Zombie Invasion
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 4
Chapter four

“Oh...My...God.” We looked down the street and we saw a lot of zombies. More were coming in by the dozen. “We are going to have fun.” I looked at Brad. “That we are my friend, that we are.”  Earlier that year, Quincy and me were talking about what we would do if zombies invaded town, it seemed that what we talked about would be true. “Everyone to the fire hall!” Quincy shouted. We all ran up the street bashing the zombies in their heads in with our weapons. When we finally got to the fire hall, Saige tried the door. “ It’s locked!” “Try a code!” I called to him as I was kicking and punching zombies. “It doesn’t work!” He called back. I sighed, turned around, ran, and entered a code and the door swung open. We all went in, closing the door behind us. We all ran up the stairs and into the lobby. “Nice place.” Shane said. Zombies were banging at the door. “We need to find something to block the door” I said. Then Brad, Danny, and Quincy took one of the tables and nailed it to the door. John was in the fettle  position saying out loud ‘We are going to die’ over and over. Brad, Danny, and I looked at each other and smiled. Few seconds lated we heard John screaming below, being eaten alive. “Now,” I turned towards the school crowd. “We can either die here or go out fighting. And I’m sure no one want to die now. So,” I started writing on the whiteboard. “We are here, if we make our way south, we’ll reach my place, hopefully finding a car for each of us. Or, we can head back north to the school and all get on a bus. Either way, we need to head south, stopping in June Lake to help out. Then, we decide where to go next. We take a vote now, I vote for buses because they are stronger than cars.” Everyone else looked around, confused. They eventually agreed to the bus idea. We got the plan straight and burst through the door, knocking over several zombies in the process. We ran out, wailing on zombies on our way to the school. “Wait!” I called out. “You guys head over there, I’ll go to my house and grab some guns, someone drive to my house when you can.” “Agreed.” They said. I started to run to my house, when my arm was grabbed by a fellow classmate, “Be careful.” She said. “I’ll try, Katie.” We hugged, gazed into each other’s eyes, then I ran home. Bashing zombies along the way. 


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