Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 10
Study Hall

  "Are you going to Tamara Weiss's party?" Savannah asked Holly, Arnie, and Lucas Green during study hall.
"We weren't," Arnie said, "but since you're going, we guess it wouldn't hurt."
Holly knew Tamara Weiss. She was Andy's cousin twice removed. The only family member on his dad's side that shared the same traits as his eldest sister Rebecca.
"Hey, Savannah." Darnell Jackson said from the table in front of them. "Could you help us with our English?"
Holly laughed silently because they knew they were just using their homework as an excuse to look at Savannah. They always did that. Savannah seemed to like them, but she also knew that Reese liked them. She didn't want to hurt Reese's feelings.
   "Sure." Savannah said, getting up and walking over to their table. "What problems do you need help on?"
"Everything." Alfie Hendricks exaggerated.
Savannah laughed. "Couldn't you guys at least try to do some of the problems?"
"None of the answers are in the book." Darnell lied.
She sighed. "Most of these questions are common sense. Like this for instance: What's a first person narrative?"
"I dunno." Alfie said, staring at her breasts.
"It's a type of writing where the main character is speaking." Savannah emphasized.
  She didn't mind helping Darnell and Alfie, but she did mind them being lazy. She wasn't exactly Einstein either, but Darnell and Alfie didn't even try to figure out the answers. She was like their walking encyclopedia.
"Can't we just copy off of you?" asked Darnell.
"No." Savannah said sternly. "Copying may be Holly's policy, but not mine. You're gonna learn the right way."
  She then shot Holly a playful, disapproving look. Holly shrugged guiltily. She did let Darnell and Alfie copy off of her work, but that was because she wanted them to think she was cool. She couldn't have them disliking her.
"Hey, Holly, can you pass me an extra pencil?" asked Arnie.
"Here you go." she said, handing him the pencil. "Keep it."
  "Who's all going to King's Island?" Lucas asked, texting Maris on his iPhone.
"You, Mare, Carter, Andy, Elisha, Reese, and possibly Savannah. If her parents let her, that is. They are strict as hell. I met them. They're nice, but they wouldn't even let her walk out the house without a jacket to cover her top up. She ought to be glad I was there to tell her to take it off."
"Why less people?" he asked.
"Mom told me I could only invite seven people." she said. "She's the only chaperon and doesn't want to watch thirteen people."
"Why can't Elisha's mom do it? She has like five freakin' hundred kids."
"She's busy."
  Fifteen minutes later, Savannah bounced back over to their table with a simper on her face.
"I finally got done helping the ne'er do wells." she said, chuckling at her own joke.
"Why you gotta call us that?" Darnell asked, acting like he was offended. "Cause we're black we gotta be ne're do wells."
"Um, hello?" Savannah said, pointing her two index fingers to her face. "I'm the same race as you."
Alfie laughed. "You're damn right."
"No, what black girl likes The Beatles and Stephen King." Darnell asked.
"One with a very good eclectic taste." Savannah answered, giving them a wink.
"I was surprised when I went through your iPod." he said. "You got a little bit of everything on that little thing. Wu Tang Clan, Teddy Pendergrass, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Tupac, Marvin Gaye, Queen, Britney Spears, and so on."
"What can I say? I love music."
Savannah had to laugh herself. Her music tastes were pretty interesting. Her mom had told her that herself. Her mom had old records that dated back from the sixites. She even given Savannah her old record player. Over a hundreds of record displayed in her record holder. Every once in a while she would play them for her mom's nostalgic need.
   Lucas smiled at Savannah. "I think they have a crush on you."
"What's your trip?" she asked. "Those boys do not like me."
"Yeah, they do." Arnie said bluntly.
Savannah covered her face. "They do not! Stop kidding around!"
"I'll prove it to you." Lucas said. "Hey, Darnell, Alfie! Do you think Savannah's cute?"
Without any hesitation, they nodded yes.
"There's your answer." Lucas said.
   Holly giggled. Savannah was so beautiful and she didn't even know.
"I have a surprise for you." Holly said.
"What is it?" Savannah asked.
She loved surprises.
"You're going to Kings Island, bitch."
"What?" Savannah said. "When?"
"Not this Saturday, but next Saturday." said Holly. "It'll be fun."
Savannah was excited. Kings Island with her own group of friends sounded fun. She used to be afraid of roller coasters, but that was before she went to Kentucky Kingdom with her YMCA group. Since she didn't get along with any of the children at the day-camp, she had to ride on a roller coaster with a counselor. 
   "Carter will be there." Arnie said.
"I don't care." Savannah lied.
"Yes you do." Holly said. "You want him."
"Be quiet." said Savannah through nervous laughter. "I'm dead serious."
"Don't you wanna know a little bit about Carter?" Lucas said.
"I guess." Savannah said quietly, glad that Lucas was sort of changing the subject. "What does he like to eat."
Holly pointed at Savannah's crotch.
"Gross!" Savannah squealed. "You're sick!"
Holly laughed. "I'm sorry, but you kind of set yourself up for that one."
"Yeah," agreed Lucas. "Anyone would have did what Holly had just done. I would have done what Holly just done."
Everything about her new friends made Savannah happier by each second she was around them. Some of their subjects might have been a little weird, but at least they weren't her kind of weird.


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