the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 61

there's more my dearest little child
though not so small no more
there's something more i've always dreamed
since daybreak soon before

ive always had dreams beyond the skies
and even more so now
when nothing forward do i see
but honour fully bestow

i stroll along every day
scaling the shallow slope
each time i look up at the bright sun
i can only hope

there's something more within those clouds
the dawn's beautiful daybreak
is far beyond my comprehension
a new day that God would make

holding the grills between my hands
i stood and watched the sky
the sun was lowering, the view so high
i'd just let out once more, the highest pitch of a cry

lying in the silence
that one week was to show me
but far away was my mind
and further when set free

now i flap my starched wings
and search my small weak heart
still not the whole had i surrender
a sea of distractions apart

draw closer little fool my child
but i'd be a fool for you
for when you see the smile
so sincere and true

i cannot be more blessed
than anyone else near
and overcoming trials
is something i doth fear

yet look into the eyes of a friend
and see her weary grin
a smile beyond my dreams
through friendship wearing thin

but look around and find
those who follow you
willingly are always there
not knowing when times due

they sit around for you
wishing you would see
the little that they sacrifice
could make it up to me

my fury makes a fire
and wipes out all my joy
when sorrow grasps again
and sadness i employ

but still the rain won't fall
and still God makes a way
i am indeed blessed
that i'm alive today


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