Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 3
The Three Water Fountains

  Carter Atkins and his friends sat by their usual spot on the second floor near the three water fountains.
Megan Finnegan sat on his lap chatting away to Shelbi Glick, Andy and Palma were whispering discreetly, and Elisha and Mark were nuzzling their faces together. Everything seemed the usual.
"Who are you going to homecoming with?" Hugh Kersey asked him.
"Jamie Klein." he answered.
Andy snickered. "Isn't she dating Darien Mendelssohn?"
"Her parents won't let her go to homecoming with an older guy." Megan answered.
 Carter and Jamie didn't have any dates at the time they had asked each other to the dance. So when Jamie had asked him to take him to the dance, Carter happily said yes. But that was before had had met Savannah Ripley, the pretty girl who was friends with his best friend Holly. Now he regretted ever accepting Jamie's offer. He and Jamie were best friend, but he thought it was dumb to go to the dance with someone everyone knew he was friends with.
 Holly, Elisha, and Reese were coming towards them. Holly waved at a few people in the hallway before getting close to them.
"Hey, guys." Holly said, wiping her dark hair from her face. "I have something to you."
"What is it?" Carter asked, tickling Megan's ribcage.
"Reese doesn't have a date."
Reese looked at Holly in disbelief. "You said you would tell them about you breaking up with Peter."

"I lied." Holly said tonelessly.
"I thought you were going to dump him three weeks ago." Hugh said to Holly.
Holly looked guilty. "I just hadn't gotten around to it."
Everyone groaned.
"What?" Holly asked.
"Dump him." Tommy White, a tall boy with short, curly blond hair sharp-cheekbones said. "Like you said, he's immature."
Holly plopped down next to him. "it's not as easy as you think."
 Carter reached out to touch Holly. He knew that Holly hated making difficult decisions. One side of her wanted to stay with Peter Mahon, but the other side didn't. He took a sip of his yellow Gatorade before speaking to her.
"Just tell him it's not working out." he said. "He'll understand."
"Yeah, Peter's not the pissed off Hulk kind of person." said Tommy.
Holly leaned his head on her shoulder. "I hope so."
Carter saw Lucas and Maris walked over to them arm and arm. They were going to homecoming together. It was quite obvious. The way they flirted in class and the way Maris sat on his lap. But that was something they did even before they started going.
Maris flipped her blond hair and sat down on the floor next to Andy. She stretched out her tanned legs (she had stopped by the tanning salon the other day) and straightened out her pink pleated skirt.
 "Love you." Andy said to her.
"Love you, too." Maris said.
"LGreen is getting some Marebear." Andy said, winking at Maris as he was saying that.
"Hate all you want, but I'm the one with the hottie." joked Lucas.
"No, that's me." Andy said, giving Palma a ten second kiss on the lips.
When Andy pulled away from her, she looked like she was experiencing a wonderful dream.
  "That was so unnecessary." Maris said.
"Your birth is unnecessary." he retorted.
Carter laughed. Andy was always using Maris's old recycled comebacks. He looked around and saw Savannah getting her things out of her locker. He watched her bend down to get her books at the bottom of her locket. She looked blindingly beautiful.
Savannah collected her things and met up with a guy with sandy-blond hair wearing a baseball tee and black basketball shorts.
 He watched her buttocks in her in white capris as they retreated down the stairs.
  "She never sits with us in the morning." Holly said, watching Savannah as well.
"Probably because she has other friends to cater to." Palma said. "Duh."
Holly smirked at her. She wondered what Palma would think when she found out that her beloved boyfriend had flirted with Savannah and ended making a fool out of himself. She started to tell her, but decided against it when Carter mouthed "don't" to her.
 "Homecoming is going to be awesome." Megan said, finger-combing Carter's hair. "Am I right, Car?"
"Right, Meggy." Carter said animatedly. "You're going with Oliver, right?"
"Right." she said. "I'm so excited."
Carter smiled. He was happy for Megan. He knew how much she liked Oliver. He hoped the two would have fun at the dance.
  Mr. Roosevelt, the freshman dean, walked over to them. "How many times do I have to tell you no public displays of affection."
He was talking to Andy and Palma who had scooted over to a far corner. They were making out.
"Sorry." Palma blushed.
Roosevelt just gave her a stern look. "You said that hundreds of times, Miss Voorhees."
"It's his fault!" she giggled, pointing to Andy.
"Just stop." Roosevelt said firmly. "Or I have to give you two a detention. And you don't want that, do you?"
"No, sir." Palma and Andy said mechanically.
"Good." Roosevelt smiled. "Have a nice day."
When he was gone, everyone started laughing.
"What a dick." Andy laughed.


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