The Curse
Author: Redroses

Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Chapter 9

She led her mother to her room, quickly locked the room, and turned towards her, ‘ Ma, please sit,’ she urged gently. Megan Richman sat with a long sigh knowing what was coming, she looked direct into her daughters eyes, ’Yes sweetheart I’m listening,’ at the moment the submissive woman looked so dignified, ‘Ma, It’s about father, it seems we never noticed, but now looking back, he has always been acting weird, she narrated, ‘ This locket,’ she fingered, ‘It’s a curse protector,’ a long moment of silence followed,

Megan stood up and walked towards the window, Lara followed, mother and daughter stood staring at the gardens,

After about an eternity, Megan spoke as if in a whisper, I think deep inside I always knew, I was afraid to acknowledge even to myself, Many times I have seen him shiver and twitch, he really lives in his own cocoon, the endless dreams, he sometimes screams and cries after his long dreams, when we had gotten married, he was really different, after few years, he seemed more distant, changed, I knew something was bothering him, whenever I tried to ask he would really get angry, with time I let it go, she said as if she had carried this burden for long.

What her mother told her only confirmed their suspicions, ‘Mother, I think we should try and find out the matter, the thing is how,’ Lara asked feeling confused and sad at the same time. Megan nodded and with that they both slipped into the darkness of the night each lost in their own thoughts.

In the meantime, George fretted, he paced up and down in his study, his sleeves rolled up, he was in a frenzy, he felt as though he was becoming simply mad, mad with fury, mad with rage, mad with himself, mad with that woman,

He couldn’t take it anymore, now with Emmy gone, he felt as though his life was nothing but a sham, just to protect her from the curse he had forced her to marry James but now she was dead. His daughter was dead and it was all because of him. He then thought about Lara, that one was a sharp one, a fighter, she would not accept it, that he knew,

His thought filtered towards Megan, his wife, the woman who had endured silently on his impositions, he felt sad, he had really loved her …. Then how had he slipped he wondered?, his guilt was killing him, all these years he had hidden, buried it inside,

He was like a mad man. Everyone thought he was strange, even at the office, people kept away from him, he knew he was there just because he was very good at his job. They hated him, they laughed at him, nudged each other when he passed. He was tired… of it all. He knew what he had to do…he stared at his black diary…

He sat on his arm chair rocking to and fro, he suddenly felt a cold chill, yes, the windows were open, he heard the soft pattering of rain. He lit up his cigar and put it between his lips, he inhaled the smoke, suddenly in a fist of cough. The sudden thundering startled him, his heart paced, he hated the thunder, and it reminded him of that fateful day, he closed his eyes and the images flooded in his eyes.


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