch it!!!” I said.

“Don’t talk too much. If you do, OP only”

What the hell was an OP?? I had no idea. But I did know that things were about to get much worse.

Finally he allowed me inside the gates after thorough examination. Most of the students were checked for unshaved beards, bands, chains. For an outsider, it would look as if the place is a high security office.

I was looking for a sane person around to ask for directions to my class. I saw a girl coming out of a building. She was good-looking. I ran up to her. Obvious.

“Excuse me” I said with a grin. “Can you tell me where I can find the first year IT class.” My face fills with a grin whenever I see good looking girls. I have no idea why. Don’t ask me.
She checked the corridor to check if someone was coming.

“Don’t talk to any other girl” She said and she left.
What the hell?? Even the students are psycho here man!!!
I went into the building but I had no idea where I was going. I almost ran into another girl who was coming towards me, she didn’t even give me a glance while walking. That’s weird.
When I didn’t know what to do, I saw a girl who looked equally lost. I walked up to her and said with a smile .
”Hey. First year??”

She nodded. She seemed to be scared. Am I that scary around here??

“Do you know how to get to first year IT class room??”
”No” She backed off and walked out of the place. Actually she walked out of the place.

I was standing there, bewildered, when a sudden hand caught my hand and was driving me forward.
”Get off you sicko!!” I shouted. It must be Guarav. He likes to do crazy stuff. However the person driving me forward looked nothing like Gaurav. He was a 40 year old stern looking man
”Excuse me” I tried to resist his force but he was a bit strong.
”Principals office come.” He said.


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