Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 1
Good Morning Good Morning

Savannah Ripley woke up with a start to the sound of The Beatles alarm clock playing "Good Morning Good Morning". As she slowly started to rouse her body from its drowsy state, Savannah reflected on recent events. School had started a few weeks ago and the days started to fall in a regular routine rhythm. She had grown close to her friends at school and was even invited to a few parties. Of course, her parents didn't know about any of these teenage festivities. She was sure her mom and step-father wouldn't be too impressed with friends who sipped vodka and considered strip monopoly to be good wholesome fun. She didn't do any of those things with them, but she still didn't want her mom to know about the parties she's been too. Unless she never wanted to go to another party again. She was keeping up with her grades, except for Algebra. That was no problem, seeing how her step-dad was an engineer.

 She climbed out of her four-poster bed, dropping her feet onto the floor. She did what she always did when she woke up. She washed herself off, brushed her teeth, did her hair, and changed into her clothes. She looked into her full-length mirror and saw her reflection staring back at her.  Her dark-brown eyes sparkled with life as she smiled at her reflection. She was clad in a blue eyelet floral halter-top that showed off her caramel back and white capris. There were a few chocolate flecks in her dark hair due to the lightening of her purple lamp that rested on the top of her drawer. Savannah never saw herself as particularly beautiful, but ever since she had arrived at Paramount and made friends with the popular kids, she felt gorgeous. She played with the dolphin charm on her sterling necklace her grandma had gotten her last Christmas and ran a freshly manicured finger through her hair.
She looked over and saw that Tippet was stilled curled up at the end of her bed. She quietly tiptoed out of the room, being cautious in not waking him up.

Her new friend Holly Drake had managed to steal her away at every chance she got. Savannah hardly had anytime for her other friends Judy Detillo and Justin Alvarado. As exciting and fun as Holly and her friends were, Savannah had attempted to avoid Holly at times. She was able to eat lunch with Judy and Justin on blue days and Holly on white days. Just the other day, she had spent the whole day with Holly, Elisha Carpenter, Reese McKinley, and Dominique Ogilvy shopping. Savannah had never done so much shopping in her life. She usually hated shopping, but she ended up doing so more than she can count.
Savannah reached downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing herself a bagel off of the counter.

"Good morning, babycakes." her mother Marjorie said, drinking her strawberry tea. "Have a goodnight sleep?"

"Yep." Savannah said, taking a bite out of her bagel. "Hi, Dave."

"Hey, honey." Dave said, looking at the current events. "Excited about school?"

"Yeah, I have all my homework prepared for my classes." she answered, pouring a glass of orange juice into her cup. "Hmm." he said, adjusting his glasses on his face. "Looks like Obama is ahead of the game."
"That's good to hear." said Marjorie. "He seems to have a head on his shoulder. This economy is as messed up as it is right now. We need someone who can shape this country up."

"Someone at school said he didn't like Obama because he's a douchebag." Savannah commented inappropiatedly.

"Savannah!" Marjorie gasped
"Sorry," she apologized.
  The word douchebag was a word she had adopted from Judy, Justin, and her other friends. She thought it was a funny word, so she didn't see why her parents didn't think so. It wasn't even a real curse word. However, with Asperger's, she needed to be careful about what statements she made.
"Oh, and one more thing." Marjorie said. "Wear your blue jean jacket over that top."
"Why?" Savannah groaned. "I look cute the way I am now."
"Because it's too revealing." Dave said sternly. "I don't want you to be showing your back off to the boys at school."
Savannah scrunched up her pretty face. "Fine."
Ten minutes later, Savannah was knocking on Davey's door.
"I was told to wake you up." Savannah said timidly, knocking once more.
She hoped Davey wouldn't get mad for waking him up. She knew he had had a hard day practicing for football the other day. She didn't understand why there was football practice on a Sunday anyway. Sunday was supposed to be for a day of relaxation.
  "Just a second." Davey's tired voice said.
A few minutes later, Davey stepped out in his pajamas. "Good morning, Savannah."
"Good morning."
"My dad tell you to wake me up?"
"Figures. He always gets me up early in the morning. He wants me to be wide and awake for football."
"Well, it is six thirty-seven." Savannah said.
He smiled. "I know. "
  Suddenly, Savannah's left pocket vibrated. She pulled out her pink cell phone out of her pocket and looked at the screen. It was a text message from Holly.
We're cumin 2 get u at 7:05. B redy.
"I liked the way she spelled 'coming'." Davey joked, looking at Savannah's text. "I'm glad to see you two becoming good friends. She's really nice."
"Thanks." Savannah said, smiling.
Davey had been reporting to her on what the kids at school thought about her. It was usually the same. They either commented on how pretty or sweet she was. Savannah was flattered by it all. She liked her new step-brother. If it hadn't been for him, she probably wouldn't have been liked by so many people.


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