Saint Ray (of Fate) 's Short Stories
Author: Saint Oreo

Chapter 3
Book of Seekers

They had me under lock and key for only one sole reason: I knew about them. They were a secret society my mother joined. She was close to becoming the president when I found out. Before I knew it, I was sprialing into a flashback.It was a Saterday. I, Fate was at home and Dad was at work. I was looking for ballons to make cars with, so I went into my Mom's drawers. Inside there was a couple of papers. Two birth certificates. One showed real data, the original mom and another showed fake data and a person that looked like my mom with some surgical adjustments. How she looked recently. The other papers were documents. The last one that caught my eye was a coranation invitation. It read:


We invite you to the Coranation of

Samantha Jones

The Leader of

The Seekers

She had come in right then and I had to run. I snapped out of my flashback and slid down onto the cold stone floor. The rest was obvious. I couldn't run fast enough to escape. They caught me and locked up before I could even take a look around. The TV above flickered on to show my mom and the leader of the people who caught me. They were smiling at each other and the leader had the smile I'd only seen on Dad once before: he loved her.The sicko. Samantha - it was too weirdto call her Mom anymore - smiled approvingly back and said somewords to him. I noiced that the TV was on mute. Thank you Seekers! Not only am I betrayed by my own mother, but I can't hear her either! The leader picked up a heavy book and Samantha willingly put her hand on the book and one over her heart. A person behind them said words. Samantha nodded.With a few last words, the person bowed and backed down the stairs. The crown went into a fury. Samantha launched herself at the leader and kissed him. First the leader seemed taken aback but he relized this was what he always wanted and got into it. Fury filled my veins. I wanted him dead. With my fist, I knocked out the guard standing at the front. Gosh, I was powerful. I ripped out the wires that held me inside. The bars fell off and I raced down the hallway, toward the nearest door. Oh, he was going to wish he was never born.



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