Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 8
Cafeteria Ruckus

"This taste like shit." Jen Nguyen said in disgust, putting down her sweet potato fry on the tray. "I thought these were regular french fries."
"Well, you should've asked." Carter said, biting into his half-eaten pizza.

Jen contorted her face. "Okay, Atkins. Whatever you say."

She straightened out her short blue pleated skirt, tied her glossy hair into a ponytail, and took a sip from her water bottle.

"I wish we didn't have soccer practice." Andy said, taking in spoonfuls of his mashed potatoes. "It's eighty-eight degrees out there."

Carter shrugged. "Me, Hugh, Aaron, and Damien have football practice."

Hugh, Damien, and Aaron Neal nodded in agreement from across the lunch table.

"We just gotta keep it up." Hugh said, slamming his fist on the table.

A few objects on the table wobbled.

"Smooth, H.K." Carter said sarcastically.

The cafeteria was full of students making their ways to their tables. Holly, Elisha, Reese, Maris, and Jamie sat at the table across from them. They were too busy chatting to even pay attention to Carter's table.

Carter started working on his homework he had for Spanish. No doubt he had a lot of homework to do. He wanted to get it done as soon as possible so he wouldn't have to do it at home. Girls scattered by, stealing looks from Carter. Nicole Lyon and Kimmie Tankerly, two tall, rail-thin girls with the same straight hair. Nicole was brunette and Kimmie was blond. They saw Carter and waved.

"Hey, Andy." Nicole said.

"Hey," Andy said, waving lazily.

He hadn't talked to her since the eighth grade. Ever since high school had started, they just started hanging with their own group of friends.

Carter wondered if Nicole had a date, but realized she did. He thought she was kind of hot, but he didn't really know her well enough to ask her out. He was about to fantasize about her, when he saw Savannah and her friends walking back from the other cafeteria outside of the freshman cafeteria. Savannah and her friends laughed delightedly as they held their chocolate frozen yogurts in their hands. A guy that Carter had seen before put a hand on Savannah's shoulder. A part of Carter hoped he wasn't her date to the dance.

"Hi, Savannah!" Carter called.

Savannah turned around, her mouth beginning to smile when a boy ran into her. She fell down, knocking into several people around her. Everyone dropped their trays, making a loud clattering noise. A couple of girls screamed in pandemonium Carter felt like he was watching dominoes.

Looker-oners gawked in amusement as the students laid their in agony. No one was seriously injured, but their appetites were.
"Youch," Jen said empathetically. "Poor girl."

"She's okay." Hugh said. "There's hardly anything on her."

"I can't help but feel this is my fault." Carter said.

"You think?" Jen said. "Hi, I'm Carter. I'm going to yell out someone's name and scare them."

Everyone laughed. Even Carter.

"Okay, so it wasn't the smartest thing to do."

 "You win the award for the biggest fool in the world." Andy joked.

"You're just mad that she doesn't like you." commented Damien.

"That's not true." said Andy. "She doesn't know me."

 About two weeks ago, Andy had tried to hit on Savannah, but she brutally rejected him. In other words: he died a horrible and painful death.

"Do you remember when you met me?" Jen asked knowingly. "You couldn't stop calling me 'Jenasian' for weeks."

"We still do." Damien said, taking a swig from his blue Gatorade. 
 "You know I love you, Jenasian." Andy smiled, putting a chicken nugget in his mouth.

"Aww, I love you too." Jen said, her teeth sparkling.

Carter drowned out their sounds while he watched Savannah and her friends walk back to their tables. Luckily, no one had food on them. Most of the food had manage to fall on the floor. Savannah readjusted her glasses before getting out The Shining from her camouflaged backpack. Two dark haired girls who looked slightly alike leaned over her shoulder. They were clearly trying to read the book as well.

He still didn't understand why she liked to read so much. Rick Perez told him that Savannah had borrowed three Stephen King books from the library during homeroom. Carter figured it must have taken ton of patience for her to just sit there and read.


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