Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 51

  Holly sat on Peter's lap on the bleachers, watching one of the team players catch the football.
The people around them cheered uproariously. They watched the player run at breakneck speed away from the opposing players, passing the ball to the quarterback Michael Graves. Michael scored a touchdown, earning fits of applause from the fans.
"I love this school!" Jamie, who sat next to Holly, said.
"Doesn't everyone?" said Holly.
"The haters don't." Peter said, taking a sip from his soda. And by accident, he accidentally spilled some onto Holly's lap.
"Peter..." she moaned.
"It's no big deal." he said apathetically.
Jamie handed her some napkins for her to wipe up the sticky liquid off of her leg.
"Thanks." Holly said.
She realized how immature Peter could be. He was cute, nice, and funny, but she didn't know if she could make it. She had tried to make things work for them, but it just wasn't good enough for her.
"Jamie, I need to talk to you." And without waiting for an answer, she got out of Peter's lap and grabbed Jamie by the arm. "Come on."
  With no say so, Jamie had no choice but to follow. When they got to a private area, Holly let go of her.
"I think my relationship with Peter isn't going anywhere." she finally said.
"Over some spilled drink?" Jamie said, confused. "That's a little extreme."
"It's not about the damn drink!" Holly yelled. "It's about his maturity level!"
Jamie looked taken aback. "Okay, sorry. If you feel that the relationship isn't working out, then maybe you should break up with him. But don't be a bitch about it."
"I'm not going to be a bitch about it. I'm just going to civilly break up with him without any hard feelings."
"Okay, but it's kind of difficult to break up with someone without a little resentment in it."
"I know, but I need someone new."
"So this is what all of this is about." Jamie said with realization. "You want to see new people."
  Holly shook her head with shame. Jamie was right. She did want to see new people. It wasn't Peter. It was her. Peter acting immature was all in her imagination. All this time, she was trying to find a cop out to break up with him. She felt like the biggest bitch in the planet.


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