Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 3
Result day

I wasn't in a rock concert....that's just my ringtone. It was 5 AM in the morning and i had just slept a couple of hours earlier after watching a movie. Who the hell is calling me at this time??
I saw the phone. It was Gaurav. idiot.
"Dude...someone better be dying. Why the hell do you call me now man??"
I'm really not a morning person.
"Today's a big day macha!!!" came Gaurav's reply. How the hell can he be so excited at 5 AM in the morning
"What?? India vs Pakistan match or something???" I said.
"No dude!! RESULTS. Our board exam results!!" that idiot said.
"Oh that. Good luck!!" i went back to sleep.
An hour went by......
"Sid!!!Results are out today" came a familiar voice. It was my mothers. Damn, are results really THAT important.?
"I know ma!! I wrote the exam after  all. Just gimme my coffee" i replied in a groggy voice.
"Get up and pray the God first. Dont enter the Pooja hall without taking a bath" she said and she left.
I guess i better get up. I couldn't sleep after being waken up twice in 2 hours. I decided to take a bath....i gotta  do it sometime....
So yeah....i guess you might already know...my board exam results are out today. At 9 AM...it was 7:30 now. Damn...i have like 1 and half hours to kill.
And i know about the TN Government, they never announce it on time. So it's more like 2 hours.
I wondered if i should watch a movie or something, that would be TOO much.
I gotta care a little atleast!!
So i had my breakfast while watching the TV, where a lady with absolutely no expression in her face reinforced the fact that 12th std results are out today.
My dad, who had no idea until then, asked me "TODAY??"
I nodded my head, keeping my mind in my noodles.
Dad said "How much are you expecting?? I dont want to pay money and get you into a college"
I said " You wont have to. I wont join with your money. I do not care if it's a bad college, i'm getting in with my marks. By the way, i'm expecting 800."
Dad has no idea how good or bad 800 is.
Mom, who knows exactly what it meant, didn't listen.
So...i laze around for a couple of minutes....and it was 8 45.
I better go up and switch on the PC.
Mom usually gets nervous, so she said she wont be with me. Well...good for me.
I wasn't really excited and all, i knew what to expect, and i knew i'd achieve it. Whatever the result was, i would really be happy.
So i switched on the PC, i logged into my Orkut and Facebook. Those websites are cool you know.
It was 9. I knew results wouldn't have been out yet. But i thought i'd give it a shot.
"Damn....forgot the website"
I googled the website and i found it.
I entered the website,there was a text box to enter my roll no.
"Ah crap!! I cant forget my roll no.....not this time!!!"
I knew this would happen, i saved it in my PC. I found the roll no and i typed it.
"MAAA!!!!" i shouted.
Mom came running in!!! "What???? You passed Chemistry??? How much total?? Will you get Engineering seat??? How much did Gaurav get???"
"How much Gaurav got?" I quoted my mom. "Why do you care how much he got?? Just relax. Results aren't out yet. I just wanted coffee"
She gave me the dirtiest look possible but she did go out to make some coffee.
I just smiled and i felt like listening to a song. I opened Windows Media Player and i was browsin g through my playlist to find a good track.
"Ah...Jaane Tu...i always wanted to listen to that song"
I played it and i thought i should give my exam results another try.
I entered my roll no....
SOMETHING happened....the webpage was loading....LOADING...which means it's gonna give out something....MY RESULTS!!
Okay...i gotta say...something happened in my stomach...and it wasn't because of the breakfast. Maybe i shouldn't asked for coffee.
And there it WAS!!
My results.....printed in Times New Roman in a goverment website
 Language  144
 English  175
 Mathematics  165
 Physics  171
 Computer Science
          TOTAL                    966                                                            

My first reaction was...."A 175 and a 180!!! WOOWHOO!!!!"
I called my mom, much calmer than when i wanted coffee. She did get me coffee. I got the coffee in my hand and i pointed towards the PC. She was watching my results.
She was smiling....not a bad reaction......
"131 in Chemistry....you always knew it....it was your weakest subject. But 966 is good total. How much did Gaurav get?"
"MOM!!!Aren't you happy about my marks??" I was pissed off. Your son just scored 900 odd marks but you still wanna know your sons friends mark???
That's a typical Indian parent. They always compare their kids with other persons kids. They do not care if their kid has got 99 marks, they wont be happy until they find out that no other kid has got 100 marks.
Typical parents!!!
I typed in Gaurav's number. He got 995. I knew it. He always works hard he has to. He deserves it.
"Hmmm....he studied well. He went for tuitons. You should've gone too"
"No thanks. Atleast now i can say this whole '966' belongs to me. No tuiton teacher can take credit for it" I replied proudly.
"Ok Ok. I should tell everyone."
Yeah...that's a formality here...your son passed 12th...you gotta call up all the relatives and inform them. And they would surely expect a sweet box when you go to their house next time.
"Maa do you have to??" I said. Dad came over....he was relatively happy. Mom had informed him that 966 was indeed a good mark. He went out to get some sweets. Typical dad.
Well...i knew i would get 950+.
"Good job buddy!!!" i told myself.
175 in English!!! 180 in Computer Science.
i never got this much marks. Not even in my school.
My mom was busy assessing my Science marks while she was calling up my brother.
"You got just 131 in Chemistry right???" Bro had picked up the call. He's a 25 year old guy working in Delhi. "Adi, Sid got 966. Good mark. But he got low marks in Science subjects."
Bro was happy, according to moms reply.
She saw my Chemistry mark with a sad little expression.
"Will you get admission in  good engineering college??"
There it started.......


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