Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 5
The C-Day


“31st June” I said as I checked the Anna University Website.

It was somewhere in May, I was checking my day for counseling which was displayed on the Anna University website.

Around 25 losers had 200 cut-off. MY GOD!! How jobless WERE they??

There were more losers with 190+ cut off, around 25,000 of them.

My mom was right, 158 was nothing to be proud of. In a state full of “muggers”(not robbers…memorizers) 158 was nothing.

The counseling was about to start on 11th of June and my date was only on 31st.

“31st” I repeated to my mom. “31st is my counseling date Maa”.

“31st???” she exclaimed. “But we booked the return ticket only on 4th

Ah great. This is perfect. We were going to visit my brother Adi in Bombay. It was supposed to be a ten day trip. But looks like that cant be happening.
The cancellation would cost almost as much as the tickets themselves.
”What are we gonna do??” I said. “I cant go to this counseling.”

She threw me such an angry look that I wished I had gone to Bombay earlier.

“Come on Maa. I don’t wanna miss Bombay” I pleaded.
”We wont” she said. “We’ll just come back earlier. We have to make an cancellation. I’ll book an ticket so that we’ll come back on 31st morning.”

Great.!! I wanted to enjoy Bombay. I’ve heard so much. Actually I haven’t….but I wanted to find out. It’s gonna

31st Early Morning 5:00 AM

Our flight landed in the Chennai airport. I had no heart to leave Bombay. The people over there were so friendly!!!
But my stupid “counseling” was scheduled for today.
I had to be here.

We had enough time to go home and attend the counseling at 9:30 AM
”The company charged us 10,000 rs for the cancellation” Mom complained as we struggled to find an auto to go home.

“You’re the one who wanted to come back” I said and Dad laughed.
Mom threw me a dirty look and we went home.

I was thinking about Bombay all the time, but Chennai sun was shining down my neck reminding me about my counseling.
Counselling usually took place in Anna University located in Guindy. The 200 cut-off 25 losers would’ve surely picked a seat in Anna University campus itself. It was the only Engineering college located within the city. All the other colleges are located so remotely that you had to walk half an hour to get a bus out of there. Located in the middle of the forests they were.

Anyways, I was pretty sure, so was my mom, that ALL the good colleges would’ve been taken. I had researched a bit and I found a college which seemed like the best of the garbage around the city. It was not so far away, the college had good reputation and most importantly. Gaurav had picked a ECE seat there, so atleast if I was gonna suffer, it won’t be alone.

We arrived at Anna University at 9:00 AM.  My first reaction was “Whoa! This would be a nice place to study in” YOU WISH!! All the seats are taken buddy. Have your last look.

Anyways….i walk inside and find the queue for the 9:30 counselling. There was this long line and I figure that was the line. I walked towards it.

While walking I saw a scene which fairly resembled a railway station. People, clearly from down south of Tamil Nadu, had come to admit their sons and daughters in Engineering Colleges.

The TN Government cancelled the Entrance tests to Engineering colleges because the people from south had a difficulty accessing it. The city students would get an unfair edge. The admission into a Engineering college was purely based on 12th marks which is purely based on the students ability to mug up as much as they can. So it’s not so hard(for some people).

When I arrived at the line, I asked this guy standing before me, “Dude, is the line for the 9:30 counselling???” I shouldn’t have used “Dude, he looked at me and said “No 1 o clock counseling”

1:00 Counselling??? Was he crazy?? He had about 4 hours to kill. I thanked him and I found the 9:30 counselling line soon enough. There was this huge policeman who was standing near a small gate and my line started there. I was waiting with my application form and all….i was wondering if I had brought my pen. I felt my pockets for my pen when a sudden group of people pushed me from behind and I almost lost my balance. I thought someone had placed a bomb and people were trying to get out of the place, but no people were trying to get “IN”. That’s when I realized that huge policeman had opened the small gate and all the commotion was just to get into that small gate.

The scene just looked like a ticket counter.

I got my chance, and after completing the ‘procedures’, it was my turn to choose my college. Or accept the college that was given to me.

I sit before my counselor, he asked me for my choice of college,

“GCE” I said “Genesis College of Engineering.”

“Code??” He asked sternly.

“405.” I replied cautiously. What was up with this guy??

“You have just one seat left. Do you want it??”  He asked me without looking up from his computer.
”Sure” I said.

“You don’t even know what course it is” he said while some expression of confusion was seen on his face.
”I’ll look at it when I go to college”. I Smiled. I knew only Information Technology seat was left there. As there were job cuts all over the country, not a lot of people preferred IT.
I didn’t prefer Engineering at all, so it wasn’t a problem for me.

He shook his head as if to say “This boy wont clear one paper in his exams” and handed me the document which confirmed my admission into GCE.

I thanked him for his non-verbal comment and got the hell outta there.

Apparently, I had to go through a medical check-up before I was free to go.

After all the procedures were over I called Gaurav

“Machi it’s me da. I got a seat in your college. IT!! We’re gonna be college mates!!”
”Cool da” he said. “Let’s rock GCE”

Little did I know that GCE was gonna make me wish I never left Bombay on 31st June.


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