Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 5
Fire Drill

  In journalism, Savannah sat at the computer station typing an outline for her report on the freshman soccer team. She had to interview their coach and her gym teacher, Mr. Hauserman. She got every detail she wanted from Hauserman. He talked about how their soccer team was "unstoppable" and "incomparable". Hauserman was one of Savannah's favorite teachers along with Ms. Livingston. During gym class, Savannah and the girls would often make jokes about him. They liked to call him "Mouseman" because he was scrawny like a mouse.
 "How are you doing, Savannah?" Mr. Simpson asked, coming around her station.
"Perfecto!" she said enthusiastically. "Almost done."
"I am so glad." he said. "I have to say, your writing is one of the best in this class."
"Thank you." she said. "That makes me feel good."
"Of course it does." Simpson went on. "Hard work is always the key to success. I think it's time to promote you up to the next big thing."
"Really?" she gasped. "Thank you so much!"
"You're welcome." Simpson smiled. "For now on, you're doing Varsity."
"No, soccer."
"Oh," She was disappointed that she didn't get to get out of doing soccer. She didn't hate it or anything, but she wanted to do something more exciting.
"You have a nice day." he said, walking away from her.
  "Congratulations!" Deena Rodgers, a girl from Savannah's book club said.
She was a sophomore with long brown hair, bucked teeth, and horn-rimmed glasses. Savannah felt bad for her because her parents never could afford getting Deena braces. Savannah's mom wouldn't have been able to afford braces either. That was why she was so lucky to have straight teeth.
 "Thanks, Deena." Savannah said appreciatively. "Do you know what we're discussing in the next book club meeting?"
"We're supposed to be discussing about Twilight." she answered. "And the upcoming movie."
"Okay." Savannah smiled.
"Do you wanna hang out with us today?" Deena asked, beaming at Savannah hopefully.
When Deena said "us", she meant her and the other book club members such as Gwen Borden, Brian Hooper, Justin Alvarado, Judy Detillo, and Dona Meneses.
Savannah smiled. "I would love to. What time?"
Deena was ecstatic. "After school!"
"Thanks! I'll be there."
  Deena leaned over in her chair to hug her. "We're going to have so much fun! Hey, Justin! She's going!"
Justin was doing his homework at his desk. He looked up and smiled at both of them.
Tamara Weiss walked over to their station with Simpson's text book cradled under her left arm.
"Hey, Savannah, can I talk to you for a minute?" she asked, then turning to Deena. "It'll only be for a few minutes."
"Sure, go right ahead." Deena smiled.
"Thanks!" Tamara chirped.
  Tamara and Savannah walked over to their desks.
"My birthday's this Saturday." Tamara announced. "Do you wanna come?"
"I kind of have other plans." Savannah said. "What time is your party?"
"It starts at eight and ends at twelve." she answered. "I think your friends are coming, too."
Tamara was talking about Savannah's other friends. The ones who were popular.
"I'll be there." she said, smiling.
 She had promised Judy to hang out with her on Saturday and was afraid it would interfere with her going to Tamara's party.
Suddenly, a shrill noise erupted from the hallway.
"Everyone, follow in a single file line." Simpson ordered. "This is a fire drill."
Everyone did as they were told.
Savannah followed behind Tamara and Winnie as a sea of students walked down the hallway.
 She saw Elisha Carpenter and Arnie Humphrey walking beside her.
"Hey, girl." Elisha said to her.
"Hi," Savannah waved.
"Are you coming over today?"
"I can't. I have to go to a book signing with my friends."
"Alright." Elisha sighed. "How about tomorrow?"
"Yes." Savannah said.
"Good." Elisha smiled.
Savannah looked around and saw several posters of a girl in a bikini. She held her index in middle finger up and had her lips poked out. Savannah read the caption on it: Lost Dog. Keep Her. You're Doing Us A Favor.
  Elisha saw that too. Elisha gasped, covered her mouth with her hands, and muffled a laugh.
"That's horrible!" Savannah said to Elisha.
"But it's funny." Arnie said.
He had study hall with Savannah. Arnie was five-four, had brown hair, and a gap between his teeth.
Savannah looked at them and then shook her head. She was once in that same predicament as the girl in the picture.


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