Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 6
First look at GCE

“Dude, this place is FAAR man” I said “Should we travel this far everyday???”

Me and Gaurav were traveling in the bus to check out our new college. It was supposed to be located in a village in the South western part of the city. We were in the bus for around 45 minutes and no sight of the college yet. I was pissed off.

“Come on man!!” I complained. “How much longer?”

“We get down here” Gaurav said patiently. He had already been here to make his admission. He was accompanying me as I had to make my admission into the college and confirm my seat.

“Great” I said as I got down from the bus. I looked around “Where’s the college??? Are you sure this is the right stop??”

Gaurav laughed. “Dude, the college is a 45 minute walk from here.”
I almost coughed on my chewing gum.

“WALK??” I shouted. “Call that bus back, I’m going home. You expect me to walk??”
”I did” he said calmly. “Come on lets go. It’ll be fun.”
I spit out my gum and popped in a new one.
”Fun. Yeah right”  My comment was sarcastic enough to be picked up by Gaurav. He replied with a snort.

We walked a few steps and I asked him “Do we gotta walk everyday??”
”Don’t be stupid, man” He replied. “We travel by college bus.”
”Oh cool” I said. Some relief. “ Then why couldn’t we have traveled by that today???”
”You have to get up at 5:30 in the morning and wait at the bus stop” he said. “I knew you can’t get up that early”
He has the knack of saying all the horrible things very calmly.
”5:30?? I gotta wake up at 5:30??” I moaned. “College was supposed to be fun man.”

Seriously, I’ve never even seen the sunrise. I can never get up that early. I don’t know how I’m gonna survive 4 years.

Seriously, I wish I had considered some other stream. I never knew Engineering means “getting up early”.

We walked for about ten minutes when we got the first view of the college. It was quite big, I wanted to take a closer look.

After quite a bit of walking, we reached the college.

My first reaction of the college was that it was quite big, with identical buildings standing opposite each other. It looked like the builder didn’t want to include much thought in the building as he built each building in the same shape and size.

“Look” Gaurav pointed. There are some students coming out of the canteen.
The students coming out looked like professionals who worked in an IT company. With neatly tucked in shirts and cuffed sleeves, they sure looked funny.

I laughed at a guy wearing a ID card down his neck.
”Dude.” I said to Gaurav “Why are they like this?? Don’t these guys have a sense of fashion??”
Gaurav replied. “This is the college rule. Formal shirts, neatly tucked in and the sleeves cuffed. ID card is compulsory.”

My jaw dropped. Oh my god!!

A senior walked past us and eyed my “Linking Park” T-shirt with a bit of surprise. Gaurav was dressed in formals, but his shirt wasn’t tucked in cuz I pulled it out right before we boarded the bus and that idiot did not realize it. The senior figured out that we were there to take admissions.

“First year??? Admission??” He asked.

We nodded. He gave us a look that seemed to convey this message: “Good luck boys. You are gonna need it”

We completed our admission process and the office staff couldn’t be less cruel. They did not even bother to smile when we wished them a pleasant good afternoon.

“Let’s get the hell outta here man. I can’t stay here any longer” I said.

But I just paid 85,000 rupees that almost made sure that I had to spend atleast a year within this building. God help me.

What else could be worse?? This seems like the worst place on earth. Where have I landed myself at???


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