Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 34
Holly and Savannah

  It was Monday afternoon. Savannah's last class for that day was study hall. She had to be there by 1:33pm. Right now it was 1:30pm. With her French vanilla coffee in one hand (she had just discovered the coffee machines in the cafeteria), she dashed down the corridors, trying to beat the clock. Finally, she had made it inside the classroom.

 "Slow down." a man with blond hair and a blond mustache said to her, bemused. "You would have made it."

He looked mean, but the friendly voice contrasted his physical appearance. He had on a white dress shirt and light-brown dress pants. He looked to be in his early-forties.

Savannah chose a seat next to an olive-skinned boy wearing a green t-shirt that said Youth Nation. His hair was dark-brown and his eyes were hazel.

She got out her blue pen and started working on her Algebra homework. From the corner of her eye, she could see a few people staring at her. Not in a rude way, but in a way that was slightly annoying to her. She looked up and saw a boy staring at her. He was short, had blond hair that went a little past his ears, and blue eyes. He reminded her of a hobbit. She didn't want to be rude, so she smiled at him.

 "Is that coffee you're drinking?" the boy asked.

"Yeah," she said, showing him the white cup. "I think it's French vanilla."

"Oh, cool." he said, nodding. Then he turned back around to resume what he was doing.

A few minutes later, she could sense the boy talking about her to the kids sitting next to him. One of them was the girl she had seen in her Biology class. She had brown hair with red tips and ice-blue eyes. It was the girl that reminded Savannah of her old classmate.

"I know," the boy continued. "she looks just like..."

That was all Savannah could hear. She hoped to God they weren't making fun of her. She knew she was a little weird, but they couldn't make that assumption now. She was trying to make a new start.

 She turned around and met the boy's eyes again. He waved at her, grinning.

"Were you guys talking about me?" she asked them politely.

"Yes, but not in a bad way." he said. "We just thought you looked like a famous person."

"Who?" she asked, confused.

She didn't think she looked like anybody famous.

"She's dead." the girl from her Biology class said, snickering as if she had just said something extremely funny.

"Okay." Savannah said, smiling uncertainly.

What do they want?

 "What's your name?" the girl asked Savannah conversationally.


"Oh, what a coincidence because my name is Sienna."

"Really?" Savannah asked, beginning to smile. "Because---"

"It's not." the boy who sat right next to her said.

 The girl wiped a strand of dark hair away from her face. "Lucas, that's not true."

"Her name is Holly." Lucas answered, looking at Savannah appreciatively. "She's also a pathological liar."

Holly pouted. "Okay, so maybe it is. But I want my name to sound like her's."

Savannah giggled. She didn't know if these people were trying to make friends with her or not.

"So who do I supposedly look like?" she asked curiously.

"We thought about Aaliyah." Holly said, "But now I see a little Alicia Keys in you too."

Savannah knew she was lying. Those women were beautiful while she was a weird little nerd. She looked at Holly who was smiling angelically at her. Her ice-blue eye glowered.

Savannah guessed they were the popular kids. Holly was extremely pretty, Lucas was kind of cute, and the blond haired boy looked like the typical short popular kid from her middle school.

 "Oh, by the way," the blond boy said. "I'm Rick."

"Nice to meet you." she said politely.

"What school did you go to?" Holly asked, texting on her green cellphone.

"I went to Silver Lake," answered Savannah, "but it's in Graysville."

Rick looked at her confusedly. "Where's that at?"

"Near South."

"Oh." Holly said, turning around to look at the clock on the wall. "I'll have to look it up. Is it in Indiana?"


 "Awesome!" Lucas said, raising his hand for Savannah to slap. "Another Hoosier."

Svannah gave him a five, feeling suddenly good about herself. These people seemed to have liked her. She would have never talked to the popular kids back at her old school. Some of the girls at her school had been nice to her, but it wasn't the same.

 "Hey, do you know a guy named Carter?" she asked one of them suddenly.

She had no idea why she had just asked them that.

Holly's ice-blue eyes immediately grew bigger. Her pink lips stretched into a grin, almost diabolical.

"Carter Atkins?" she asked, her grin getting wider by every second. "Yes. Do you think he's hot or something?"

"Yes." Savannah said shyly, looking down at her homework paper.

"He's my boyfriend." Holly said, looking at Savannah sternly.

Savannah immediately felt embarressed. "Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that---"

"Just kidding!" Holly said, laughing exuberantly. "But we did used to go out."

"Oh." Savannah said, still feeling a little bit embarressed.

 Holly laughed even louder. "I lied on that one, too!"

Savannah felt a rush of relief hit her. At least Holly knew how to joke.

"Of course she would like him." Rick muttered under his breath.

"Sush!" hissed Holly. "I'll talk to him for you, if you want."

"That's ok."

"Aww.... why not?"

"He seems like he's experienced."

"Oh, but he is." Holly informed. "He lost his virginity in the seventh grade to this girl named Lucy Herat."

Rick and Lucas suddenly burst into fits of laugther.

"Are you lying again?" Savannah asked knowingly.

"Not even!" Holly said seriously.

 "Well, that must mean he's a man-whore."

Holly gasped. "Don't even say that about my best friend! And I did lie."

"Sorry." apologized Savannah. "And you got me once again."

Holly smiled warmly at her. "Well, you must meet him. He's not mean."

"Yeah, take it from me." Lucas said. "He's really a cool guy."

 Savannah hoped that was so. Maybe this would be the year she would get her first kiss. And from a boy she was actually attracted to.


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