Wish i never passed 12th....
Author: Yencee

Chapter 2
Intro (me and EducationSystem)

A sunny morning, somewhere in the middle of the April month, i don't exactly know the date or the day of the week because i stay home all day. I was lying in my bed, half asleep, blindly feeling around for my cell phone to check time....
I found it. It was 11:53 AM..
Who cares??? I can get up any time i want and no one's gonna ask me why!!

Before i go into the story....let me tell you who 'I' really is.

I'm Sid, Siddarth.....17 year old guy who just wrote his board exams and awaiting his results. To tell you the truth....i never care about my results. It was the exams i was worried about and that's out of the way.
I studied in a school located in the middle of Chennai, TN.

Now, let me tell you how things work around here,education wise, cuz that's really important for this book that i'm supposed to be in.

There are three main boards of education where a parent can enroll his kid to study
State Board, CBSE and ICSE.

I studied in a State Board school where you only needed Memory Power to make it big.
I'm not kidding....hear it from me....i was one of this guys who refused to memorise a science subject and always believed in "writing in my own words by understanding the concept"
THAT screwed me!!!
Apparently teachers don't care what you think. All they want is stuff from the book, EXACTLY as it is, word by word.
Sometimes mugging up the comma or exclamatory mark works too.
Seriously...the formula is....if you cant "MUG UP" you cant study in India.
A guy doesn't need to know how an Apple fell on Eienstein's head...if he's able to mug up the "theory" given in the book and vomit it exactly as it is in the exam paper....he's considered GENIUS!!!
You'd be surprised to know that a class topper cant recognize the President's photograph.
Show him a picture of Prathiba Patil and he'll say it's Latha Mangeshkar jhi.

You know what the worst part is??? The same "Mugging up" part can be applied in Math. Can you believe it?? MATH!! You know why?? The questions in the exam will be from the book...so why would a student take the extra effort to prepare from elsewhere??
He doesn't have to know the difference between Differential and Integral, just don't be surprised to see him get 90% in his exams.

Did you know that "MARKS" is the only thing that a typical student cares about. You have no idea what a student will do for getting "MARKS"!!! Imagine a question was awarded 6 marks out of 10. You have no idea how many students would go the extra effort to make that 6 into a 7. Even if the effort involved the ever classic art of begging "Sir pls sir....marks sir....Aditya beat me in total sir....marks sir". Desperate fools.
And there are ppl who flirt with a teacher to get extra marks. Male OR female. Straight OR Gay. You don't see them everywhere but those kind of ppl are around.

I'm not one of these guys....but i was forced to act like one. I may be thinking on a different level but i gotta be practical. In an country like India....you dont hav good marks on your 12th....well, good luck buddy!!!
So yeah...i did work for my marks...but i never begged, i CERTAINLY NEVER flirted with a teacher !!!

I was expecting my results anytime....actually my parents more than me....i never had a dream or an ambition...i was too busy living a life. So i gave them the chance to create my future....they did it for so long and i gotta say they did a pretty good job. I can trust them this time.

I looked at my cell phone. "I gotta change this shit" were the words coming out of my mouth. My mom promised me a new cell phone if i achieved her target. I had her expecting less so that i could a new cell phone!!!
So it was for a new cell phone if not for anything else that i was expecting my results.
Now don't ask me how i'm so confident. I knew what the fools who correct the paper wanted. I had given them exactly that. I tried my best to present the paper neatly, no scratching, no overwriting. Even if you make a mistake, it doens't matter because nine times out of ten, your paper is never read.
I didn't use any fancy words or i didn't try to sound smart AT ALL. I vomited exactly as it is in the book.

It was just 12:05 PM....ahh screw it....i watched two movies last night....let me sleep...........


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