Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 41
Out In The Commons

"So what do you think of Savannah?" Holly asked Carter, who was sitting on the bench next to her.
"I don't think anything of her because I haven't even met her yet." he said, annoyed.
"But she likes you." Holly said, leaning her head on his shoulder.
"Yeah, she seemed real excited to see me." he said sarcastically.
"She's just shy."
"Well, don't keep bringing me over to her if she's not going to talk to me."
"But she will." Holly assured. "I'll make her."
"You can't even make toast." he said lightly.
Holly raised a waxed eyebrow at him. He laughed.
"I think I have to be in your study hall class for a few days." he said, stroking her hair.
Holly's eyes brightened. "That's tight. Now you get to meet Savannah because she's in that class."
"Is she even your friend?" Carter asked Holly indecisively.
"Well, not really." Holly admitted. "But she seems really sweet and she's related to Davey Smith."
Carter's eyes followed Savannah and another girl with curly black hair passing by them. Holly wasn't lying when she described Savannah as being pretty. In fact, she was above pretty. She was a sultry looking girl with that eyes were almost black. He wondered if Holly and Lucas were just kidding about her liking him.
"Atkins!" Oliver Kessler, a boy with brownish-blond hair and green eyes called from across the hallway.
With him was Megan and Shelbi.
"Okess, what's up?" Carter said, walking over to him.
"Nothing." Oliver said casually. "You two going to the game tomorrow?"
"Definitely." he said. "Wouldn't miss it for the world."
High School football was like a religion to Paramount. Everyone worshiped it. Their school was number one in the state for seven years in a roll. They were proud to be Kites.
"We're hanging out today, right?" Shelbi asked Holly.
"Of course." Holly said conversationally. "Meg, are we hanging out at your house?"
"Yeah." Megan said. "Andy and Lucas will be there also."
"Can we come?" Carter asked, rubbing his hands on her bare shoulders.
"No doubt." Shelbi said peppily. "The more the merrier."
Carter hugged Shelbi, lifting her up in the air. "What time do you want us to be there."
"three-thirty will be fine." she said. "And no later."
Carter laughed. "Okay. We'll see you later."
"You too!" Shelbi called.
Oliver stayed with them. "So what's going on?"
"Not much." Holly said. "Except Carter has another girl crushing on him."
"What a shock." he said ironically.
Carter laughed. It was obvious girls thought he was attractive. He was okay with that and sometimes enjoyed the attention.


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