Zombie Invasion
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 10
Chapter ten

“Johnny, We need to get this gun mounted, soon.” said Brad. “ I know, we are getting there as fast as we can!” I looked down at the speed gauge. 75 was the max. We were going above that, I guessed about 85. Just as we entered Bishop the bus made a loud bang, then slowed to a stop. “What just happened?” someone called out in the back. “ I think the bus just broke down. Let me check.” I went out and looked at the engine compartment. Smoke was pouring out of it. Then, I saw fire. “Everyone out of the bus!! NOW!” Everyone ran off the bus, confused. “Run! Come on! Go!” Everyone  ran down the street. I ran right behind them. “Take cover!” Suddenly, the bus exploded in a huge fireball. “Great, now we are stuck in this zombie filled city!” I looked around, seeing not much except a few over-turned cars and buildings. I listened back in on the conversation again, but now people were yelling. “…...well, I don’t see YOU doing anything that won’t get us killed!!!” “I don’t care if he did! I want half of it back!” “If only I didn’t have to save this ammo, I’d shoot you right now.”  “Guys, guys, GUYS! Come on! Pull together!”  I called out. “Shut the hell up, Johnny! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here!” I started to back up. “These people are going mad, need to find somewhere to lay low.” I thought to myself. I looked real quick for a way out of this mob, and I noticed that our commotion was bringing out zombies. “uh...guys? We need to stop fighting…..like now…”


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