Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 184
Love the Mirror
























Tall men think of robust ladies

Shorter ladies dream of length,

Toothless people fantasize

Of mandibles of white, bright strength.

Porcine women lust for thinness

Breast less girlies long for boobs,

Dissatisfaction fills the air

It's greener grass or down the tubes.


Black man hopes for pale complexion

White girls bake to raise a tan,

Brown eyed lassie's envy blue-ness,

Horny lesbian's, a man.

The wealthy want the easy life

Beggars yearn for cash,

Dissatisfaction's in the air

And mirrors are so trash.


Across the human spectrum far

Mankind wants for more,

The grass is always greener

Looking through another door.

It's bigger, better, brighter, best

The quest is always there

Relentlessly pursued with glee,

Bright eyes and bushy hair.


Results are mixed and varied here

Some reach the holy grail

To watch it slip beyond their grasp

Then founder, fall and fail.

Some teeter on a platform,

Some grasp the prize and run,

Some hit their stride at bounding pace

To see the contest won.


But by and large there's misery

Few climb the road to joy,

Frustration be my brother

Dissatisfaction be my ploy.

Limitation is our lot in life

Our secret to success

Is to love the mirror warts and all

All other shit ...repress !!






Mangere Bridge

23 December 2009




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