Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 11
Soccer Practice

      The weather outside was unusually hot. Even for the soccer players. Andy's face was soaked with sweat. He was panting hard and could hardly keep his feet on the ball.
Coach Hauserman was the first to notice Andy's struggle.
"Keep going!" he yelled.
Andy groaned. "I don't think I can."
  Kaleb Wood snuck up from behind him, stealing the ball away from him. This time Andy didn't mind.
"Dude, are you okay?" Mark Garwood asked, his dark-blond hair sticking to his forehead from the sweat. "You don't look so good."
"What do you think?" Andy panted. "I'm hot, tired, and lazy."
"That last word is not in your vocabulary, Simms." Hauserman said, coming towards them. "Do you see everyone else playing?"
Andy nodded slowly.
"Then get your ass out there and try harder!"
Andy was surprised at Hauserman's impatience. He never acted like that before. In Andy's opinion, he was usually soft.
 Reluctantly, he started back on the field again.
"No pain, no gain." Kaleb said, whizzing past him.
"Fuck you." muttered Andy.
Kaleb's egomaniac attitude didn't appeal to anyone on the team. Ever since he started dating Andy's best friend Monica Christie, Andy's hate for him grew ten times stronger.
  "Don't let him to get you." Mark assured. "You're the best player on the team."
"I know, but he's really annoying." sighed Andy.
When one of the teammates kicked the ball to Andy, he kicked the ball with such force that it hit Kaleb in the back of the head.
Despite the fact that it was an accident, Andy was still satisfied to see Kaleb fall down.
"Nice." Mark said.
Andy laughed. "It was an accident."
  Andy looked around and saw Monica, Palma, and Courtney sitting on the bleachers. They waved at him and smiled.
"Our own little cheerleaders." Andy told Mark. "That's more like it."
"How are you and Palma?" Mark asked.
"Okay, I guess." said Andy. "But I think it's time for us to move on."
Mark's water-blue eyes shifted in confusion. "You're starting to sound like Holly."
  Andy shrugged. "Hey, I like Palma and I want us to still be friends, but Bobby McDermott said it himself that we need to date all the hot girls we can."
Bobby McDermott went to St. Joseph's Catholic High School for Boys and Girls and was a friend of Andy's since the third grade. When Andy moved to Archwood Elementary School from Solomon Levi's Hebrew School in Hartford, Connecticut, Bobby was the very first person to talk to Andy. Andy looked at Bobby as the voice of reason.
"Hey, I'm just gonna stick with my hot girl for now." Mark said, waving at five sophomore girls who were walking in the student parking lot.
 Andy smirked. Mark and Elisha were hung up on each other. He would be surprised if they broke up.
"What about homecoming?" asked Mark. "Neither of you will have a date if you two break up."
"Maybe I should just wait until after homecoming." Andy said. "So no one's feelings will get hurt."
"Smart idea."
"Simms, Garwood!" Hauserman shouted, standing forty feet away from them. "Get your butts back in the game!"
Mark sighed defeatedly. "I guess we better get going."

"Alright, bud." Andy said, slapping his back. "Don't want mouseman getting pissy at us."



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