Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 33
Drama At The Party

  Carter stared at the group of people crowding around a boy who was showing them some dance moves. They were egging him on.
"Go, go, go!" they cheered, watching  him do a few moves that not even Carter could do.
  "Hey, Carter." Mark said, interrupting him from his train of thought. "Do you have a date yet?"
Carter was confused at the question Mark had just asked. "Oh, do you mean have I found a date to Homecoming?"
"Yes, man." said Mark, taking a sip from his sprite. "That's what I meant."
"Oh, not yet." he admitted. "I'm not sure who I'm going with."
"What about Rachel Ward?" Mark suggested, pointing to a tiny girl with dark hair who was standing around a group of kids. She had on jean shorts and a green Hollister t-shirt.
"Rachel's a junior."
"Why would she want to take a freshman?"
"Point taken."
  "Mark!" Elisha said eagerly, popping out of nowhere. "Let's dance."
"Do I have to?" he asked, grimacing.
He wanted some time away from her.
"Yes!" she said in ecstasy, taking his hand and dragging him onto the dance floor.
 Carter walked over to the bar to grab a drink from the counter. Being at a party always made him think about things. The days being at school had gotten slightly better. They were definitely better than the first two days of school.The teachers were nicer and weren't as boring. He liked his Spanish teacher, Mrs. Sanchez. She was a kind woman in her mid-twenties who knew how to make the class laugh. As soon as they had entered her classroom, she had started making jokes.
  Holly had liked her too. They both decided Spanish was going to be their favorite class. Plus there was a three day field trip to Mexico coming up soon. They were looking forward to going there.
 Carter sat on the stool and watched the students. One student was completely drunk. She had practically all of her clothes off and her friends were helping her up. It reminded him of when Andy had gotten drunk at Dominique's party. He saw Andy and Palma dancing. He would have been happy for Andy if he hadn't lost the bet.
At least he was semi-over Monica and her boyfriend.
"Hi, Carter." Dominique said, sitting next to him.
She pulled her skirt down and brushed her brown hair with her hands. "What's up?"
"Nothing much." he said, taking a sip from his cup. "Just chilling."
"Same here." she said breathlessly. "I am sweated out from all this dancing."
Are you sure it's not the alcohol?
Carter had known Dominique since Kindergarten. Their parents had known each other since high school. Both their families were good friends of each other. Dominique was one of his oldest best friend.
 "So am I." he said, grinning at her. "This party is pretty wild."
"You're telling me." she said, wiping sweat from her forehead. "Can you pass me a beer?"
"Sure." he said, handing her one from the counter.
"Thanks."  she said, popping the cap off, and chugging the liquid down.
Suddenly, she began to look uneasy. She wobbled off of the chair a little, causing Carter to grab her by the arm.
"Are you okay?" he asked. "Maybe you should stop drinking."
 "I'm okay." she slurred. "I'm just a little lightheaded."
He pulled her into a hug. "Let's get you over to the couch."
"Okay." she said dazedly, staggering underneath his arm as they walked to the couch.
Carter laid her on the couch and sat next to her. "You really shouldn't drink like this. You can drink moderately, but seven cans of alcohol is just insane."
"You sound like my daddy." she said. "I'm just having fun."
"So am I, but I'm not overdoing it like you are."
"Okay, no more alcohol for me tonight."
"Good." he said. "Now you just lay there and rest."
"K." she said, smiling at him.
 Carter was worried about her. She had been drinking since the seventh grade. That was a year before him and the rest had started drinking. She wasn't an alcoholic, but she bordered on it.
He caught Elisha and Mark making out on the dance floor. They looked content and happy. Mark moved his hands to her butt, running his hands over it.
 He walked over to where Andy and Palma were.
"You need to stop drinking as well, Andy." he said. "Both you and Dominique are obsessed with alcohol."
"Okay, dad." Andy said sarcastically.
Palma laughed. "Yeah, seriously, Car. It's not that big of a deal."
"You don't know him like I do." Carter said politely. "He's insane."
"No, I'm not." declared Andy.
"Do you want me to tell her about the incident that happened at Dominique's party?"
Andy shot him a challenging look. "You wouldn't dare,"
"He wouldn't dare what?" Palma asked suspiciously.
"Nothing." Carter said.
 "Hey, guys," Elisha said, approaching them. "Not trying to be mean, but what is she doing here?"
She pointed to Karyn Harrison who was chatting with Melissa and Demi over by the bar.
Andy looked at Elisha defensively. "She got us alcohol."
"Fine." she said allowingly. "I just got a vibe on her."
It was obvious that Elisha wasn't too fond of the girl. But no one knew why. She went back to Mark who was laughing at a joke Demi had just told him. They could hear Demi's raucous laughter from across the room.
Suddenly, Carter heard a loud crash.
"You bitch!" Holly's voice screeched so loud that everyone in the room could here her.
He turned around to see her and Maris staring each other down. He and Andy immediately rushed over to where they were to try and referee the impending fight.
 "What's going on?" Monica asked, emerging from the hallway with Kaleb.
"Her!" shrieked Holly. "She's getting on my last nerves!"
"Because you're a slut." Maris said, grimacing.
"Oh, yeah, I'm the slut." Holly said, not believing what she had just heard. "You're the one that likes it up the ass!!!"
Everyone at the party gasped. Of course what Holly said wasn't true, but it didn't stop Maris from shutting up.
But just when they thought she wasn't going to do anything, Maris cried out and lunged at Holly. But before she could physically attack her, Andy, Carter, Lucas, and Damien held her back.
 Palma and Monica held Holly back.
"I think this party is over." announced Reese. "Everyone can go home."
Several people grumbled.
"You heard her." said Andy, beckoning the bystanders to move along. "Time to scoot."
Carter couldn't believe this. Just when the party was going good, Holly and Maris had to screw up with their petty differences. He never thought they could be so immature.
 Ten minutes after everyone had left, both Holly and Palma were sitting on the couch.
"You happy now?" Andy asked them. "Party's over. Because of you two."
Holly shrugged. "It's her fault."

"No, it's not." Maris said flatly. "You're the one who freaked out because I poured wine all over the floor."

"You shouldn't have done that!" Holly shouted.

 Reese looked at Maris in disbelief. No wonder Holly had gotten mad. Now they had to try and get the stain out. If her parents were to find that stain on the floor, she would be dead.

"Get out." she said, pointing to the glass double doors. "All of you."

"Sorry, Reese. " apologized Holly. "But it's Mare Bitch's fault."

"I don't care." she said lowly. "Just get out."

Carter was the only one who stayed.

  "Here, I'll help you get the stain out." he offered.

He didn't understand why there couldn't be a party without any drama involved.
He remembered the last time they had had a party. It was at Mike Magrealey's house and Stephanie had called Reese a whore. Reese slapped Stephanie across the face, causing Stephanie to cry in protest. She was immediately thrown out of the party.

Carter never got involved in any drama. Never in his life. The only kind of problems he had was school work and relationships.

 "Sorry about that." he said after he came back from the kitchen with a wet rag. "Maris can be a bitch."

"When she's drunk, that is." Reese said, scrubbing the stain with her rag. "I don't know, I don't understand, I don't care what she was thinking when she did this."

She scrubbed harder. "She needs to be careful when dealing with nice furniture."

 Her mom always liked nice things. The kind of things that were imported from France or Italy. And to see her mom's things get screwed up by careless people really annoyed her.

"We need to stop having parties altogether." she said, agitatedly.

"That's a little extreme, don't you think." Carter said kindly.

"Maybe." she said lightly. "But this is the last time we're having the party at my house."


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