Zombie Invasion
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 12
Chapter twelve

Later, after we killed the zombies, we found a coupe of cars, just parked there on the street. “I’ll take the truck.” Called Brad who jumped in the Driver’s seat. “Shotgun!” called out Danny as he pulled one out. I pulled out my pistol and jumped in the truck bed. “I’ll be gunner.” Everyone got into a car or truck. Then we took off. I leaned to Brad’s side of the truck. “Brad, change of plans! Since the Mini-gun got destroyed, we should head for Area 51!” “Why?” He called back. “Think about it, we go there, they have advanced weapons and ammo! It’s the fucking military we’re talking about!” “Good idea, signal the others to follow us!” I stood up, and waved to the others, signaling them to follow Brad, Danny and I. They seemed to understand. “Ok, Brad, they got the memo, let’s go.” “Alrighty then.” Brad then took a turn on to a dirt road. Everyone else followed. After a couple of miles on the dirt road, I saw something in the middle of the dirt road. “BRAD! BRAKES!” I screamed. Brad slammed on the brakes, sending me flying from the truck. I landed about 50 yards away from the person, who was staring at me. “Hi, uhh… I’m Johnny. Me and some of my friends are running from zombies. We’re uhhh...headed to area 51 for the guns, we think that the people there are dead. How about you...uh…..I’m sorry, what’s your name?” "Ummm . . . . hi," she said. "I'm Jane. You said zombies? Well, looks like earth is going to hell. Haven’t you seen all the Aliens around?” Aliens? I thought, Man, the world really IS going to hell. “They're everywhere!” She continued, “I only escaped with my life. Unfortunately, my two friends did not make it." She was quiet for a moment as I stood up. "Area 51? Thats where I was heading too." She said. “Well, since you are alone, why not, you know, come with us?” I asked her.


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