Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 183























Serene across a placid sea

Demure as wind blown hay,

Quiessence strokes the torrid brow

To sooth the stress away.

For trouble lurks beyond this shore

Beyond tomorrows tide,

In carbon terms tomorrow's

Clear blue skies may be denied.

In carbon terms the sea's shall rise

To drown the coral shore,

Immerse the red hibiscus flower

Beneath the ocean's roar.


Across the globe the forest's burn

To scar the skies with smoke,

And desert dust invades the air

To cause good men to choke

And flash fires scorch across the land

Producing heat and ash

Rising temperatures continue

To reduce our world to trash.

In Copenhagen minions clash

And argue points of view,

Whist politicians shrug and turn

To wash their hands anew.


Inertia has the upper hand

It's all too hard to do,

Why should I make the sacrifice

When it's really up to you?

What is all the fuss about,

Our climate hasn't changed?

The variance is cyclical

So it all seems rearranged!

Recycling is the answer

I've done my little bit

Now the scientist's will nut it out

And adjust it all to fit.


But Antartica is melting

The ocean levels rise

And pollution's on the increase

Filling heavy leaden skies.

Cancer touches everyone

Contaminants do abound,

And chemicals in the food chain

Make the consequence profound.


So....Ignore this at your peril,

Or let another day drift by,

And when magnifying storms impact

..Just call it all a lie!

And when waves encroach on motorways

And sewers back flow here,

You can blame it on the Government

And maybe... Have another beer!




Mangere Bridge

19 December 2009




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