Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 32
The Party

 Holly stood outside of Reese's foyer, listening to the chatter of the people in the party room.
She smiled softly. It was evident that they were having a good time at the party she had put together. Loud music could be heard playing from the speakers in the party room, where students laughed and danced.
  "Hi, Holly!" Stephanie said, entering the house with Evan and Sherry Dawson following.
Sherry was a thick, mixed girl with curly black hair. She wore glasses and a pink mini-dress that was similar to Stephanie's.
Holly smiled politely. "Glad you could make it."
"Thanks, baby." Stephanie said generously, leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.
"This party sounds awesome already." Sherry said, nodding her head to a Switchfoot song.
"I know." Holly said in mock-smugness.
 They all walked inside of the room where the party was being held. Over by the couch, Andy and Dominique Ogilvy were downing their beers in one gulp. Out of all of the kids they knew, they were the heaviest drinkers. Holly didn't like to drink that much. She only did that on certain occasions. Alcohol to her tasted bitter.
  Along with Evan, Dominique was on the freshman cheerleading team. It was hard to see Dominique as a cheerleader. She didn't have the typical body shape a cheerleader usually had. Her body was somewhat thick and her legs didn't look like they were capable of doing a high jump. Which is why it surprised people that she was the best one on the team.
  "Hey, Holly." she said in her slightly-deep-but-still-feminine voice. "Clever idea to have a party at the beginning of the school year."
"You know me giiirrrrllll." she said highly.
She then winked at Dominique.
"Where'd you get the alcohol?" Dominique asked discreetly.
"One of Reese's friends got it for us from her older brother." answered Andy, cocking his head to get a glimpse of two girls dancing together.
Stephanie grabbed a beer from the table that stood next to the sign that read "Bob Marley Is Our Hero" and popped the cap open.
She took a sip before saying, "Maris is here."
  Holly turned to find Maris and Lucas grinding on the dance floor. She snickered at the sight of Maris rubbing her narrow butt on Lucas's crotch.
"I don't care about her." she said. "We're not in speaking terms."
"I know." Stephanie said. "Reese and Elisha told me all about it.
Just as Stephanie had mentioned their names, Elisha and Reese were walking towards them. Elisha's hair was pulled back into a curly ponytail. She had on a red tank-top and jean shorts. Reese, on the other hand, had on white short-shorts and a white camisole.
 "Hi!" Elisha said shrilly, leaning onto Holly for support.
She was tipsy.
"This music is tight." she said. "Your parties never fail."
"Even though the party's at my house." Reese said, slightly annoyed.
Holly ignored Reese. "Where's Mark?"
"Talking to Carter." answered Elisha, pointing to the two boys who were talking to Jen and Gigi over by the bar,
"Oh," Holly said, unsurprised.
 She saw a few couples leaving the room, obviously trying to find a room to make out in.
Palma came over to them, carrying a red solo cup in one hand. She looked bemused.
"I can't believe we have to sneak and drink alcohol." she started to say. "If we were in my homeland, we would be able to drink."
"Then let's all move to Dutchland!" Andy said goofily, taking a swig from his third beer.
She laughed. "That's funny."
He pulled her into an embrace. "Now you're catching on."
He led her to where the other people were and began to dance with her.
  "Aww... isn't that cute?" Reese said, smiling at Andy and Palma dancing.
"No," Holly said. "It's disgusting."
"Yeah, right." Dominique said, taking her fifth beer,
She was starting to become very drunk.
"Ok, so maybe it's not." Holly said, smirking. "I didn't think Palma would ever go for him."
She had known Andy well enough to know that he wasn't the type to stay in a relationship very long. But she also knew he had liked Palma enough to not hurt her.
 "Hi, Davey!" Stephanie called, waving at a light-skinned boy who was talking to Chrissy Waverly and Tamera Weiss, two petite blondes.
They looked over at their direction and smiled.
All of the girls began to walk over to them.
"Thank you for coming to my party." Holly said appreciatively, blushing as she stared into Davey's hazel eyes.
"And my house." Reese said, shooting Holly an evil look.
  Davey smiled. "No problem. Thank you for inviting me. I'm really having a good time."
"Me too." said Chrissy, holding hands with Tamara.
"Me three." added Tamara. "You look very pretty, by the way."
"Thank you!" Holly said, glad that Tamara had noticed her ensemble.
A purple camisole and blue jeans.
  "Well, we'll see you later." Davey said, waving at all of them.
When they left, Stephanie and Evan grinned at Holly.
"That was awesome." Evan said.
"It's nothing new." said Holly.
Davey wasn't some sort of celebrity. He was just a cute guy who was the running back for their football team.
  Holly walked over to the cooler where several soda cans laid in it. She grabbed a sprite bottle. Opening it, she put the can to her mouth and drunk from it.
"No, no!" Reese suddenly yelled. "That's my mom's good champagne!"
She dashed off and ran at the boy who was trying to open up the champagne with a corkscrew.
 Stephanie laughed. "She's such a trip."
"I know." Evan said.
"That's her mom's champagne." Elisha said cooly. "Of course she's going to trip out."
Stephanie didn't care. "I see Mike. Come on girls. Let's go flirt with some guys."
Evan and Sherry walked away with Stephanie leading them.


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