Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 35

"Hi, Grandpa." Andy greeted his grandpa as he walked through the archway that led into the living room.

His grandpa Boris was an eighty-eight year old World War II veteran. He sat in his gray recliner with his feet propped onto the stool.

"You want anything?" Andy asked dutifully, bringing him a newspaper for him to read.

"Yes, sonny." Grandpa Boris said happily. "I would like Pepsi."

"You don't need any Pepsi." Andy's father, Ethan said, entering from the dining room. "Water would be just fine."

He was tall, wore horn-rimmed glasses, and was dressed in a gray suit.

 Ethan was worried about his parent's health and made sure they wouldn't eat or drink anything that would corrupt it.
Grandpa Boris grunted. "I come all the way from Israel to see you and you won't even let me have one can of soda?"

Andy snickered. His dad was treating his grandpa like... well... Andy himself.

"Fine." Ethan sighed. "One can. No more for the rest of today."

"That's more like it." said Grandpa Boris.

 Andy went into the kitchen to fetch him a can of Pepsi. In the kitchen, he found his Grandma Esther sitting at the table reading a book. Her glasses were sliding off of her nose.

"Hey, grandma." Andy said, walking over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, hello, Anthony." she said in her weak voice. She was seventy-nine and in worse shape than his grandpa. A tube was coming out of her nose and she sat in a wheelchair.

"How was school?"

"Good." Andy said, getting a Pepsi can from the refrigerator. "Never better."

"That's good." she said, trying to keep her glasses on her face.

Andy had to help her.

 "I saw my mother today." she continued. "She told me to tell you hi."

Oh, God.

Her mother has been dead for thirty-six years.

"Oh, that's nice." Andy said, going along with his grandma. "Tell her I said the same thing."

"Okay!" she said eagerly.

"Bye, grandma." he said, kissing her once more. "Love you."

"Love you too, sweetie."

  Andy felt sad for his Grandma. She had Alzheimer's Disease. She was getting weaker and weaker every day. He wished there was cure for Alzheimer's.

He handed his grandpa his Pepsi and sat in the chair across from him. His school day had been good. He was now officially going out with Palma and didn't even seem to be as bothered by Monica going out with Kaleb than he did before. He had tons of homework to do, but he was going to work on it later.

 "So tell me." Grandpa Boris started, leaning over in his seat. "What did you learn today?"

"Well, not much." Andy said truthfully. "Just about catalyst causing a chemical reaction."

"That's right." Grandpa Boris said proudly. "You get that smartness from me. Don't you forget it, either."

He won't.

 Just then, Ariel emerged from upstairs. She smiled at grandpa and then at Andy.

"Hi, grandpa!" she chirped, giving him a huge hug. "So glad you guys are staying for another couple of days."

"No problem, pretty lady." Grandpa Boris said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "Are you in college yet?"

"No." Ariel said, shifting back and forth. "I don't start until September."

"Where are you going to?"


"Ah," Grandpa Boris said, adjusting his glasses on his nose. "Smart young lady, you are."

Ariel beamed. "Thanks, grandpa. I have to go now, I'm meeting Randy at Starbucks."

 Randy was Ariel's boyfriend. Andy didn't like him very much. Every time Ariel would get a boyfriend, it would affect his and Ariel's time together. Sure he and his sister may tease each other, but he still loved her anyway. Although he didn't really show it to his friends, family was one of his favorite words.


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