Let the Dice Fall Where They May
Author: Cassie52993

Chapter 4
Chapter Four

*Ashley’s POV*

I awoke to a loud knock on my door.

“Ashley?” My moms voice echoed.

I rubbed my eyes and tried to roll over but a warm, hard object wouldn’t let me. I sat up half ways and turned to see Johnny laying beside me, pillow over his face, blankets covering a single leg. His chest was bare and he wore black and gray checkered boxers.

I admired his body for a second when I heard my mom knock louder and the golden knob jiggle. “Shit!” I said loud enough so that only I could hear.

I looked at the door, to the alarm clock that read seven twenty-three, then to the man that lay in my bed. “Johnny.” I said quietly while shaking him.

“Ashley!?” Her voice was getting impatient.

“Johnny!” He slowly moved the pillow off of his face and turned his head towards me with eyes closed. “My mom.”

His eyes opened immediately. He jumped up and climbed over my small frame and fell off the bed.

“Ashley, are you okay?” I knew my mom was pressing her ear against the door worried.

“Yeah, Mom.” I refrained myself from laughing. “I’m fine. I just fell off the bed.”

“Oh, okay. Do you know where your sister is?”

I slid off the bed while Johnny picked up his clothes that were scattered all over the floor. “No. Why?” I ran silently to my closet.

“She’s not in her room. The door was locked. I unlocked it and her window was open and she was gone.”

I had just realized I was wearing Johnny’s shirt when I saw my reflection in the mirror of my closet. I grabbed a tight blue shirt from my closet that hugged my body perfectly, slid his shirt over my head, and put the blue one on. “Nope, haven’t seen her.” Johnny was standing behind me, I pulled him in front if me, shoved him into the closet then threw his shirt at him, closing the door.

I opened my bedroom door and saw her with her arms crossed, a not so pleased look on her face, biting her cheeks, and tapping her left foot. “I know he’s in there.” She said calmly.

“What are you talking about?” I smiled sheepishly, I was never the best at lying.

“Johnny, you can stop hiding. I know your in there.” She walked away still biting her cheeks and arms folded.

I stared blankly at the wall in front of me, biting my cheeks, while two warm, strong arms wrapped around my waist and soft lips kissed my neck. “Did you leave the room last night?” I said after a few seconds then looked up at him.

“No.” He stared at me honestly. “Do you think she heard anything?”

“Doubt it.”

I turned in his big arms so I could look at him properly. I wrapped my twiggish looking arms around his neck and slowly pushed against his body so he could move backwards. Once far enough into the room, I shut the door with the heel of my foot and pulled him into a passionate kiss.


Lemon sat on the edge of the bed. Her hands were entwined in her hair, mixing the colors of purple with black. Her light skin pale glistened in the dark room. Her bare body shaking, shook the bed slightly, a young boy lay in the bed next to her, asleep, and bare as well.

He was grinning happily and satisfied while he slept. His skin paler than hers. His hair black and silky, lay on his face. Kirby. A childhood friend. She had given her innocence to him last night, willingly, by her own will. Was her mind in the right place? She wasn’t herself last night. No, she wasn’t. Her father had just been thrown out by her mother, he was accused by her brother and sister of touching little girls, and he would like her to visit his new girlfriend in Tucson? Her family? Her home?

Unknown memories of the past fluttered back as she sat there in silence.

*Lemons POV*

“Ill get you a doll, any doll you want, if you don’t tell mommy. Okay, princess?” His voice echoed quietly.

I was sitting on his lap in pink and white flowered underwear while Ashley sat in a corner curled up into a ball crying. She had her eyes shut tight and her arms cradling her. “Daddy, why is Ashley crying?” I looked up at him, he didn’t glance at her but looked at me.

“She is jealous.” Was all he said.

“Jealous?” I glanced at her then back at him. “Why?”

“She’s jealous because you’re my little princess now and she’s not.” He smiled softly. “Lets not tell mommy, alright?”

I nodded my small head up and down in fast motions.

He smiled and sat me down on the bed beside him. He got up slowly and walked over to the door, unlocked it, and walked out leaving it open behind him. Just then, I felt two warm, shaky arms wrap around me and wet liquid falling on the bared skin of my body.

I looked up beside me. Ashley was crying into my shoulder and held me tightly.

Two arms went around my waist, a chin rested against my shoulder, and, immediately, I was returned to the present. “Morning sunshine. Why are you shaking?” he asked. His voice tired but happy.

His skin felt so warm, just like, just like in that memory of my dad holding me in his arms. “Get off of me.” I practically yelled and threw myself out of his arms onto the floor.

“Lemon, what’s wrong?” He asked worried.

I heard him walking slowly towards me. “Please,” it sounded as if I was begging for my life. “just don’t.” I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. “Just go, please.” my voice was shaky.

“Okay,” he paused. “your clothes are, uhm, everywhere. Ill just go and take a shower then.” after a few long seconds I heard the bedroom door open then close.

I stood up slowly and looked around the room cautious. I took a step forward and my body ached. I looked at the door knowing he would be back soon, so I hurriedly picked up my scattered clothes ignoring the pain I felt.

After I was completely dressed, I dashed out of the room and towards the front door. I flung open the door like you see on scary movies when the girl is being chased, and ran out, leaving the door open behind me.


*Ashley’s POV*

I was sitting on the kitchen bar stool watching Johnny cook at the stove. I laughed a few times when he burnt his hand on the hot pan and the hot surface. He looked like a chef in training, a gay one at that, wearing moms pink apron that had ruffles on the edges. He looked ridiculous wearing it and that was his point.

“You know,” he walked over to where I was sitting and leaned on the counter in front of me grinning. “you might have to do all the cooking when we’re-” he stopped just as my mom walked in.

“When you’re what?” she asked curiously pouring herself a cup of orange juice.

She looked over at us, I looked at Johnny who looked at me over to my mom. “When we’re in college.” he stood up straight and walked over to the popping bacon. “As you can see, I’m a horrible chef and we cant just eat take out the whole time.” he turned the little black knob on the stove turning it off.

“Good luck with that.” she smirked. “Ashley isn’t the best cook.”

“Better than me, most likely.” he added the most likely a little too late.

“Mhm.” she walked over to the table, sat down, and opened the newspaper. “So, Johnny. How long have you been coming over? I lost count of how many nights you come a week months ago.”

We just stared at each other. She knew the whole time? How? We were always quiet, well, not always.

“Hey all!” are heads turned in the same direction. “What’s with the faces?” Heather stopped in her tracks staring at Johnny and me then glanced at mom.

“They just found out that I knew the whole time.” Mom answered then took a small sip from the glass of juice.

“Found out what? Oh! About him sleeping over? Bout time they find out.” she walked over to the counter and looked Johnny up and down and smirked. “What’s with the apron? don’t tell me your turning on us, not after you just prop-” she stopped herself. “prepared breakfast?” she added a few seconds after thinking.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing. Hey, I’ll call you later, Jenn.” She sprinted out of the room.


“So,” I looked in the opposite direction, of where Heather was, at William. “when’s the wedding?” he walked passed Johnny and me and sat at the table with mom, both of them staring at us. I looked up at Johnny who was staring at me. Both our faces blank.


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