Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 2
Starbucks For Breakfast

 "Why are we at Starbucks?" Reese McKinley asked, absently biting her fingernails.
Savannah smiled at her. That was a habit she did as well.
"To give us a boost." Holly Drake said as if Reese should have known.
Holly had arranged for them to have breakfast at Starbucks because she felt it would help them all get an "A" on their math test. Since they all had the same teacher, it made perfect sense.
Holly looked at Savannah from across the table. She watched as she picked the English Muffin with her fingers.
"Why are you wearing that jacket?" she asked, noticing Savannah's denim jacket. "It's sixty-eight degrees out."
"My parents told me to." Savannah admitted. "They made me put this over my top because they thought it was too revealing."
"Well, are they here?" Elisha Carpenter asked.
Savannah's lips curled into a devious smile. "I guess they're not."
"Then take that damn thing off." Elisha laughed.
  Holly pitied Savannah. She knew Savannah's parents were strict and weren't as fun as her parents. Holly's mom let her wear anything she wanted without any problems. Provided she didn't go out the house naked, her mom was okay with her wardrobe.
"I swear, Starbucks is so fucking expensive." Reese dragged. "Couldn't we have gone to McDonald's?"
"I like Reese's thinking." said Savannah.
"Thank you." Reese said, flashing her a smile. "Even she agrees with me."
Holly rolled her eyes. Reese complained about everything. She bet Savannah only agreed with her because she felt sorry for her. Holly sure did.
"Why are you being so pouty?" Elisha asked, taking a swig from her breakfast blend."
"I told you she was bored." Savannah jumped in.
She had told them that, but none of them listened. Holly put her hand on the right side of her face. Reese was always bored. She loved her to death, but sometimes she wanted to throttle her,
"Do you have a date to Homecoming?" she asked Reese, changing the subject.
"No." Reese said, her voice low. "I don't know who to ask out."
  Holly looked at Reese with pure shock. Reese was gorgeous. How could she not know who to ask. She shouldn't have to ask anyone to the dance. It should have been one of the four-thousand guys at the school.
"What about Damien?" Savannah asked. "I thought you two were dating."
"That's what everyone thinks." Elisha said. "They're just friends."
"And even he has a date." Reese pouted. "My life sucks."
"How about Alfie Hendricks?" asked Savannah. "You like him."
"He doesn't like white girls!" Reese snapped, shooting Savannah a semi-pissed glare.
A few people eating at the restaurant turned around to see where the outburst had came from.
"Sorry about that." Savannah said, looking down at her half-eaten English Muffin.
Holly had noticed that Savannah hardly finished her food. Which was weird because Savannah often piled heaps of food onto her lunch tray at school.
"Eat that muffin." Holly ordered. "You're not fat, so no need to worry about gaining a few pounds." If she gained any at all. Savannah had a rapid metabolism, allowing her to eat practically anything she wanted
 "If it makes you feel better, I don't have a date either." Savannah said, doing as she was told.
"Thanks, Vanny." Reese said, smiling. "I feel somewhat better."
"Well, I at least have Mark." Elisha said haughtily.
"Shut the fuck up." chorused Holly and Reese.
Elisha just shrugged and picked at her raisin bagel.
"I want to break up with Peter." Holly announced. "I still want to be friends, but I don't think it's working out relationship wise."
  Savannah sucked particles of muffins off of her finger. "Why not?"
Holly sighed. "Because I want to see other people."
"When are you going to break up with him?"
"Soon." Holly promised. "I just have to wait for the right time."
"So all of three of us are dateless then." Savannah stated.
"Sounds like it." Reese said bitterly.
"You don't have dates, yet." Elisha said matter-of-factly.
"Leesh, the dance is only two weeks from this Saturday." remarked Savannah.
 Holly smiled. Savannah had finally gotten used to calling Elisha "Leesh". She was proud of her little butterfly. Holly had refereed to Savannah as "Butterfly" because she liked Mariah Carey and was beautiful, but innocent.
Holly took out a comb out of her purse and started combing her dark-hair. Her red streaks flecked in the reddish gleam of the light above their table. She looked into her silver compact mirror and checked out her sapphire-blue eyes. Holly smiled. Her appearance was appropriate as usual. Not a zit in site. She almost felt bad for her friends Danielle Klasky and Maris Fields. Even though they see a dermatologist, their blemishes were still visible. Danielle's was excusable since she had a skin problem, but Maris just needed zit cream.
"So maybe it is two weeks." Elisha said. "That still doesn't mean you guys can't get dates. You all are gorgeous."
"Newsflash," Savannah said, having a little sass to her voice. "No guy has asked me out yet. Plenty of guys had asked Reese out."
"Yeah... ugly guys." Reese said, running her fingers through her dark-blond hair.
"Guys like you, Vanny." Holly said. "Haven't you noticed the way Alfi and Darnell flirt with you in study hall."
"No." Savannah said.
Holly stared at Savannah's dark almond shaped eyes. She honestly didn't realize that people actually found her attractive. Savannah just saw the boys' generosity as just simply being nice.
"I have a date at least." Elisha muttered under her breath.
"Shut the fuck up!" Holly and Reese said again.
Elisha looked taken aback while Savannah just looked at her with understanding.


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